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Iron supplement

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Does anyone give an iron supplement to their toddler? We went Vegetarian about 3 months ago and while I know there are veggie sources of iron I'm pretty sure he is not eating enough to get the full amount per day. I know you can give Floradix but I have yet to convince him (he's 3.5 yrs old btw) to really consistently drink it every day. He LOVES his gummy vitamins so I wish there was something like that out there, can anyone give me a name of something edible like that he would try??



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We do Floradix. Tessa is 3 and has always been vegetarian. When she was more of a baby, we gave it to her with a mouth-dropper syringe. Then when she was a little older we put it in a sippy cup of orange juice. Now that she is bigger she just drinks it right up. All of this was dictated to us by our ped. When I slipped with the Floradix, she became anemic, so we are more careful now. Don't forget to give it at a time when no calcium/dairy is being consumed; I always wait a few hours between iron and calcium.

Good luck, and try the syringe method, it really works! Just squirt into the back of the mouth...that wll also prevent any tooth stains. smile.gif
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I did get him to take a bit of Floradix at dinnertime tonight, I drank my dose and then he did end up drinking some, maybe 5mL which would be 5 mg, not too bad.


I searched on Amazon and found 1 or 2 different gummie iron supplements for the Vegan crowd so maybe after our Floradix runs out I will get one of those, it just might be simplier and I *know* he will eat it.

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