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Hang in there Serenyd! I hear ya on all counts!

Well, I'm 41 wks since yesterday so I went to have an ultrasound today by a fetal specialist for peace of mind and to see how baby is doing.
Baby environment is great. She can't really estimate on gestation at this point in the game- I'm somewhere around 41 wks (going off earliest ultrasound and my lmp) give or take a few days. She said fluid levels are great (needs a min of 6 and mine is 16), baby size doesn't appear overly large/ her estimate now (which can be off by up to 8/10 of a pound) is 7.11.
Listened to blood flow through umbilical cord and it sounds clear w great flow. Head is down and facing the back/baby in good position w good movement. Did some NST on the baseline of her heart and said it sounds perfect.
Based on all of this, her recommendation at this point is to leave baby alone bc environment is good.
I have a follow up in 3 days which is standard to reevaluate fluid but she thinks I may not need the appt.
she said baby seems like a happy girl and is enjoying herself. Ha... funny observation huh?

I am relieved to say the least. It was reassuring to see baby and to get her assessed. It's been a long couple of weeks.

And on that note, I have felt loopy ever since we left her office and laid down at home. Had some contractions a bit ago and hope they pick up! Lost my plug a week ago and am ready to meet baby already.
Would be great to have her tomorrow after moon shifts into Libra.
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I am rooting for you overdue mamas!  Pamela- that is insane.  I couldn't do it.  


Orchid- I am glad you are so patient and now feel relaxed :)  It can't be far off now!

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Not overdue but getting nervous with all this snow. I just cancelled our midwife appointment for tomorrow given the drive there being so long and the snow.


I guess worst case scenario will be UC or with the midwife over the phone?

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Pamela, I saw that too.  I can't even comprehend a newborn that big.



Originally Posted by Serenyd View Post

Officially on maternity leave. I'm feeling bored and unmotivated atm. Hopefully I'll have more energy to actually get things done tomorrow. Time is moving quickly and slowly at the same time. It's a bit disorienting. 39+2 today. I know baby could show at any time, but I'm not sure what to expect.


Isn't that the worst part of the last days?  It's such a time warp.  You keep doing the same things over and over to prepare for baby coming.  Which could be tomorrow ... or in 2 weeks.  Ugh, hang in there.


OrchideZ, I'm so glad your check up went well.  It would be so hard to not know where you are.  I know due dates are estimates, but there is a difference between 40 weeks and 41 weeks or 42 weeks and 43 weeks, you know?  I'm glad she thought your baby looked happy!  LOL!  Hope things start moving for you!


Yikes, Catwmandu!  I hope the roads stay clear for you.  Are you comfortable with UC?  Would your doula try to come down for you?

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Hey guys!!
Got induced this afternoon after reduced movements (39weeks4days) and can say it is very very uncomfortable and quite painful..but seen as how I could have a long wait on my hands thought I'd spend some time taking my mind off the contractions...ouch...hopefully my baby girl comes soon xXx
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Yummymummy - hope the induction goes well for you.


cwill - doula is 2 hours away as well. Yes, I would be comfortable UC. It was on my original list of options for this birth but it was a mix of finding what DH would be comfortable with as well as what I wanted.

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@yummymummybump Best of luck! Keep us updated!


No real updates here. Had 2nd chiro appt., will have third tomorrow. Pregnant life is much better with a good chiropractor on board. I am much less cranky. I worked pretty much all day today from home, I feel very productive and it passed the time at least. DD had first finals of her high school career today- she sent me a text message saying she is positive she received an A+ on her Biology final....DH has grad school classes tonight. I think I will look into acupuncture for induction on Friday if nothing happens before then.

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Any update on Yummymummy? She had induction a few days ago!

I had acupuncture to get labor going yesterday and felt crampy all night. Then went on a nice stairway walk today w my husband which produced more cramps.
Now kids are in bed and nothing. Sigh
My midwives are going w my confirmed lmp which would put me at 40 wks + 5 days so I am feeling I can breathe easy but am still wanting to have this baby.
Going again tomorrow for more acupuncture.
Love to hear check Ins from everyone smile.gif
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Not much going here. Last appt was over 2 weeks ago and had to move this weeks due to huge snowfall. Baby was positioned well then but ever since has been poorly positioned despite chiro and excercises. DH helped try diaphragmic release last night and I did a bunch hands knees. Feeling pelvic pressure today and better but not perfect position. 40 weeks approx on Sat. That's basically it here.

