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Welcome Alison!


Oh and I want to schedule a chiro visit (as I haven't been in a month and a half) but despite how early it still is I am afraid to have sex or get adjusted or anything seen by body as stimulating until prep has been done and birthing tub arrives.

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I am right with many of you...I have nothing of value to say today other than a long list of complaints, so instead I will post two things that both comforted me, made me cry in the past day when I read them.


This first one, from Mothering: http://www.mothering.com/community/a/the-last-days-of-pregnancy-a-place-of-in-between


And this one, that resonated very strongly with me, and had me sobbing at 2 a.m. this morning when I was going through yet another bought of insomnia: http://www.renegademothering.com/2013/02/09/i-became-a-mother-and-died-to-live/

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cwill - I'm right there with you.  I just want to hole up and be very quiet. I'm 39 + 2.



39 week appointment was yesterday. At my request I had my first vag exam since I was having so much pressure on my rectum. I wanted her to check babe's positioning. Turns out babe is in perfect position and way way engaged. I am dilated to almost 3 and 60% effaced. Hopefully I will progress further this week and have this baby! Not much happening in way of contractions. Just a few regular sized braxton hix. 

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My saving grace has been my mom, who moved in with us this past weekend. Last time around I was adamant against having her here but this time I'm so thankful for the help with my 5-year-old and cooking and cleaning so I can focus on me, and getting my work done so I can feel ready to have this baby.
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Still no Braxton Hicks or anything for me, except for some pressure/pain(?) weird feelings at least that I think are my cervix occasionally.  I think baby is still pretty high up.  I have an OB appt tomorrow at 37w4d, can't decide if I want to be checked or not.  At this point I have no reason to think there will be any progress but you never know.


Starting to feel stressed out about wrapping things up at work!


Had my baby shower at work today too and it was so lovely, people were very generous and it was nice to say hi to people I don't see often and celebrate :)

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38w2d and I broke down and got a cervical check. 1.5 cm, 50% effaced. Which I am repeatedly telling myself means nothing--I was at 1 cm and 50% effaced until the day before I went into labor with DD. She said they could strip my membranes next week if I wanted (they were partially stripped last time, went into labor next day).

I'm a little confused--she said baby's head was "RIGHT there on the cervix," but only -3 station...what is the difference between station and engaged and head pressing on cervix?

The other weird thing about today's appointment--my BP was elevated to 138/90, which is very unusual for me--it's been hanging out around 110/70 the whole pregnancy and historically I've had borderline low BP. On top of that there was protein in my urine so BAM had to get screened for pre-eclampsia. The midwife said she seriously doubted that was it and the protein/BP were likely just flukes--she measured BP again 20 min later and it was 120/78. But just to be on the safe side I had blood drawn and have to save ALL my pee in the refrigerator for the next 24 hours. GROSS. I'm a little peeved because I have no risk factors for pre-e, I have no swelling or other symptoms, my weight gain and BP have all been low/normal, and I feel like this particular midwife continually plays up my age as a risk factor for everything, even though I'm only just about to turn 36. But, better safe than sorry, I guess.
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40+2 and trying not to go crazy :)  I always go late though- somehow I just thought that will having problems keeping baby in at 29 weeks things might be different?  But no....  Anyway- I am measuring 44 cm (how can I grow 6 cm in one week- seriously?).  So I guess it is no wonder how stretched and irritable my skin/uterus feel.  Baby keeps screwing up my ribs so I just keep going back to the chiro 2x/week....  Which at least gets me out of the house- but usually DH and all the kids go too and that is not nearly as much fun as having a couple hours of just me time.  I think I would be in much better spirits if I hadn't strained my neck right after I got home from the chiro on tuesday.  I obviously can't hardly move and was sitting on the bathroom floor washing my toddler in the tub and realized nobody but me ever dumps DS3's little potty- so I stretched to do it and then almost dropped it and stretched some more and now my neck is just awful.  So there are all my complaints for the day.


I have been knitting a little- a very little.  I mostly just want to do nothing by myself.  But that is kind of out these days. My kids are being pretty good- so I have been reading to them a lot while they are doing their chores- makes it so at least they don't argue :)

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Iowa--if I'm going nuts at 38 weeks, I can't imagine how you must be doing at over 40!  I hope you get a chance to snatch some time to yourself before baby comes, even if it's just a long hot shower with some really yummy smelling shampoo or something (my favorite escape lately).


