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7 days till DD and its driving me crazy. i wish ihadnt got everything ready so quickly now cause im just sat round bored everyday. everything is wased, steralised, clean and waiting... not even had any signs of labour..no braxon hicks, no plug.. nothing...really hope i dont go over duh.gif

5 days till my mum's c-section..so were both super nervous, actually shes terrified. i cant wait to meet my amazing little brother and my little princess...

my moods are through the roof and how my partner is putting up with me i will never know.

tried the 'OLD WIVES TALE' that is castor oil...it didnt work...didnt make me sick or have any effect on me what so ever infact so wont be wasting my time with that ever again.

just time to wait for my baby girl to decide she wants out


belly.gif24/1/2014 ...

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Iowaorganic, so sorry about the almost-fall! That can definitely hurt more than actually falling sometimes...

Yummymummybump, you're going to make it! So soon you and your mom will both be holding your precious babies... I know it's hard to wait and be all ready and.... twiddle those thumbs. (There's always recaulking the shower, eh, just be sure to have good ventilation!)

As for me, "I am woman hear me.... cough, cough, achoo..." Sigh. Could be worse, I know someone who actually had measles when she went into labor. But really, now? I don't want to welcome this baby with snot running out of my nose! Baby won't care though...
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Iowa! So sorry about that fall. Will you see your midwife today?

Lily, I too have a sinus/cold thing. Feel crappy and my 3 yr old suddenly has a chesty loose cough. She has kept us up all night past two nights. Ahhhh so tired and wish I could breathe.
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Sorry for all you fighting and with colds.


Ouch iowa... yes many times almost falling and the muscles pulled and twisted hurt a lot more than fally would. I am sorry.


As for the colds, here too but it's being kept at bay. Hubby had sore throat and cough but mostly subsided. My throat feels sore at times but luckily hasn't stuck and I have the sniffles on occasion.


I keep going through bursts of energy and exhaustion as well as calm and completely emotionally out of control. Fun times.

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Yummy mummy, does ithelp to hear I had no signs or BH or anything until labor ctx started, and 12 hours later I had my baby girl?? It can happen! I had no idea!
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yummymommy I agree with polyhymnia - I would not have guessed that any of my babes were coming on the day they arrived until it happened :) mind you my first 2 were almost a week late so caulking might be worth trying to keep your mind off it :)


Today is where I was time wise with my daughter's arrival (39 +3) and nothing as of yet. I have been feeling pretty good but my sciatic is kicking it up again so I am starting to get excited about the transition from in to out happening soon.


Birth pool is inflated (just today!) and most everything together (just need some snacks for the cheering team) and to take the packed up supplies to the birthing house (our empty rental next door).  

A sweet friend stopped by today with a beautiful quilt she made. Such a treat especially since this is the first babe since my grandmother has passed and she always made sure there was homemade things for every baby. I have kept them all but its not quite the same.


still sending out strong birthing vibes to you all!

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Wow - I'm done. I love being pregnant. I know it's a rarity but I love it despite the discomfort.


I am tired though, very tired. If I got nesting it was so brief and just in spurts and now it's gone. I will be 39 weeks tomorrow. My water broke at 39.5 with my daughter and I didn't go until 41.5 with my son. My body is just very sore and tired the past two days. Maybe I will get "a second wind" if you will but I'm not sure.


I still want a great birth but am no longer obsessing over where we will end up birthing or whether there will be time to inflate and fill the birthing tub or do any of the "comfort" measures I ordered and planned for. I guess perhaps it's good to have faith that if I'm meant to have those items I will and otherwise I will just birth the baby and use whatever we can and have at the time.


Thinking about you all. It's been quiet around here but I guess it's us all just conserving energy until it's time huh?

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I also love being pregnant and am trying not to be impatient because this is my last pregnancy.  (I'm 34 and my husband is 40, so we've pretty much decided we're done) 


but yeah, I'm ready to be done.  

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Yeah we are done here too. Husband was joking the other day as our two were driving us looney and patted my stomach as he oft does and said "3 huh"??!


I laughed and commented that despite the two and all the four legged critters that he still manages to get dressed in the morning and is not in a padded room - so I'm making one last ditch attempt to drive him insane. :)

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I have been quiet on here bc it's been a hard week.
This is also our last baby- the third- and I am 43. I feel so blessed and happy to be pregnant but I am exhausted (as all of us here are I'm sure!).
My kids have been driving us up a wall waking and crying all throughout the night (they are 3 & 5 and typically great sleepers). Finally my 3 yr old daughter was grabbing at her crotch and told me it hurt. I got her to show me and it was super red and she had scratched herself raw in places poor thing. Got her in to see the ped and swab showed it was strep A. She either was wiping wrong or got it (likely) from our son whose class has had lots of illness lately. We decided to bring our son in and he has strep in his throat too. He had been complaining of tummy ache and run a few fevers for maybe a week now. We had just chalked it up to a virus. Prob he got it from kindergarten and they share bath toys, towels and same tub after one another. Now we are having to bleach tub and everything. Make sure they don't share utensils or cups. Exhausting. Thinking they will be feeling fine/ not contagious after a few days on their meds.
I am just getting over a lovely yeast infection too a few days ago. Glad my midwife caught that in exam bc I would hate to have baby get thrush. That is a whole nursing nightmare.
We have had Santa Ana winds here this past week and then a huge forest fire near to us w raining ash so my sinuses are completely buggered and making me want to lay down w an ice pack most of the time.
So now I am feeling less sinus-y and slept well last night...hoping to have baby this weekend. 41 wks today and just over it.
Thing is our support for watching kids during labor was gonna be either one friend w young daughter or another mama friend w a 3 month old. Now that my kids have strep, hmmm...hate to expose anyone's child to strep. Seems we may have no one to watch them.
Truly hoping labor is quick and without complications. So stressful!
My poor husband bc of me feeling under the weather and the kids too has pretty much taken the whole week off. He is running out of vacation time.
Grrr...sorry to be so..."complain-y". I promise my next post will be light and giggly. Ok maybe that's pushing it but you get it!
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Sounds horrible Orchidez! I hope everyone is feeling better now.
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@OrchideZ I hope everyone starts to feel better quickly, that is rough! Yeast is the worst, especially this close to the end of pregnancy! You have every right to complain.


