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Had a little birthday party for DD2 today. She turned 3!! All went well, and I am soaking my tired butt in the jacuzzi now.

She also stopped nursing altogether sometime between Thanksgiving and mid December. Not really sure when, but I am so thankful. I was not looking forward to having to nurse two kiddos.

The bad news- we have received the third and final decline for our requests and appeals to have the Birth Center covered as in -network for our insurance. Not really sure where to go from here. Way too much time and money has been spent by UHC refusing to cover something that saves them around 10K. Just frustrated at the moment.
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boo on the decline vtamanda! I hope whatever plan you go with now work out for you. It must be so incredibly frustrating!


the Jacuzzi sounds pretty nice though!

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Oh no, vtamanda. Dh has UHC too while I have premera. It is about $200 cheaper to put baby on his plan versus mine but I dread dealing with them!
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Lovebug- I know the feeling.  I am usually all about playmates and I have turned down so many because I just can't handle it.  I need more solitude.  Yes I did them all by myself- no one bugged me and it was so nice and I feel so bad for thinking that!  


polyhymnia-  our farm pays us so I really had to get started so  I could you know...  send myself a w-2 lol and I just kept going to get it over with :)  And it is over!  I just need to deliver to the accountant!  So YAY for me :)


vtamanda-  makes no sense right?


I am only sleeping about 2 hours at a time right now and then I wake from my ribs aching.  This is getting old.  DH and I went to a dinner meeting tonight and it was ok but soooo uncomfortable sitting there I just wanted to be in bed.  And then when I do go to bed I slew for 2 hours and wake up in pain and then have to spend hours upright to get that to go away and then sleep for another couple hours and rinse and repeat.  Just really tired.  

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Ugh iowa - sorrry about the sleep.


I'm there with everyone whose wanted to be alone. Yesterday was brutal. Tons of cramping and my sound sensitivity was really bad between DH coughing and my not so medium level volume kids :). I was cranky beyond belief and luckily was tolerated by my family.


Nothing seemed to help.


Alas, it's another day. Whose baby will come today?

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Maybe mine? I started contracting this morning and it's getting kind of uncomfortable. Going to see if they peter out.

OF OURSE this starts now....when I went ahead and bought tickets for my husband and I to see the hobbit this afternoon.

It's the third time we have tried to see it. We keep getting thwarted by SOMETHING.
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PamelaRRRR- Aw I hope you guys get to go see it! Its really good! Of coarse having a baby is really great too.winky.gif

I hope all of you mamas start feeling better soon or start having your babies! Thoughts and prayers going out for all of you! I can't wait to hear of more safe arrivals soon!
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Good luck, Pamela!!!


Still here with all of you.  Feeling hermit-ish and grouchy.  The baby feels like it's taking up my entire body.  Can't sleep, can't eat, can't move.  But my mom is here and that's nice.  DH and I got to have brunch alone yesterday.  Picked up some odds and ends from Target today.  Maybe a trip to the mall tomorrow if still no baby, to do some walking and buying of more unnecessary things.  I'm actually working today and tomorrow (last days!), but things are slow and my supervisor has a lot of backups for me so it seems unlikely that I will work.  I'm not sure why he put me on the schedule at all. 


I've been having insurance issues too.  I'm not complaining yet because I think it's all going to work out very strongly in my favor, but it is impossible to get anybody on the phone to get answers or get organized.  The hospital might have to bill us directly because all of my paperwork is incomplete or wrong.  Stress! 


I'm on day 4 of intermittent contractions and cramping and tiny bits of lost mucus plug every time I go to the bathroom.  When I saw my OB last week, he didn't think I would make it until the weekend.  I didn't really believe him, but then started having contractions, etc so put a little hope into them.  My mom says I look way too good to go into labor.  The clerks at the grocery store have been horrified when I show up.  I guess they're afraid a baby is going to drop into my pants while they're checking me out.  I don't know.  But yesterday I went with DH and the woman said, "Thank God you have someone with you today!".  The clerk at Target told me she delivered her grandchild, but she really didn't want to deliver mine.  So over it!

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Ohhh Pamela! I  hope you get to see the Hobbit and then have your baby after :)  I still haven't gotten to see it- and kind of doubtful I will get to in the theater- DH is like the most awesome husband ever but our taste in movies is not even close to compatable.  


cwill- no joke.  Last night at my dinner meeting similar statements were made.  I just roll my eyes...  But there was that one lady (DH heard about on the radio) who was walking in to the hospital and her baby came out in her pj pants.  DH made me promise to keep pants on lol.  I was like ohhhh cause it is so warm I was going to do sundresses....  


