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Homebirth Midwife in Southern PA

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Hi ladies, 


I actually live in Baltimore, but the Maryland birth climate is pretty awful, so I am expanding my search.  Can anyone recommend a great homebirth midwife in southern PA?  My last baby was born in York County, but my midwife is moving so she won't be around for this next delivery.  Bonus points if she is easily accessible via 83 or 95...  I'm hoping I can find someone who will be open to a hotel birth or something...  


Thanks for any help!

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Mary Mclane from Lancaster pa did both of my home births. I'm in the York area. She is WONDERFUL. Highly recommended!! I think she has a website or I can give you her phone # if your interested. Good luck!
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Thank you! Another source got me the same info ;) I will be calling her on Monday! 

I'd love any other options as well, having options is never a bad thing!  


Thanks again!

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Kate Aseron  http://www.risingmoonmidwifery.com/      I'm pretty sure she's not extremely far from MD.

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I adore Nicole Schwartz.  She was not my midwife, but I am a birthworker and I have so much respect for her and her approach.

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