My bloodwork came back negative for pre-e. Yay!  Now I just need to turn in my jug of pee tomorrow for the final all clear.

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Aw Iowa I am two days from 40 wks and I completely teared up reading your post. Total empathy.
Blanca, yay for no pre-e!

Just home from my chiro. When I walked in and saw her, I burst into tears. Just feeling so overwhelmed and worn out...belly so stretched, hip, back and neck pain and so emotional.
She gave me some good adjustments as it had been nearly 2 wks since I'd seen her. Hips, pelvis and back was out of alignment as well as some round ligament adjustments and my neck too which had pinched nerves. Then she did some emotional work/ muscle testing and helped me release some baggage (holding onto worries and bad memories) and get back to focusing on my love for the baby. ❤️ I got a final labor adjustment on my hips to help tilt the cervix in an optimal way for baby. Left w a bottle of birth ease spray to help w emotions.
Hoping to have this baby this weekend. 🙏
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Good news indeed blanca! And yes, iowaorganic, "me too!"... last time I was totally prepared to go to 41 weeks minimum and shocked when I went into labor the night before my "due date", this time though somehow all those contractions and worry I had around 28-30 weeks had me convinced this baby was going to come at more like 39 weeks.... haha, no. 40 weeks tomorrow I think? And I'm doing all right, but definitely ready. I know statistically it could just as likely be the week after my due date, I just somehow wasn't prepared for that this time... and then I start worrying about my maternity leave being up and having to go back to work with my baby only 4 weeks old... sigh. What will be will be.


Had another ultrasound this morning to check fluid levels and they are pretty much holding steady, down ever so slightly from Monday but they also saw the baby had a pretty full bladder and figure once he/she pees it will come up a couple centimeters more. So still borderline, but not dangerous. Baby's heart rate is absolutely perfect (it was still a tad on the high side last time, though again, nothing really too concerning just a sign of the low fluid) and that's reassuring. They wanted me to discuss the results with the on-call perinatologist as it was still low-ish and we had a funny conversation. Nice guy, and I felt very much respected for the research I had done and the decisions I had made. I was a tad surprised when he said their official recommendation was still induction, and I pointed out the research doesn't support induction for oligohydramnios (which I don't even quite meet the criteria for anymore!). Well, he says, that's not really why they'd recommend it... see, they're so sure that babies are done developing at 39 weeks that they truly believe (as long as dating is accurate) if they induced every mother at 39 weeks they would save a few babies from the unfortunate outcomes that occasionally occur between 39 and 41 weeks, with no harm done other than, and I quote, "spontaneous labor is generally a more enjoyable experience for the mother." At any rate, they don't actually recommend every woman induce at 39 weeks, but in particular when someone has any risk factors like low fluid or a chronic medical condition, then they usually do. (Control freaks!)


I laughed and told him I appreciated a deeper insight into how "the other side" thinks, but that I still believed babies generally know when they are ready to be born.... I thanked him for his time and he gave his parting recommendation that he "hoped we were doing lots of things to, ah, stimulate my cervix." (Wink.) LOL Don't know if he says that to every woman, wonder how many actually get it, but I found it pretty hilarious.


Baby is definitely getting lower, which is good, and my cervix feels looser. I've been getting some twinges when the baby moves and some sharp sensations down there and am trying to take them as positive signs that things are getting pushed and stretched in preparation for dilation here... Still have my fingers crossed for a fast labor!

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Oh my gosh.  Well.  I am switching doctors.  Keeping my midwife but changing my backup.  One of my friends had a home birth and was seeing the same dr that I was for backup and is now having huge problems with the clinic/hospital- the legal status in Iowa is not really very favorable.  So I am cutting them out and will go else where.  That means that tomorrow (assuming this cramping goes away tonight) at 40+3 I will have to go over an hour away to a new backup dr for my birth certificate verification.  Ugh.  Really don't need this in my life ever but certainly not now.  


I think I might be a drama queen?  Hope not.  In real life I am not  :)  I promise!