I took the best 2 hour nap ever today- I was woke up by the 3 wheeler going right outside my window.  DH was giving all the kids rides and we thought "hey maybe a 3 wheeler ride will shake things loose".  But so far nothing other than the horrible rides :)  And now I am making birthday cupcakes that I am going to freeze for after the baby comes.

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Hahaha @cwill! That is too funny about the people at Target! DD and I took a walk to our neighborhood drug store today, which is a 1/3 mile from our house, and everyone looked at me like I was going to give birth in the aisles. Then we took a walk through the huge park on our way home, and two officers in their parked car asked me if I needed a ride home! Then they made my daughter promise to wave them down if I couldn't make it!


I bought a huge amount of red raspberry leaf tea yesterday, and made three quarts of a very strong tincture this afternoon....and I will continue to do so until this baby comes, a la the RRL tribe and their instructions. Hoping that will help bring labor on sooner rather than later, or it least turn this on and off contractions into the real thing! We also have plans to DTD tonight, and I will order up some extra nipple stim during that session! (Sorry, tmi!)


Midwife cancelled our appt for tomorrow and rescheduled for Thursday...if I actually make it to Thursday I will show up crying. Slowly trying to check off the continuously piling last second "please do" tasks that my board and volunteers are hitting me with over the past few weeks at work. I figure if I work long days while DD is in school tomorrow and Tuesday, I might actually complete them. If I do, I think I will send out an email telling everyone that I need to spend the rest of my pregnancy focusing on relaxing and having this baby. I feel like the stress isn't helping the mood swings and blue mood I have been in.


DD gave me a pedicure and painted my toe nails this afternoon, which was lovely. I tried to do it myself, and it was painful! I also made a huge batch of soup today, and two loaves of bread along with extra dough I can put in the oven to make two more loaves over this upcoming week. I am hoping this will be the food my family and the birth team will eat during my labor if it goes long. I already went through this ritual, with a different soup recipe, last week....along with doing a big "birth week" grocery shopping trip. If I have to do it again next weekend, I may be crying through the aisles of Trader Joes.....that will really freak people out!


@tspencer519 and all the mamas who have already welcomed your babes into your arms: you should post more baby photos! For some reason it is one of the few things that have brought me comfort lately!

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I also really like the baby pictures!!!


I am making a big batch of sloppy joes today to have some for the freezer, and I bought stuff to make white chicken chili later this week again with a lot for the freezer.  It will be nice to have a couple of meals' worth of food in there at least! Our hospital is literally next door to a Trader JOe's so DH and I made a list of groceries with lots of snacky/quick meal type stuff on it, and when we are ready to come home he will first go to TJ's and buy the stuff on the list, then come back and pick up me and baby at the hospital :)


I didn't get to Target today - was my last thing I need to do to have everything ready (still need a trash can to use for the diaper pail).  But it's on my way home from work tomorrow so I will do it then.


I'm starting to think about asking the doctor for a note to stop work early.  It means an extra couple of weeks without pay, but I think at this point relaxing would be nice.  My next appt is Thursday and if I get the note then I can bring it on Friday - that's just a week earlier than I had planned.  I don't have any real medical reason to stop, but she said at the last appointment that after 38 weeks they can write a note for "late pregnancy exhaustion" regardless of anything else...

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I posted a few more pictures in the Welcome Babies thread! :) I actually had been holding out, afraid it would make things harder for those still hanging in there. 

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More pics! I agree, it makes it easier to wait if u get so see new babies. Thanks!
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Hugs to all you mamas who are getting to the end of your ropes!

I would like this babe to stay in for a lot longer right now.

I had been doing great and then had a down day yesterday followed by a panic attack this morning!

so not sure again about my ability to handle this new being coming! yikes, I know its not the time to go there but seriously after the losses I endured last year I go between worry for the babe and then worry about my ability to deal with a newborn! it all seems so ridiculous to me but the panic is so real!!


I am heading out to my blessing way in a half hour and really hoping it will bring me some peace to have some awesome supportive friends surround me. I hope I don't bawl through it all though. Or maybe I should just to deal with my issues ;)


loving seeing the pictures too! it brings excitement to the surface for me!

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I hope you have a nice time there and get the support you need love bug!