I tried to post earlier today, but somehow my words were eaten! 


Things are much better than they were for me. I had a few really tough days, where my pubic pain and lower back pain were so terrible that I just could not get comfortable in any position, and was only able to sleep for 2-3 hours per night. I went to my midwife appt on Thursday and just broke down crying, and they insisted I book a chiropractor appt with someone certified in the Webster Technique immediately...so, despite my worries about finances, I did it. I had my appointment first thing on Friday morning, and I really wish I would have done it months ago. The pain is not gone by any means, but it has been minimized to the point that I can walk, sleep and change positions without wincing, crying or taking as long. I have a Monday morning appointment scheduled as well....and they agreed to not charge the cancellation fee if I do end up in labor before then. My insurance does cover the sessions, but until my 2014 deductible is paid, I will be paying a co-pay. Definitely worth it, though. My midwife also said if I needed to have her reduce her fee in order to justify the expense, she would...but we are going to try to not go there. The chiropractor thinks I will definitely need physical therapy after the birth to deal with the pubic separation, which is a whole different expense I was hoping to not have to deal with...but now that I am not in as much pain, I think I just need to make it work so that I can function normally.


We are expecting yet another polar vortex this upcoming week, which I am not looking forward to! If I had my wishes, labor would happen tonight or tomorrow, before it gets too bad....but I am trying to prepare for anything. Definitely feeling like I don't have very much longer left from here....just can't wait to hold him, smell him and kiss him.

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Oh mama! I teared up reading about your pain. I see a chiro weekly (first preg I have done this) and it's made all the difference, I also showed up to my last midwife appt crying. It sucks to not be able to sleep or get comfortable. Sending you a cyber hug Neaera.
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Oh boy - I am sorry to hear about the strep and the yeast and the winds with the fires Orchid.


And I am also sorry about the pain Neaera though glad that you went to the chiro.


Here today was a good day for the most part. I've been pushing myself and despite the chiro visit I had my back has been in intermittent pain which is pretty excruciating. Couple that with some unrelenting braxton yesterday and I left work early. The back pain has come and gone today and I'm hoping to crash soon.


And this baby.... I really wish the baby would settle on a position rather than bounce around. I guess that means that departure is not imminent but sometimes it feels like a chick crying to peck it's way out of the top of my belly :).

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Oh dear me ladies! Sorry to hear of all the pains and illness that is aflutter!

Sending love and strength to you all!!

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My midwife went through my transferred chart from when I was still w an OB practice the beginning of this pregnancy and really began to question if my original due date of Jan 19 instead of Jan 11 (which they changed it to at my 8 wk visit) is the correct one.
She asked me if there was anywhere I would have written down my last period date so we could tell for sure.
See the OB changed my due date based off an ultrasound she did herself on an old machine. I always accepted the new date...prob in part bc it put me closer to meet my baby.
So last night I was feeling bummed about being over 41 wks and got to thinking I perhaps would have texted my best friend way back when and mentioned my period. I looked and sure enough, my lmp was April 12. That puts my edd right at Jan. 19 (today) a difference of 9 days soooo that would mean today I am 40 wks!
This makes more sense to me knowing my body.
I am hopeful this baby is coming soon. Lost my plug a week ago and at last check was a full 3 cm and pretty effaced. Come on baby!
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Wanted to add a thanks for all the nice words for healing! Both kids are feeling so much better after a few days of meds and probiotics for their strep. I am happy baby stayed inside for that whole episode! Plus my sinuses from the fires needed a couple of days of good rest. I got a long nap in today and my husband made a nice deep dark gumbo while I slept. Smells like home here now (Louisiana)...mmmm. Happy Sunday to all you mamas. Hope everyone is having easy labor vibes or resting for the big event!
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Have you guys lurked at all on the December DDC?  


The last baby finally arrived this weekend -- 11lbs 6 oz!  At home!  



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Amazing! A big baby for sure.
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Officially on maternity leave. I'm feeling bored and unmotivated atm. Hopefully I'll have more energy to actually get things done tomorrow. Time is moving quickly and slowly at the same time. It's a bit disorienting. 39+2 today. I know baby could show at any time, but I'm not sure what to expect. My boys were born 1/2 week before their due dates, and my last, my daughter, was born 1/2 a week after her due date. I was hoping to have DP home to distract me and help me do some things around the house, but he's got to work until Friday. He scheduled his off days so they would fall towards the end of the week and he hopefully won't have to use as many vacation days when the baby is born. WTF? He has a week of vacation left but he gets 2 (or is it 3?) more weeks when his year restarts in March. I wish he'd consulted me first. Not that he ever does. I feel like holding the baby in until after his off days just out of spite. Grrr. 

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