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I'm 6 wks 3 days and I think my milk is already drying up. DS is not staying on the breast long at all before hopping down. I've asked him if there is any milk but he won't answer me.
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I'm pretty sure my milk dried up a couple of days ago, but DD3 has always been a major comfort nurser and will still sit and suck for 30+ minutes at a time. She actually demanded the left breast, which I haven't nursed her on in over a year. That was... interesting. She is still nursing despite the lack of milk.
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My biggest concern for this pregnancy, is right here! I'm still exclusively nursing a 7 month old DD, the baby was indeed wanted but was conceived a month before we were going to actively ttc. Blessing indeed. 

I've been doing as much research as I can to do EVERYTHING I can to keep my milk supply up for DD!


NORA tea! (Nettle, Oat-straw, Raspberry and Alfalfa) It's a good pregnancy and nursing tea. 

Lots of Chia, Flax seed, and oats.

Tons of calories and frequently! Lots of Good Fats! 

Tons of water! 

Motherlove more milk two tincture!

I take at least 1 nap a day with DD on my chest to encourage milk production.


Any other naturals suggestions are welcome! I need all the help I can get. I had an initial drop in supply last week but I've since fixed it with the above list and it's back to normal now.


I do hope to Tandem when DD/DS arrives but I'll take each day as it comes and just try to keep up a good supply for now. 

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I'm currently nursing DD who will be 3 at the end of April.  She nurses at naptime, bedtime, during the night sometimes and in the morning.  Occasionally she'll skip one of those times, but that's rare.  I'm hoping she'll decide she's done before baby #2 arrives, but she's shown no signs of slowing down yet. 


At what point in pregnancy does milk production usually decrease?

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nursing has become more and more painful as the days go by for me too! its like shards of glass going through the ducts i'm sure! i'm not about to wean her, just working through it and its only during letdown, but still! o.u.c.h.

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I'm not having any pain, so that's awesome.  But I am having this feeling like nursing is becoming annoying.  I feel awful for saying it, but sometimes I just roll my eyes at the thought of it.  We've weaned at night, which is SO great, but he's still nursing thru the day- on demand- even if there isn't any milk!  I'm just a mommy pacifier sometimes :)  I'm feeling more and more anxious about tandem nursing b/c I feel like I'll be totally wiped out.  Especially in the beginning with not much sleep, and more crying, and sore nipples...still trying to take it as it comes, while recognizing some of the feelings I am having.  Anyone else feeling burnt out and guilty?

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I should have looked through all the threads before asking my question in a new one.  I'm nursing my 2 y.o.  We night weaned about 2 weeks ago, and a little over a week before I found out I'm pregnant.  He has done great every night and understands that "neemees sleep until the sun comes out," but during the day he wants to nurse much more.  It is becoming pretty uncomfortable and I can identify with what hsquared said about feeling like there are shards of glass in the ducts.  It's no fun!  

Is anyone planning to encourage weaning?  I'd like for the process to be as gentle as possible, but if the discomfort keeps up I'm not sure how gradual I can make it.

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i'm not 'weaning' dd…but i think most of the time wanting to nurse is her way of telling me she is hungry. so i'll ask her if she wants food and if she really doesn't want anything else then i'll nurse her. but i always ask first. its uncomfortable nursing, the pressure on my belly, the shards of glass, she wiggling, this side, that side, this side, that side!. i love nursing her most of the time, with all the giggles and smiles and funny happy noises. but its painful. and yes sometimes annoying! i do think that my supply is slowing down though, i've just noticed it last night and when i put her down for a nap….so we'll see how things go.  

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I am encouraging weaning, I guess. My son is 3 years 4 months and doesn't nurse all that often anyway, but usually at least once a day. Only thing I am doing differently is telling him "not right now" sometimes, but if he would wean before this baby comes along I think I'd like that.
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Ii am nursing a 15 mo old, and I guess I am prepared for whatever happens. I had terrible pain for two weeks, which I guess should have been an indicator that I was pregnant. He is just sucking a lot and there is not much in there. greensad.gif I do find he is asking more but I think it is for being together more than anything else, and I have stopped offering unless my boobs are very uncomfortable. I fully planned to night wean, but it hasn't been so bad since those first two weeks. Who knows if that will change. I feel bad, because I want them to be nice and full for him, but this is just how it is, I guess. I am only 6 weeks pregnant, by the way.
This pregnancy was a bit of a surprise, so I guess I am just a little sad that his ability to nurse as long as he likes has been thwarted. But maybe it won't.