Good luck with accupuncture tomorrow.
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I have an appt tomorrow. Will be 39.5! I will be glad to get confirmation of alignment. I am considering getting an internal and possibly asking for a sweep. But since my cervix is so high up i cannot find it, thhat probably is not realistic.

No signs of labor. Some prodromal annoyances the evenings of full moon and snowfall, but nothing happened. Even after losing plug at 38 weeks. This baby feels bigger than i was (did?) with my girls. Not my belly, really, but the actual dimensions of arms and legs seems big.

I also suspect my "due date" may be set 4-5 days earlier than it should be, based on LMp, rather than ovulation (typically day 18-21). But early 8 week u/s did jive with LMP date to the day. So who knows??
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Contractions every 6-7 minutes tonight for about 20 seconds long, some this afternoon too, but I worked at my computer through them. Bits of the mucus plug have come out tonight as well. My daughter finished her finals today, so I am mentally feeling like I am in the clear to have this baby. I think this past week I have been sort of waiting to get through her finals, because I knew she was stressed over them. My chiropractor says my pelvis is much better in terms of alignment. I am hoping this babe come this weekend, but don't want to get back to a point where I am feeling desperate! Much less prodromal labor since I have started to see the chiro, which is good. I have another chiro appt tomorrow morning, and then have plans to go bowling with a bunch of mama and kid friends- no school tomorrow for the kids. I told everyone when the date was planned weeks ago that if I actually was still pregnant at this point, I would not only be bowling but would also be trying to dance this baby out. I actually practiced my running man today in preparation!

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Had my appt. couldnt see a midwife bc only one was working this momrning and she ended up heading to the hospital with a patient? So i saw a Nurse Practioner. Which is fine, but really pointless bc she couldnt do an internal or a sweep. In fact all she did was get my weight, BP and babys hb. Then try to get me to schedule an U/S to check fluid levels at 41.1 and also an NST. Which i would have to go to two different places. The mw will do the nST but i have to go to the hospital for the fluid check. I don't know. Hopefully baby will come in the next week and i wont have to deal with it. Hubby and i went afterwards to pF changs and i ordered hot and sour soup and extra spicy Kung Pao shrimp. Maybe that will do it? Lol.
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Then have some spicy sexy time 😘😘
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Evelyn-Isobel Moss born at 10:09am local time on 24/01/2014 (her due date) after starting induction on 21/01/2014 .. Epidural and aromaptherepy..7pund 8ounce..her daddy cut the cord...birthing story to come once I'm healed and well
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What a cute little bean! And what a long induction! Hope you're resting and recovering yummymummy.

I bet baby will come sooner, vtamanda. Prodromal labor is the worst. I like when baby sneaks up on you much better. Birthy vibes for all still waiting.
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Bowl that baby out! That sounds perfect! Congrats yummy, adorable! How's your little sis? Can't wait to see pics of them together!!
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Congrats YummyMummy! We'll be awaiting the birth story & pics of her with your new sibling too. :) Sending recovery vibes to all the new mamas. :grouphug



ALRIGHTY. I'd like a head count at this point of the last mamas standing. lol. Who's still pregnant and what's your EDD? I'm losing track.

All I can remember right now is vtadamanda, Neaera, Catwmandu & PamelaRRRR.....anyone else? Or did one of you have your babies and I'm forgetting? 


I'm 39 weeks +4 days tomorrow. EDD is 1/29. 


Lots of twingy cervix today. Nothing else new. Same complaints, and I feel like I must have gained 10 pounds this week. My belly really had a growth spurt over the past few days.

 Next MW appt is monday. I'm going to ask for another cervix check. 

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Sending you easy labor vibes Alison! Ps Neaera had her baby. Pix up on the welcoming thread!
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Yep, still here. Cannot sleep tonight. But it isn't bc anything is happening!! I am 40 weeks officially. Sigh. Best of luck to all still waiting.
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Can't sleep either. If we go by what I may have gotten wrong (lmp) today is 40 but if we go by conception I'm just a few days shy. Either way sleepless.

Sore shoulders from side laying. Baby has been persistently in right transverse since last appointment but turned last night. Happy about that because now perhaps he/she will engage. Sex today, some spicy food. I don't mind waiting if babe needs timee time but will start getting irritable with family and people at work (as I was going to work through end). Today I bit head off a few people who called...
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