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Lily- you can always ask the doctors to explain the pros and cons of any procedure.  You should be given informed choice for any procedure they are offering you or your baby.  If you disagree with them doing a procedure, simply state that you would like to go 'against medical advice' and will sign the paperwork releasing them from liability.  I did this with one of my children- and left the hospital without having my baby taken away from me once, or given any shots or eye goop.  They totally respected my wishes, I just spoke to them confidently and non-confrontationally.  

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Oh my goodness.  Lily- Everything will work out- you are doing great to be so flexible.


Yesterday DH and I went out and had just a great time together-  I am so glad I married him because every other single person irritates me to no end right now.  I really thought that yesterday I was in early labor- and even when I went to bed I was having somewhat regular contractions.  Until I woke up not being able to breathe because the baby had once again moved and was/is crushing my lungs and under my ribs.  I am tired of this.  The baby has been moved 6 times and just will not stay.  I guess it is ok that it probably won't be today- it is sooooo stinking cold here (-18f) right now and my kitchen is a brisk 44f- so not exactly ideal for a home birth and especially not ideal for a transfer or my midwife driving in this weather.  But 40 weeks is tomorrow and I just really  want to be done even though I know I always go late.....  I think I am going to move my rocking chair in by the fireplace today and just read to the kids  or maybe we will just have a lazy pajama day and watch movies.  The only way to handle this rib thing is apparently to be as upright as possible.


Blanca- funny!  Nah.  going later won't work.  They switched the trip to going to Rochester instead so at least there is no pressure- I am just bummed.  It is so much fun to go with sisters and mom wedding dress shopping and make a huge day of it.  I wanted to take DD1 with too- but it is ok.  Before I even know it I will be taking DD1 wedding dress shopping I guess :)

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Lily, update us after you go in today!! Thinking of you and baby smile.gif
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I had my 37 week appointment today.  Uneventful, as usual.  I made my doctor chuckle at my birth plan.  I'm one of those people who goes for humor and boiling things down directly to the point.  


I had some painful contractions this weekend, which I never had the first time around, so I went ahead and had her check.  I'm only around 1 cm and not very effaced so I've got time, hopefully.  I have a magazine to put out before the 13th, so I wasn't keen on having a 37-weeker. 


That was kind of a relief.  


She also did my GBS swab and unlike last time (when it was another OB in her practice) she just swabbed my vagina.  The last doc swabbed everything.  Hmm.  


here's my final birth plan, laughed at and signed off on, if you guys wanted to see it: 




This is our second child. We had a pretty easy time of it last time and are hoping for a repeat.  Our goal is to get in, crank out a baby and get out with minimal poking, prodding and maintenance. 


During Labor


       Intermittent rather than continuous fetal monitoring, please, and I don’t like to hear the monitor. 

       I’ll let you put that IV thingy in, but I do not want fluids unless we’re in this for a while. I want it taken out AS SOON AS POSSIBLE -- preferably before I leave L&D.

       Cervical checks only at my request.

       I prefer no AROM to augment labor. If we’re at the end and it looks like it will make pushing easier, then maybe.

       No pain meds. I’ll let you know if I’m wimping out.

       Please don’t ask me about “pain level.” It kind of breaks my concentration. Assume if I’m not sobbing, I’m fine.

       I will drink water and eat light clear stuff like popsicles and jello.  I know it’ll make me pukey, so I doubt I’ll actually do any significant eating. I will stuff my face with sandwiches after baby gets here.


Actual cranking out of baby:


       No episiotomy. I tore pretty badly last time and it all healed up just fine.

       I will push when my body says push. Last time around, I was convinced to “purple push” and cranked out a baby in 20 minutes, thus tearing myself a new one.  How about we labor down for a while this time? I do not mind it taking more than 20 minutes.

       I do not plan to be lying on my back. It will probably be hard to get me in a bed because bed = painful contractions.  I would like to find a way to stand or kneel for as long as possible.