Guess I should pick up that book in case I do end up tandem nursing.

Mostly I am finding it hard to chase a toddler all day, still drink a ton of water, and remember to feed myself.
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It looks like this thread is a little 'over' but I thought I'd throw in my story/thoughts in case someone comes looking for advice =)


My daughter is 21 months old and we are currently working on respecting when mommy doesn't want to right now or doesn't feel good. I'm seriously having moments where I feel incapable of physically providing nutrients to both the baby inside and the baby outside. Especially when we lost our food stamps card for a week and we had nothing that I could stand eating. 

Once we hit the 2nd trimester and the risk oif miscarriage goes down I'll start night weaning. I don't want to take away that tool and then miscarry =(


I also think that about 70% of the time my daughter wants either food, drink, or cuddles, and the milk/ninnies isn't the real reason she wants to nurse. I loved when she started accepting cuddles as an alternative today! It was so sweet and felt so much more loving. =)

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Joining in here... my daughter is 26 (almost 27) months old and still loving her milkies.  We night-weaned at 23 months so at least we are both sleeping at night.  It's mildly uncomfortable but not terrible.  She nurses for a long stretch in the morning (sometimes an hour!), a few times throughout the day for just a few minutes, and then another short stretch at night.  She's very compliant when I say "ok, one more minute then all done."  I am not planning on weaning but would not be heartbroken if it happens naturally during this pregnancy (I'm only 5 weeks 4 days today).  My feeling is that I will be tandem nursing come September/October :)

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Originally Posted by Metasequoia View Post

I just read about Jay Gordon on the LLL site. I have an extremely strong-willed toddler who has hit me, kicked me and bitten me when I've denied him "mick" at night. I tried singing "In the morning when the sun comes up" like I did with the others and it's just not happenin'. He just shouts, "Me hate the sun!" I'm actually surprised that he's buying this whole "until I count to 10" thing. I'm sort of just waiting for him to say, "Me hate 10!" It's still new to him so he's okay with it and I think I have a window of opportunity here that I need to take advantage of. DH and I have been talking about him having his own "sleeping surface" like something side-carred to our bed. With the girls, we side-cared a full size bed to our queen and they slept in that until Ds was born and then the girls moved into their own room with bunk beds.


As far as deficiencies, there are soooo many possibilities.

I'm glad to hear my little "sweet-heart" daughter isn't the only one with a temper regarding her "mama-mick".  This is the main reason I wish to wean her completely - because she stresses over it so much and let's me "have it" (which is certainly not "allowed" but she does it regardless of consequences because it upsets her so much).  My 16 month old is also nursing and I'm nauseated and tired and usually dehydrated so I'm VERY ready to wean my 3yo completely, even though she only nurses once or twice a day for a short time.  My 16 month old seems to have no plans to wean and has the same little spit-fire nature as her big sissy.  Lord help me.  I think I struggle with my two little ones because they want to climb on me and be on my body in some way and the nausea make me feel like "no touchy!" to just about everyone - poor kids.  My first two children weaned during pregnancy when my milk changed.  My 3yo was the first to stick it out and continue nursing through pregnancy and it looks like my youngest will do the same, which I'm okay with... if I can just help her not be so crazy over it.  

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DS told me yesterday the milk is all gone. Wonder where we'll go from here. He is 3.
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Interesting! My daughter went with my mom yesterday and I haven't nursed for about 20 hours and my boobs are only slightly engorged when usually they'd be heavily engorged. Probably partly due to not nursing so much during the day the last week (slowly starting the weaning process) and partly to pregnancy. I kind of hope I lose my milk soon. I'm ready to wean my daughter so that would hopefully help.

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Nursing (my 27-month-old daughter) is starting to really, really hurt.  My boobs got sore a week ago and they just seem to be getting more painful by the day.  I don't have that skin-crawling, omg-get-her-OFF-of-me feeling, it just HURTS.  I am ambivalent about weaning, I don't feel like she's totally ready, and I still love that sweet time between us, but the pain is really getting to me.  I can't remember how long my boobs hurt with my last pregnancy so it's hard to know when it'll end.  I'm only 7 weeks so I feel like it'll be awhile...

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Does it always hurt? I've been finding that some positions and times of day hurt less than others. So I've been limiting it when it hurts and trying to allow it when it doesn't.

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Yes, it pretty much always hurts, especially right at first when she latches on.  And of course, like so many other littles, she loves to play with the other nipple at the same time.  She's very good at being gentle (I've told her enough times, ha) but it's still just so tender.

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