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What's the deal on consuming ginger? Safe or not?

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I LOVE ginger but since having pregnancy sickness I REALLY love it...particuarly in kombucha drinks containing ginger, ginger tea with honey, and recently, this Maine Root spicy Ginger Brew.  


I drink about 2-3 ginger drinks a day.  


But then I go online and happen to read that pregnant women should avoid ginger?  That it can cause your uterus to contract?  What?


I'm bummed.  :(  Should I slow down on the ginger?  I have been having a lot of AF type cramping lately but thought it was just my uterus growing. (I experienced a lot of this type of cramping with my son too but never consumed ginger with him)


Ginger yay or nay in first trimester?  (I'll be 8 weeks this weekend)

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I think ginger is in the morning sickness teas and supposed to be really helpful with nausea I have never heard it as bad for pregnancy.
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they boo-hiss ginger, peppermint, and so many things.


i tend to listen to my body a bit (probably b/c i never conceived before doing a raw foods diet, and wasn't willing to give up everything that worked for me to follow a 'pregnancy diet' based around foods that made me sick!) and so far so good.


i picked up gingermints from Trader Joe's, instead of peppermints b/c i thought they'd be safer!  licorice is my favorite, but also sketchy for pregnancy....

i'd vote yay on ginger AND peppermint for first trimester.  i think the danger is more in therapeutic doses, much higher and more medicinal.  in normal amounts i don't think you're getting enough to cause problems.  



so making this soon!!!


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Oooo...thanks for that recipe, I gotta try!!!  


Yeah you're right, just gotta listen to my body on this.  And right now it likes GINGER, haha.  Takes the hangover feeling away for a bit.  

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I have been taking ginger capsules, two 500 mg per day. I read that as long as you don't exceed 1,000 mg per day you're fine. I am almost 10 weeks and everything is still going strong so I have not had a problem. I also read you could probably safely consume even more than 1,000 mg per day but to play it safe stay with 1,000. Peppermint products also are great and you can take that until your heart's content!

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