       If this giant megabeast baby seems to be stuck, let’s flip over or do something else before we break out the tools. (forceps or vacuums or whatever)


Baby’s out, now what?


       Leave the cord til it’s done pulsating. We don’t care who cuts it.

       Give my placenta time to birth itself. I’m fine with waiting a little while. Talk options before pulling on it to get it to come out. I’m one of those weird people who wants to keep their placenta for voodoo and quackery. Please do not dispose of it.

       Give me the slimy baby right away. Please don’t wrap him up like a burrito and wipe off the goo.

       I decline heb B and will get it at a later date.  NO eye drops or vitamin K until AFTER breastfeeding is initiated.

       No bath. I will hold my baby skin-to-skin to keep him warm, even if I’m getting stitched up. 

       Please do evaluations while baby is with me. Someone took my last baby away during shift change and I didn’t see him again for two hours.  Mama bear was not happy. You don’t want to see me like that.

       No circumcision.

       No formula, bottles, pacifiers, or supplementing of any kind before you talk to me about it.

       Please do everything in our room.  I or my husband will accompany the baby if he needs to be taken anywhere.

       Please do nursery and postpartum checks at the same time and as infrequently as possible.


Oh crap, a c-section


●       In the (hopefully) unlikely event a surgical birth is necessary, I will assume S%$T HAS HIT THE FAN and you know what you’re doing waaaaay more than I do.

●       That said, I’d like to hold my baby skin-to-skin as soon as possible. On the table while you’re doing the gross cleanup stuff would be super awesome -- again, if possible.

●       Please avoid formula and artificial nipples. I (and my soon-to-be-abused nipples) prefer cup or tube feeding until breastfeeding can be initiated, if you absolutely MUST feed him something. 

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Love your birth plan, Pamela!  It cracks me up. 


Thinking of you this morning, lily.  Hoping all your hydration efforts give baby time to come on his/her own.  But keep us updated! 


I worked this weekend - a good amount.  Enough to pay the bills for January, but not make me totally sleep deprived - yay!  But everyone was commenting on my pregnancy.  Seriously no one has mentioned it prior to this weekend unless I brought it up first.  I've been feeling huge since ... September, LOL ... but I must have crossed some threshold over the holidays.  Pretty funny.  And DH is officially paranoid, which is a relief in its own way.  I called him to see if he wanted anything from the grocery store and he was like, "Oh, I thought you were in labor!"  We had some nice cuddle time this morning.  DS has been letting us sleep in instead of scaring the crap out of us yelling "AWAKE!!!!" at the top of his lungs 0.5 seconds after he wakes up. 


My mom comes tomorrow night so baby is welcome to make an appearance as of Wednesday, when I'll be 39 weeks.  I have the next 2 days totally to myself as I usually work M,T and DS is with his babysitter.  But I'm not working and we paid for childcare so I'm going to organize, cook, and sleep today and tomorrow.  So, so excited about it.  It's exactly what I need.

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Good news!!! YAY!

So I had the ultrasound check again this morning and I've almost doubled my AFI from 3.5 to 6.9. Yay for me! In fact, I went in totally expecting them to still recommend induction no matter what just because, and having to crunch the numbers for myself and figure it out... but actually the doc (a third I've never met before, but apparently more reasonable than number two was) told me to just go home and keep up whatever I'd been doing, then come back towards the end of the week to recheck (assuming I'm still pregnant by then.....).

I also had a really, really sweet nurse who did the NST and ultrasound, who incidentally agrees completely with my assessment of the docs (probably all competent, but certain ones more high-strung/less personable than others....) and actually thought it was really cool that I had been doing my own (carefully researched and carried out) prenatal care and wanted to deliver my own baby if all was good.

At this point I'm feeling good that baby is stable and fluid levels are up (which both show the placenta is working well enough and not deteriorating) and will probably plan on the UC unless I get a bad feeling about something... I'll of course continue the rest and fluids and keeping a close eye on the baby's movement and heart rate over the next few days. I do have a feeling I may have the baby before the next appointment; last night I was having rather a lot of contractions and just feeling that kind of altered time/space thing going on... but, psychologically, not wanting to go into full-on labor before this morning's appointment, I think may have kept things from progressing. But now that I feel good about everything, I think we can just let things roll if they pick up again...