I woke up this morning and for a moment felt "back to normal" and like there is no baby coming. It was a bit strange.


I am going to stop working soon I think. I had hoped to make it to the end of the semester (the 24th, due date 26th) but I am just feeling so tired and having such a hard time sleeping....

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It was a beautiful evening! I am feeling so very at peace. Going to take myself to bed and hope that the peace stays with me and I get in a great sleep :)


I also have to say how thankful I am to be in Canada and that I don't have the concern of insurance for midwifery care and that the maternity benefits rock! except that I no longer qualify since I am a farmer and not employed 'for real'. But my heart goes out to all of you struggling to work, take time off and work out details with insurance companies! I can only imagine the frustrations in connection with these issues and I am pretty sure it would put me over the edge right now!


Blessings to you all!!

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So UPS updated the status of the train that my birthing tub is on (scheduled to deliver today) to derailed....




I also feel for those arguing with insurance. That was taken out of my hands this time around. The lay midwife that I am using will be paid out of pocket and while that means a loan that I will be repaying for a while it was either my ability to birth HBA2C or likely a RCS.


Lovebug - It sounds like the blessing brought you some peace? I get the anxiety about the ability to handle a newborn. I was stuffing diapers the other evening and was stressing some that even that will be pretty hard for awhile. We've got no family here and no super duper close friends (just neighbors who are slowly getting there) and this baby makes 10 beings in the house all competing for attention.


You guys crack me up with the people at the pharmacy and Target looking at you like you were about to birth there. I stood in a very long like at Old Navy yesterday and felt wet down below. Luckily it was just discharge and my mind playing some tricks because it honestly felt like trickling down my leg and I was a little nervous for a bit :).

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I'm still here!  


I drank a bunch of water (because I've been getting dehydrated at night) and went to the bathroom and the contractions stopped completely.  It's no biggie.  It was just funny that we thought we'd never get to see that darn movie.  Every time we'd found a way, something thwarted us.  (It was pretty good - and the movie theaters here are great because there's good food and drinks. I had the 16 Candles White Cake Shake to go with my feature) 


l have a chiropractor appointment then a doctor appointment, and I'm finishing up my last issue today.  My mom is here helping get my son off to preschool and doing all my laundry and my dishes and all those house projects I hadn't gotten around to (you know, like cleaning dust off ceiling fans) so I'm in such a good spot. 


We installed our car seat yesterday and it was a PAIN IN THE BUTT.  FYI, a First Years True Fit + deep well leather seats in a 2013 Honda Accord = ARGH!   It was really tough to get the correct recline angle for a newborn in the seat.  I love this car seat, though, so I'm glad we were able to make it work.  My husband also isn't the smallest guy out there (he's 6'3" and built like a college football player) so he had to do some major contortions to get in there to tighten things up.  


Fortunately, the angle only has to be that laid back for the first few weeks/months.  We don't do bucket/infant carrier seats, so this thing isn't coming out of the car any time soon...except when I have to take the baby on a business trip THE DAY I get back from maternity leave.  Oof.  (fortunately, my husband is taking his paternity leave later, and he'll go with me) 

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Was wondering about you Pamela. Thanks for the update and glad that you got to see the movie.


Yeah we are still fighting with carseats. My day bought us 2 Radians and I need to get rid of a Britax or two... but even putting the Radians in we still need a small seat to fit the 3 across so we may need to buy another.

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Pamela - we have a TrueFit, too, and getting it at the right angle is DEFINITELY a pain in the butt. It's in DH's crew cab truck though, so there's a ton of room (driver's seat can be almost all the way back!!) left. I can't imagine what we're going to do when it comes time to switch it to my little Civic after the threat of blizzards/icy roads are gone. Bah! We do have an infant/bucket seat as a backup, but I have no intentions of actually using the thing unless it's an emergency. We've had our seats installed since early December - I'm the primary "installer" and had to do it before I got too huge/immobile - so thank goodness we don't have to worry about that. DH has also been paranoid since I was called to do an install/check at our local hospital in November-ish. The couple had gone into labour before getting their seat installed, and were freaking out.  DH was set to make me install our seats right then and there as well, "just in case". 


My mom and I did a bunch of freezer-cooking on Friday, which was nice. We have about 7 dinners, some lunch/breakfast/snacks for DH to take to work, and I have some groceries left over to make MORE if necessary :)

I'm also in the boat of people looking at me or talking to me like I should already HAVE this baby - and we've mostly told people that we're due in February! Sheesh

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