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Tea Tree Oil and warts

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Does it help? How many times a day should it be applied, and how long does it take to see results?

I'm using Soluvel, and it isn't doing much.

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Honestly, I think anything that irritates the wart will help.  My daughters both had flat warts on their faces.  The derm explained to me that warts are so hard to treat because they're on top of the skin and therefore hard for your body's immune system to find.  But, when you irritate them, it gives your immune something to actively seek out.  


For us, we did topical tea tree oil as well as internal oil of oregano.  I have no idea what worked but, one day they got very red and angry looking and then within a few days they were gone. Their bodies finally found the warts I guess?

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We used castor oil on my stepson's warts, worked great and the never came back, applied twice a day under a bandaid.

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It might depend on the kind of wart.
I had a plantar wart. It looked pretty much flat, but went deep inside of my foot. I could barely walk. I felt like I had tried EVERYTHING. and nothing was helping. I started taking massive doses of vit c for something else totally unrelated, and after a few days the wart was gone!
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