Thanks again for all the kind words and thoughts of support everyone! Yay for good news!

And thanks for sharing your birth plan, pamela - I got a laugh, but also some good ideas if I do need to explain my preferences to hospital staff (especially the placenta part, LOL).
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Yay Lily! So happy to read your update. You were on my mind. Whew what a relief!
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@lilyofjudah, thrilled to hear things are looking up!


I think I am finally starting to hit that "I want to be done now and I am miserable" point. Lots of contractions, and I am just feeling blue as of today. It doesn't help that pretty much our entire city is shut down due to sub-zero temperatures. The schools were closed today and will be tomorrow, and they never close, and we all are going a bit stir-crazy. My work-at-home job is suddenly putting all kinds of projects on my "desk" and I am feeling pretty overwhelmed and pressure to get things done, even though the work load will not get finished before this baby is born, unless I work about twice the amount of hours I am supposed to in a given week. I think it is just dawning on everyone that I will probably be out of commission for a little while, and everything they have put off over the holidays needs to be completed. It is a volunteer-run organization, with me being the only paid office person. DH even frustrated me today- and as I said before, before now he could really do no wrong in my eyes lately.


Simple things like sitting up from laying down, getting the second leg into the car, and rolling over are starting to feel really hard! My dogs don't even want to go outside, and it is really not safe for them to be out long, so they are doing puppy-like things like chewing up a lid to a tupperware bottle and one peed in my daughter's shoe in her bedroom today! My daughter is also tired of being cooped up in the house and I barely feel like I have spent quality time with her since she has gotten home from her dad's, because I have been so stressed about getting work done!


I guess the good news for today is that I had a midwife appt and I am GBS negative. They said the baby was very low, a lot more so than last week. Everything generally looked good. I have a hard time believing things will go to next week's appointment on Monday, based on the amount of contractions and pressure I feel....but also I know thinking that way will only lead to more frustration if it does take longer than expected!


Hope others had a better day than I did! Hoping tomorrow is better for those who did not. This must be hormonal, because I am really feeling sorry for myself and sweating the small stuff.

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Lilyofjudah, yay!  That's such good news!  Keep drinking that water!


Neaera, sorry things are rough for you now.  I was just there a few days ago.  These highs and lows make everything so much harder to deal with. 

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It's funny how, despite all of the hardships of the last months, the last couple of weeks or so really do feel the hardest. @Neaera  Hugs & good luck for everything! @lilyofjudah so glad things are looking positive for you! 


I had my last check up today. It was a struggle, as I'm still in a lot of pain in my back & legs. Baby is estimated to weigh about 3.3 kilo's (about 6lbs 6oz, I think) so far, actually put his head mostly down and looking good to go. He's not engaged but none of my babies engaged, the first until literally just about to push out, the second not at all. They even had trouble getting her out with a c-section as she kept moving up so high. lol  So, we are booked for early next Tuesday morning. Wish me luck & that my back improves a LOT before then. I've been very nauseous lately, so I'm really trying to focus on this being the last few days. 


My mum arrived, which is brilliant. It also means I have both my mum & MIL in the same  house for a few weeks. :o I think I'm glad I get a few days in hospital. LOL


Hugs & strength to all of you! 

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Thanks, @cwill and @MyKittysMew! I know I am a big baby right now...but if now is not the time to pout, I don't know when is! 


And now...our downstairs bathroom pipes have frozen! Downstairs, as in the place I plan to birth/the bathroom I am using to fill my birth tub! Aaaargh!


I am still incredibly cranky and frustrated and couldn't sleep until after 3 a.m. last night/this a.m. Then my stir-crazy family and pups drove me nuts all day long, and I barely accomplished any of my work tasks. I also work up feeling like this baby's head is inside of my vagina...he is just so low that it hurts all the time!


