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I'm 40 weeks today, too, and also can't sleep.

Mine is by ovulation and u/s.

I never thought I would go this long based on my history, but I'm generally ok. I'm trying not to get anxious, and stay relaxed.

Baby is low, engaged, in a good position -- I just need some contractions.

I have an appt tomorrow and will probably ask to get stripped. I have a business trip out of the country April 1, and need to get kiddo here so I can get him a passport and the time I've hoped to have for maternity leave is ticking away.
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Wow, your LO will be an early traveler Pamela!  Are you going some place fun/warm?  Good luck today!

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Nowhere terribly exotic -- Vancouver, BC, but I've been there a couple of times and love it.
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How did it go Pamela?


I've got an appointment tomorrow. 1st in 3 weeks again. Was supposed to be two weeks but the snow storm last week made me reschedule.


it's full days driving there and back so I had really hoped our next trip would be the last one needed for a little while :).


Some cramping here and there and some contractions after drinking RRL but nothing sustained.

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I had a chiro, massage and ob appt today. My doctor is so funny. She was like "how are you still pregnant?!" I was like "you're lousy at this!"

I'm 4.5-5 cm dilated, 90% effaced, very very low. Baby is so low I'm measuring 36 weeks instead of 40.

I literally need just a few strong contractions and I'll be good to go. I joked the kid is so low he's practically waving at me.

I had her strip my membranes but don't expect much.

We talked about what conditions id consider inducing and I said I'd want an NST and BPP and some kind of indication that leaving baby was more harmful than inducing. Dr said we wouldn't need cervical ripeners and that AROM likely would do the trick but I'm still hesitant.

So I set up the tests next Monday afternoon and likely would wait til next Thursday to make any decisions.

It's supposed to snowpocalypse again here tonight (in Austin, ANY snow is a disaster because we have no plows and tons of elevated roads). Hopefully it won't be an issue.
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Sounds like a productive day PamelaR. Way to go getting to 5 cm for free without active labor! I am sure you will go on your own soon. No worries.
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Yup sounds like nature is working for you Pamela! I wouldn't have them break water! It was so cool having baby come out in the sack...so peaceful. smile.gif
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Originally Posted by OrchideZ View Post

Yup sounds like nature is working for you Pamela! I wouldn't have them break water! It was so cool having baby come out in the sack...so peaceful. smile.gif


Haha! I probably wouldn't have had them do anything either.  But man, I would be tempted!  It sounds like the baby's about to fall out.  Would it really be so bad to ask for just a whiff of pitocin on the way out?  LOL.  Sending you all the internet oxytocin vibes I can, Pamela.

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Haha too funny!
Might I suggest some sexy time w yourself? My midwife said w sex, it's not just the semen for ripening that does it but release from orgasm for you wink1.gif I bet that would get the oxytocin going esp being that low and so dilated!
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So. 40+3 and no baby yet. I wonder if he'll hold out until Feb??? 

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Serenyd, i am 40 +2. I really dont want the babe to stay in. My birthday is Feb 4, and I was so hoping this baby would be born well before my special day. Oh well.
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Here too (40+3)!


I find it incredibly funny that baby's position was mostly right laying until last appointment 3 weeks ago, flipped to left laying right before last appointment (a few days before), settled nicely into pelvis and then the very next day flipped to right again.


She / He has been back to right laying since that appointment despite pelvic rocks, hands and knees, etc. Then last night (flip) just in time for today's midwife appt.


When on my left I feel the pelvic pressure a lot more and know that given some time that we could progress from here. I'd hate to restrain the babe but even the midwife says that I could try a belt (which I have from my DD long ago). Not sure but considering it.


Heart rate was good and visit was brief but as usual reassuring.

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I have an appt on Friday. Will be 40 +5 then. I know they want to set up the NST and u/s for fluid check on Monday which would be 41+1. Does anyone have any thoughts on these procedures?
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Originally Posted by vtamanda View Post

I have an appt on Friday. Will be 40 +5 then. I know they want to set up the NST and u/s for fluid check on Monday which would be 41+1. Does anyone have any thoughts on these procedures?

I'm wondering this myself. I haven't done any research on either because I just really didn't think I'd be overdue.  I'm interested in everyone's opinion on this.

My midwife just said she'd only suggest going for an ultrasound if I go past 42 weeks. I'm 40 weeks today and my next appointment is Tuesday, so I'd be 40+6 then. I'm still only 1cm. Next appt. she said she'd be willing to do a sweep. She doesn't do them until post EDD. 