Lily- that cracks me up!  Good for you for being educated and for sticking up for yourself :)

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Eek! That stinks iowaorganic. Can't your midwife take care of that stuff for you. Contacting the MD and stuff? It sucks to have a backup so far away.

Totally different topic, but I was thinking tonight while trying to keep up with my prelabor grooming that it would be so sweet if hospitals offered an epidural-Brazilian package. I don't understand why routine shaving fell out of vogue. Maybe I bled more post partum than your average woman, but blood clots, sore as anything perineum and pubic hair are a bad combo. And shaving my bits at 39 weeks is laughable.
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Cwill. Agreed. Trim it all! Nothing worse than hairy bloody bits. Oh well. We must be in the minority?
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Lily - Good for you! I think that is why I chose the midwife I did now. Even though I would want to calmly state facts as people who I felt and my research said were not correct... I end up getting upset and didn't want any of that this pregnancy. You handled things in ways that most rational people would :)...


Iowaorganic - that stinks but I'm glad that you recognize it's an issue.


Me - I am flying by the seat of my pants. Baby is still LOT and I've had head pressure a lot lately. Plus increase in hemm... (TMI). I think between this weekend and the beginning of next week we will be all set to roll once the babe decides to start things.

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Catwmandu, you may go soon! According to my midwife, baby goes still just before birth bc they are resting up! My baby has been like that for a few days so I am expecting to have her soon.
I had a great chiro adjustment yesterday and then a massage today. Came home and my husband watched kids so I could sleep for 4 hours! Such luxury! Love that guy
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Come on Babies! Come on out!  We want to meet you!  (are they listening?)


I am so happy for everyone who is progressing and having good days.  My DH offered to help trim things up... but after he helped me shave my one leg last night I got too nervous...  lol.


My dr visit went well- it was so nice just DH and myself.  I am getting a complex though about 2....  The dr asked if it was fine that he only check one of the heartbeats....  then proceeded to search for another one....  which was what my midwife was doing on tuesday...  Anyway.  Probably just a really big baby but I will feel really stupid if there is 2 and we didn't know....  But I get hiccups right in my butt (which is weird) and then in my right upper belly at the same time (well not the same time but just a part of a second off).  Anyway.  Just weird.


I had a wonderful chiro visit too and my neck feels a million times better.  Then DH took me out for lunch and that was yummy :)  and then that guy took me to buy some yarn!  What a keeper huh?  So I am working on a new fun scarf that I saw at the knitting shop that called for $106 worth of yarn that I am recreating for about $15 and some roving scraps.  So far so good :)  It is at least giving me something new to do and keep my interest.

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Originally Posted by iowaorganic View Post
 I am getting a complex though about 2....  The dr asked if it was fine that he only check one of the heartbeats....  then proceeded to search for another one....  which was what my midwife was doing on tuesday...  Anyway.  Probably just a really big baby but I will feel really stupid if there is 2 and we didn't know....  But I get hiccups right in my butt (which is weird) and then in my right upper belly at the same time (well not the same time but just a part of a second off).  Anyway.  Just weird.


Wow - wouldn't that be something?! I watched an unassisted of twins a few months ago that the midwives loaned me and it was amazing.

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Cat- I don't have those same feelings....  lol.  


I must be getting closer since I woke up at 10 with the desire to do our taxes....  Now I am thinking- wouldn't it be better to do our taxes in a clean kitchen?  lol.  No.  focus on the taxes....  

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Ugh, taxes.  We don't get most of our forms until late in January, and some by March 31st (I guess there's a different deadline for some things) so it's always a last minute scramble around here. Bah.


I am about to dig out the sewing machine to finally sew the cover for the new bassinet pad. Think I'm going to shower first though, I'm feeling chilly and that will help me warm up. 

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I am feeling so low today! I have been doing great but today I just seem depressed and grumpy.


I actually hid out in our room this morning and read for 2 hours because friends (whom I love!) stopped by unannounced and I just didn't feel up to entertaining.


Now I am forcing myself to putter around and am counting the hours till I can pop the kids off to bed.


I hope this is temporary. I have some wonderful friends putting together a blessingway for tomorrow evening.


Taxes sound like the last thing I would want to take on right now and yet I could do it by myself ;)

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