I am fairly convinced that if I actually took a walk, instead of being trapped in my house in the negative 50 with windchill weather, that I would be in labor already. If we can actually get the pipes to unfreeze, I will attempt to have sex and maybe do some nipple stim to get things going. Tomorrow is supposed to be warmer, at least! And schools and the university DH works for/is in grad school at are open- so even if I am not in labor, at least I will have a quiet house to get my admin work done in.


Oh, and "my perfect DH" made a major verbal misstep the other day...prior to the past few weeks, I had not been able to put on weight with this pregancy or eat much at all...still under my pre-preg weight now....but over the past few weeks I cannot eat enough, and gained 6 lbs. My darling husband said to me, "Yeah, you have really blown up lately!" when I told him I finally managed to gain some weight! Ugh, not okay, regardless of circumstances! I laughed and told him that that is one thing you just never say to a woman! He did feel bad, but I definitely have shifted from feeling like a beautiful pregnant goddess in recent days to just feeling big! 

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FYI, there's a bunch of nursing tanks and stuff on zulily today.

And just in case you haven't ordered from zulily before, here's my code. If you order, I get a $15 credit.

If you have other friends who use zulily, you could also ask them for their code so they get the credit.

Zulily is one of those daily deal sites. They often have good stuff like keen sandals and plan toys. I got some glamourmom tanks back in November for half off.

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Been having period like cramps n backache w headache since about 4 am (about six hours). Laying down and wondering if today is the day?
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Ooh, OrchideZ! Who knows, but fingers crossed!


Neara--boo for frozen pipes. Our kitchen drain is frozen but otherwise we've been lucky. (But can't do dishes.) I had a bad dream the other night where my husband told me I was looking too fat lately  and I started hitting him and screaming at him that I was 9 months pregnant (he would never say that in real life). I think he used the words "porked out" or something. I'm sorry your DH made you feel bad :(

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Hi all.


lilyofjudah I am so very happy that your levels were up and hope they continue to be.


Neaera I'm sorry about the pipes and the cold. I'm in NJ and the past few days have been so brutal. I hope by the time you need them for the tub they unfreeze.


cwill Glad that you get to have a few by yourself moments. I've been taking mine where I can which is usually if I wake up a few hours before everyone or stay up late but then one of the cats is bound to throw up, or the dog needs something :).


pamelaRRRR your birth plan made me crack up (as intended). I kept mine short and simple this time as when I speak to the midwife about all of it I know that it's all very customary with her - it's more if a transfer is needed that I will truly need it.


We went and met with the doula yesterday and then had my 37 week, 3 day midwife appt. GBS neg, iron awesome and my DS didn't flip out when she poked my finger like last time, fundal is still measuring large despite my low - moderate weight gain. Measured at 41 weeks. Good news is baby was LOT and engaged. Obviously that can change. She did ask me if I wanted to be checked given that my appointments are few and far between. My next appointment is 2 weeks out given the distance and who knows whether we make it to that appointment. I did get checked and we are effacing nicely and a slight dimple of dilation. I told her before she even checked me that I haven't felt head pressure nor many contractions so didn't anticipate that I would be. Overall she was very happy about everything and as usually I felt good.


Birthing supplies are starting to arrive and will need to start packing items, and having things ready to go when it's time.

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Hi everyone! 


I've been lurking this group since I first got my BFP and determined my due date. I've been following everyone's stories and updates but never really posted an intro or updates of my own. Since the big day will be here before I know it, I figure--better late than never!


This is my 2nd pregnancy. DS is 2.5 and my EDD is Jan. 29th. Last time around I went into labor the day of my due date, and 12 hours later  at 5:55 the next morning he arrived. (Birth center, water birth, no complications with baby but I hemorrhaged and had to be transferred to a hospital immediately. Had a rough time with postpartum because of being so weak and anemic.) 