Hopefully our babies all make their debut before February. :)

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Originally Posted by vtamanda View Post

I have an appt on Friday. Will be 40 +5 then. I know they want to set up the NST and u/s for fluid check on Monday which would be 41+1. Does anyone have any thoughts on these procedures?


I'd want an NST for sure at at least 41 weeks.  I agree that most babies are totally fine to 42 (or more!) weeks, but the risk of stillbirth starts getting too high for me to want to go that far without monitoring.  Fluid checks, I don't know anything about.  Maybe @lilyofjudah or @Catwmandu can weigh in.  It sounded like they had done a lot of research on it.

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Hi everybody! I'm not caught up on what's been said over the last ten days or so since baby came... we're all doing well, it's just a very busy time and right now my parents are visiting which is wonderful.


I'll post a birth story as soon as I have time... want to do it justice! :-)


Hang in there everyone who's still pregnant - I never thought I'd be waiting until 41+ a day or two, but so it was, and everything was just perfect in the end. We had all been so sick the week before it's just as well baby waited. She weighed about 7.5 pounds, so just the right size too!


I wanted to post a query - I guess the postpartum chat would be the place - just hadn't gotten to it and it's getting late for me, but if anyone wants to throw out tips for healing small tears and post-partum hemorrhoids...... yeah. My first I had a small tear and wasn't too happy with how it healed, but I think I messed it up - being too active, lots of walking and squatting and just kept tearing it open again. Also, I used a salve-type thing on it and I think the oiliness of it kept the edges from sticking together maybe? And too much bathing maybe.... Anyway, this time I'm trying to minimize bathing (just a rinse in the shower once a day, no sitz bath), minimize movement that might pull it apart, no salve... and I think it's still not coming together at the edges. Sigh. Just a tiny extension of the same tear I had the first time, not nearly as painful this time, just I was hoping it would put itself back together. As for the hemorrhoids.... yeah.... they're not that bad, but I'd like it to go away ASAP please!! Somewhat surprised this time that I'm still having constipation issues postpartum. Last time I was basically good to go in that regard as soon as baby came out. This time feels like my intestines/rectum have been permanently distended or relocated or something or other and it's not quite running smoothly yet, LOL!


As for NST/fluid checks (thank you for dragging me back, cwill!), I had it done three times I think over the last ten days or so of the pregnancy. I knew my fluid levels had dropped some and was kind of shocked at how low a reading they got the first time, which is why I agreed to go back twice-weekly until delivery. It's pretty short and simple compared to a full ultrasound, which I liked, as I just prefer not to shoot ultrasound at the baby without reason and wanted to minimize it. That said, I did find it reassuring to know that baby was still stable and had adequate fluid. Of course, they still asked me to induce at every appointment - I very much had to do my own research about what risks I was willing to take and interpret the results for myself. And in my case, indeed, perfectly healthy baby born at home with no problems... I'd almost like to take her back and parade her around and say "Look! I was right!" Haha... but they would probably say it was just luck... I don't care what they think though, I was happy to have the extra monitoring especially as I went a little longer than expected. If the first readings had been good I don't think I would have done another for a good week or two, but because the first fluid reading was so low I did want to check it more often. Of course it's normal for fluid levels to drop somewhat towards term, but I think mine had gotten too low for a time. (And perhaps baby waited until I had bumped things up again....?) The NST part, they just record the baby's heart rate for 20-30 minutes and look for some increases with movement, an overall steady rate, no big drops... which, if you have the patience or your midwife does, could be done with a stethoscope. And retrospectively, I kind of wish I had gotten a fetoscope to make it a bit easier to hear and just done that myself. I did check the baby's heart rate once a day or so during the last week or two, just for a minute or two at a time, and that was reassuring. It is kind of hard to keep counting for that long! But can be done, if one has concerns about ultrasound, and kick-counts plus listening with a fetoscope for a length of time I would think to be just about as reassuring as a NST/AFI/BPP.


So that's my two cents, and I'll be back again when I can!

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Rash - I have a very itchy but not not very red unless I scratch rash. It's bumpy and on my wrists and belly initially - now on my arms all the way up and knees.


It's driving me mad. The midwife told me yesterday to start taking some milk thistle and I tried a sea salt bath last night but today I am an itching maniac..


I need relief. The midwife joked that I am allergic to the baby and the baby needs to come out :)

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Cat- make sure that rash is not cholestasis. Has the MW seen it? You can try an oatmeal bath.
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Oh crap I've never heard of that vtamanda.


She looked yesterday but didn't seem alarmed by it but of course I am now. Cause it talks about overall itching with minimal rash. I have highly reactive skin though so hoping it's something else.


Going to go research some more. I see that it subsides after delivery but that it's possible for dangers to baby.

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