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@lilyofjudah my midwives are having me use organic, unflavored sushi nori on the largest of my tears (i had several very small ones, no stitches)...it acts as a second skin so that nothing sticks to anything it shouldn't, and is also supposed to be very good for it. I just tear off a very small piece and stick it to the tear. I had never heard of the remedy previously, but I do seem to be healing very nicely. I replace it after every time I use the bathroom.

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I haven't had time to even think let alone process what's really going on lately. 

I'm so sorry to all those that I've missed birth announcements from and Congratulations! 


Update with me: Capri is awesome and so adorable and Nova is awesome and such an awesome awesome big sister! Can you tell I'm trying to push the happy yeah babies here part?! I'm stressed. My husband was in a serious car wreck on 01/23 and shattered his ankle and tibia. He had a 4+ hour surgery followed by 5 days in the hospital. On top of my 4 days! With a 5 day break of cuddling and smelling our new baby without chaos in between. He came home yesterday. Now I'm the sole care giver of a injured man (shutters-man flu, and yes he REALLY is hurting I know) a 2 year old and a 2 week old. If I don't get the baby blues I'll be shocked! SHOCKED. DH is ordered to stay off his feet for THREE MONTHS. I want to scream. I don't know what to do, we barely had any savings and I paid what bills I could. I'm scared and anxious of what our lives are going to become. I can't afford to work with the care that is required at home. I just did our taxes and we aren't even receiving $200 back. :'( Nice comments and good vibes would be awesome.If you want to go the extra mile and donate to our Feb bills I won't oppose either. http://www.gofundme.com/2co4rc 


I really feel like life sucks right now. BUT it could be worse. Tomorrows another day. (I'm also trying really, really, hard to force a positive attitude at all times)


Here are some pictures!









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@lilyofjudah thanks for sharing that. I missed my OB appointment this week because my daughter was sick but if I don't have the baby this week, I'll be calling to reschedule and probably getting a NST. 


@kelseywhitney, so sorry to hear about your misfortune. You have a beautiful family. I hope everything works out and hubby has a smooth recovery. Try the Salvation Army and local churches to see if you can get help with bills. I've heard they will do that. 

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Officially 41 +1 and VERY OVER IT i know the little guy doesnt want to be thrown into the 'michigander' cold but really the snow could be worse its only a few feet, its a vba2c attemt so no inducing approved by doctor going to try acupressure and massage any other tips?
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Nice photos Kelsey. So sorry to hear about DH. 3 months is a very long time to have to stay off your feet. I guess he doesn't have a job he can work in a wheelchair? Do you guys at least get partial paid time off for him? Sorry i don't have any good suggestions for what will help in this situation.

Cowsmootoo - i imagine you are tired of waiting. There is sex and castor oil too. Both of which i would use only as a last resort, but you might be at that point!good luck.
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No unfortunately he doesn't receive any kind of compensation..We have absolutely no income. 


In other bad news for our family...We finally received an insurance check from the accident and bought a new car last night. Today I was driving and we were T boned by a Mack Truck. Luckily both my beautiful daughters survived with out a scratch. My mother who JUST flew in Monday evening to help me, was injured and broke her ankle. She in a lot of pain. I fractured my clavicle but am going around like I don't hurt. Moms don't get sick days when you have babies. :/ I'm really hoping this bad luck (good luck since we're all alive?) gets itself worked out here soon. I'm not sure how much our family can take...



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Holy moly. Thank goodness you are all OK. That is some luck.
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OMG KelseyW-  Thank goodness you are all ok. Ihope you all are healing up ok. Emotionally too.  That is a lot to take anytime let alone during postpartum. :hug

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