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Catching my own baby

Poll Results: Did you catch your own baby?

  • 21% (5)
    I had no desire to, so I didn't.
  • 21% (5)
    I really wanted to, but I didn't in the moment.
  • 17% (4)
    Catching my own baby just happened.
  • 39% (9)
    I was able to catch my baby just like I planned.
23 Total Votes  
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I'm not planning an unassisted birth, but I think you guys have such great information and experience, that I figured I'd ask here. I hope that's okay.


I'm planning on doing a home birth with a midwife. This is my second home birth with her, and she's super hands-off. I feel really comfortable with the labor and birth part of things, but because neither of my babies took to breathing easily, I feel more comfortable with someone else there to handle that. I really want to catch my own baby this time. Last time I pushed on my hands and knees and I didn't even think about it. I tore a bit as well, so I want to do more to support my perineum. 


While searching through past threads, I've read all sorts of great information about moms either catching and loving it, or moms just not being able to catch in the moment. They were all from a while back though, so I thought a little poll might be informative. Feel free to share your own experiences, tips, and also things I can discuss with my midwife about it.



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None of the poll questions suit my answer :-) hubby and I had discussed it beforehand and I
Think hubby really wanted to catch the baby. This was our first homebirth and first son and I wanted to give him that. Having said that, in the moment I couldn't have caught the baby myself. My labor was so intense and I was on hands and knees and at that time couldn't even fathom trying to reposition. I would like to catch my baby as well though. Maybe next time... :-)
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I answered as closely as I could.  I had a desire to catch my babies, but it hasn't happened yet for various reasons. 


Various Reasons:  DD3 came out with such force that she shot across the pool, DD2 needed her cord unwrapped and I was dealing with another complication during pushing (TMI I'm sure & irrelevant besides), DD1 I was exhausted with carpal tunnel symptoms in my wrists and forearms, semi reclined with DP behind me holding my legs, DD4 cord wrapped twice tightly and MWs were attempting to maneuver/clamp/etc. when baby came out fast again.  In retrospect, I'm not sure whether I scooped her up up out of the pool or not ...

I plan to give it another try this summer. 

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@sgnorton123 :  My DP has also expressed interest in baby catching.  I wouldn't be opposed to it. It's special, and I definitely prefer DP to a non-family member catching.

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Husband caught our UC & though she was my 4th, I just didn't feel as if I could move from semi- reclined. I always fee cemented in place during the pushing phase. I did ask for a mirror, she was the first baby I ever saw coming out, so that was new.

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DH caught both of ours and says they were among the most meaningful experiences of his life. I wanted to catch #2, but couldn't do it in the moment.

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Hm, my bed caught the baby. I was too overwhelmed with the actual baby coming out part to do it. Dh asked what he could do and says I told him not to touch me (oops).

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I caught one of my babies, DH wants to catch this one. I caught rather by accident. My midwife was out of the room because i had just been checked at 7, 15 minutes later in the shower his head was in my hand and it was pure instinct. I think a shocking reality swept me when I felt him crowning and I stopped feeling everything else and just focused on the fact my baby was coming out of me. LOL. Midwives don't love this out of room, not ready, no gloves on, kind of catch (as far as I know). lol. either way, my first two I ripped away my hand when my mw tried to have me feel the baby. I was scared of the ring of fire and wanted to disconnect (upon reflection) I wasn't given the luxury the 3rd time, the only time I gave birth with my eyes open now that i think about it :thumb

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My husband caught babies 1 and 2 and my mw caught number 3. My positions that worked for me just didn't allow for me to catch.

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I caught #2. I grabbed him and he was looking at me and gave me a wink!


The event was healing. He had laid on a spot in my back which was extremely painful and could only go away with his birth.

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DH caught #2, and I caught #3. I have no plans for next time, if I'm in a position where I can catch I will, or if not, he will.

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Lurking, I really wanted my husband to catch our baby, he only wanted to do it to make me happy I think now looking back. When the moment came down to it  my daughter came out much faster than I expected and I instinctually reached down and caught her to keep her from hitting her head on the tub. I was on all fours and did some graceful movement to a sitting position.  I think usually once the head is out, the shoulders take a few pushes themselves but my daughter came out in the same push that got her head out so i didn't think anyone was prepared to catch her!

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That Fetal Ejection Reflex is no joke! Sometimes they don't need the extra shoulder pushes.superhero.gifthey fly right out

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I answered the poll with regards to my most recent birth (uc)...i caught him, but I hadnt planned to/didnt care who did it and dh was right there immediately helping me untabgle him from the cord. Births 1-4 the midwife caught directy or was the first to scoop baby up out of the water; all four times the baby was then passed to me within sconds. Dh says that i have always reached down like I would do it myself but the midwives just grabbed faster I guess...I have very little conscious memory of my attended births so I dont know. I never expressed a desire to catch those babies myself; if I had I'm rather certain the midwives would have been hands-off.
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My first baby was caught (in hospital) by a "med-wife" who stood back a foot and literally "caught" him.  


Second baby was caught by my hubby and midwife.


Third caught by my husband - I was on my knees and she went behind me and was a little tangled in my legs so my husband had to sort of "unwind" her and then brought her out of the water. 


Fourth - I was again on my knees but then, after her head was already out, the midwife made me change position so I was SO uncomfortably sort of up-right side-laying with one leg more "up" - that was, I guess, so that the baby would not need to be de-tangled but let me tell you if I knew that was why they were yelling and making me move I would not have and I was ticked afterwards.  With this birth I also felt a heck of a lot more pressure going upwards against my pubic bone so that I was almost afraid to have her come out in front of me and I almost wanted her to come out behind me (go down, not up) because I did not want to tear up-ways.  I'd love to get clarity on birthing positions so that I will know what I want to do this next time around.  I would really like to catch this next time if I have enough energy and am not overwhelmed by pushing or by people telling me what to do and if I am not afraid of tearing upwards.  

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I have always caught my own babies, 4 of them. DH never wanted anything to do with catching them and honestly, I preferred to do it myself because it was just easier, I could support where I needed to. 

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