Now that I'm 37 weeks, every single twinge and contraction gets my hopes up. I want so desperately to be DONE being pregnant. I love babies. This pregnancy was planned and we're THRILLED that it's a girl, but alas, I.hate.pregnancy. shake.gif 

The first 5 months were spent with extreme nausea and vomiting, and the rest have been filled with horrible heartburn, sciatic/hip/pelvis pain, insomnia, extreme grouchiness and zero energy. 


We're doing a HB this time, which I'm so thankful for because the 1.5 hour drive to the birth center last time around made me pretty anxious. Considering the weather around these parts, I'm especially grateful! 


Everything is ready, so it's just been torture waiting. Cloth NB dipes are prepped, clothes washed, PP care kit is packed, HB supply kit is packed, I made a couple freezer meals.....I can't really think of anything else left to do except daily chores, which are made all the more difficult with the recently dislocated rib I've got. Ugh. So painful. :(


I've been taking 500mg of EPO 3 times a day for 2 weeks now and red raspberry tea twice daily since the 2nd trimester. I'll have my first cervical check (at my request) this Friday. I'm anxious to see what's going on down there. She feels SOOOO low! The midwife has said for the last couple visits that she's head down and feels very, very low as well.  

 I'm thinking I have to be at least a couple centimeters dilated and partially effaced at this point. Fingers crossed!


I'm feeling so crabby and antisocial since Christmas. DH has the car during the day, so I feel like it's the hotel in The Shining over here. Just snowed in...nothing to do but be inside with a youngster. I'm going craycray! uhoh3.gif


What fun things have you ladies been doing to take your mind off the waiting game?

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PamelaRRRR - I *love* zulily! I haven't bought any nursing clothes off of there yet (I have no idea what size I'll be), but I love that they seem to regularly have deals on decent brands, so at least I can wait a bit!

I'm joining this thread in hopes it keeps my mind off of how NOT in labour I am for the next 3-5 weeks. I've been noticing some of the "signs" that labour is coming yet, but nothing immediate. I had two decent contractions last night and was all excited despite my best efforts to remind myself that I'm only 37 weeks and probably still have a fair amount of time left. Nothing since, besides all the regular increased discharge/loss of plug/all the other fun TMI stuff that comes with this stage of pregnancy. 

My mom and I are doing a bunch of cooking on Friday to stock the freezer, so that should be fun. We're dairy/soy-free, and wow was it a chore to try and find freezer-friendly meals that aren't full of cheese!

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Alison, welcome! Just wondering why you don't see a chiro to get that rib taken care of? I also had a dislocated rib about a month ago and my chiro popped it right into place in two seconds, giving me complete relief! Highly recommend... also am adjustment to your hips/pelvis at this point in pregnancy could really help w quicker labor.

On the note of my cramps/backache, it's become less pronounced. Hoping it picks back up...🙏
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Does anyone else feel like their baby is trying to kick their way out of the top of their uterus?!  GEEZ. This hurts! 


Also, pushing on stuff down low (the front wall of my uterus -- not my cervix) hurts, too.  This all just hurts more than I remember last time. 


And I'm just extremely crabby.  January is the worst month for allergies (we call it "cedar fever") here in central texas and it feels like my allergies got turned up to 11. 


My head hurts SO bad.  I'd be thinking pre-e if not for the science experiments I'm blowing out my nose. 

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39 weeks, appointment today.  Slightly more dilated.  More effaced.  Doctor thinks I won't make it to next week.  I'm in a weird head space. 


My mom was supposed to get here yesterday, but her flight was cancelled until Friday due to the POLAR VORTEX.  I'm torn because I don't want her here for labor or birth - I want my house to myself and to be able to roam peacefully at night.  But I do want her here for DS so things are less freaky for him.  And we don't have a lot of alternatives for him before Monday next week. So, not that my opinion has any bearing on when the baby will come, but I just don't know what is best. 


What I really want is for everyone to leave for the next week or so and hole up in my bedroom, in bed, with shades drawn and welcome this baby all by myself.  But that's not going to happen.  So I guess it's best if baby waits until Friday.


Sorry I'm not more chatty. I am thinking of all of you.

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