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January Chat :)

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I went to a New Years Day get-together yesterday and got to hold a 6 week old baby girl!  I haven't held a baby that new in a long time.  She was so precious.  My own baby was kicking a lot as I held her, but I still couldn't comprehend that I have one of those cute little things inside me.  Anyone else still not able to grasp that they will get a baby at the end of this whole pregnancy thing?? Also, someone please tell me that babies heads grow a lot in the first 6 weeks after birth--I was looking at this little one's head and thinking "Owwww!"  ;) They did say she was 4lbs above her 8lb birth weight, so that made me feel a little better ;)


Also, I noticed that the September DDC is up and running. We're definitely not the newbies in the DDC's anymore.  There are 4 clubs behind us.  Whoa!

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MrsGail I totally understand the not comprehending that there is a tiny little human growing inside me. Last night when DH and I were getting into bed I was talking to him about this and just to show me and DH that she is there she gave me a good kick. DH even thinks he might have felt her for the first time last night. I have been feeling lots of movements but last night was what I would call her first kick. I do get nervous from time to time thinking about the pain of labor and delivery but I am more excited about having a little baby girl then the pain I will have to go through to bring her into the world.


So glad that it is 2014! We get to meet our babies this year. How our lives are going to change!! As for new years resolutions, I only have one, it is to do my best at growing this precious gift and to have a happy healthy pregnancy and baby no matter what bumps we encounter along the way for 2014! :joy

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I'm having  the "Oh my goodness how can it be only 4 months from now?" feelings.  I guess having 2 children already, I can definitely imagine labour and tiny baby, but so soon?  that's the part that seems crazy to me, even though I feel like the past 4 months have also been pretty long :nut  I feel like December snuck past, and now suddenly I have a ton of stuff to do, and very little time to do it in - both at home and at work!


As for babies and heads and whatnot, this is my way-too-long op-ed view on things...

I think it's very important to visualize that your body can do this.  It has a way to do this, and for me, part of that visualization is founded on accepting that baby-heads do, indeed, fit through seemingly tiny spaces, and I try not to get caught up in the detailed mechanics of how all that happens.  Some people love to know every last detail - but I prefer to accept that yup, that head came out through there, without necessarily imagining the stretching and shifting that occurs to make that happen.  I liked being present, and feeling my body doing amazing and powerful (and yeah, sorta painful) things, but at the same time, when I visualize my next birth, it's more as a series of changes and phases - not so much a vision of that head coming out of your body.  And now that it's January, I guess it's time to start thinking a bit about that next birth!


In preparation for a first birth, I would focus far more on getting to the point where you are going into transition to pushing, than I would on the actual pushing.  Some people have a great deal of trouble at the pushing part, but in my experience, the strength you need, and the support you need, is a lot about the lead up - the active labour before transition - especially with your first child.  I went in to my first birth thinking that pushing and heads and babies coming out was what labour was all about, but it's a far longer and deeper process than that, and I think that it is easy to be overwhelmed (and have a maybe less than stellar outcome) if you focus on the birth itself and not the process to get to birthing.  This is just totally my opinion :p


With my first, I had this idea that I was a fit and fabulously capable person and at 40 weeks a little timer would go off in my body and zing, in about 8 hours I would pop out a baby...fast forward to week 43, when I was induced at 43+2, and, well, I laboured for about 48 hours with induced contractions (hard and constant - with the also constant threat of a C-section if I became too exhausted) and dilated from 3-10 cm only about 6 hours before the baby was born.  I never expected that, and certainly had not prepared for birth to be hard for me - totally a ridiculous stance to take in hindsight, but my flawed reasoning was that I have a high pain threshold and most athletic things are easy for me, the whole labour thing seemed like a bit of an athletic event, so how bad could it be?  :rotflmaoOh how I laugh now.


The most humbling and amazing part of birth for me is how hard labour can be, coupled with how you can handle that.  If I was going into my first birth again, I would spend a lot more time preparing my mind for not having control over how long I might be contracting for, and for how tired I became.  The pushing, with both my births, was sort of an end game - it was a done deal once you get to push (I know this is a huge generalization and not every woman will have that experience).   But I will never forget the amazing revelation of what a source of birth support my partner was during the phase of labour prior to transition, or learning about the unknown reserves of my own strength and power from those tough two days.  My second birth was only about 8 hours with no intervention or pain meds, and it was a totally different and great (not fun, but great) experience too (sort of more the birth I expected with the first).  Again, the active labour to get to transition was for me, far more physically and mentally tough than once I got to push. 

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@manysplinters Thanks so much for your perspective on laboring! I love hearing peoples birth stories!

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Manysplinters - thank you for that inspiring post!
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I had my ultrasound today, and I'm officially on Team Stubborn!

I wish we'd been able to narrow down the potential name field, but otherwise adjusting to the idea of having our third surprise.
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megyoung88--can I Add your first kick to the chart on the first kick thread? If so, what is your official due date? It will be more fun if we have more people—to see how Bradley’s theory works out. 



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Manysplinters has great advice! I'd like to add that it's important to remember transition is temporary and brief--it may hurt a lot or feel unbearably weird, but you will be through it very soon, so that is not the time to give in to drugs. My friend's hippie mom gave me great advice to consider transition a "trip," an overwhelmingly unusual experience that is going to make a great story! I felt like a stairwell with two people arguing about how to move a sofa through me (sudden shoving in unpredictable directions)while assorted film clips played on the walls--amusing yet profound, and all in 20 minutes. Being so interested in it helped me to avoid being scared by the pain, vomiting, and sense of being completely taken over by this process.

I am still very sick but improving a little, I think, hoping to stop coughing so I can sleep. Can someone please reassure me of the normalness of urine leakage when coughing really hard? I am feeling very sad and gross about it.
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It's normal. I hate pregnancy colds.
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Here's a TMI reply to make you feel better Envirobecca -

I am guessing that everyone in our DDC is all sick with colds right now - including me.  I actually broke down on New Years morning and went to the emerg dept because I was convinced I had strep throat and pneumonia (the doctor was very kind and pretended I was not wasting the resources of our health care system, and I am blaming the whole episode on hormones).  Anyway, fast forward to this morning, when I was feeling much better and walking to work in beautiful, snowy, barely below freezing temperatures, and thankfully I had put in a fairly big panty liner before I left because I started coughing and peeing and coughing and then I had a cough drop and it made my mouth all gummy and full of mucus in the cold air and I started to heave a little while I was coughing and I basically peed myself in little bits of coughs and heaves all the rest of the way to work.  Yuck.  Thankfully after a puking and peeing episode while walking to work a few months ago, I have wisely learned to have spare pants and underwear at work.  I don't think I'll repeat that experiment until I am coughing less.  And I agree, it's sad, and gross, and even more sad and gross that it was sort of a non-event and when I got to work I sort of shrugged, thought "oh, at least I had that pretty thick liner in my underwear...now I want some coffee and a bagel." And I hadn't really thought about it again till I saw your post :blush


I just keep telling myself I had no incontinence issues prior to this pregnancy, so this, too, shall pass (pleeeeease!)

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Thanks!  I have viral bronchitis, and the coughing has been insane.  Last night I really could not lie down to try to sleep because when I did I could not stop coughing for even a few seconds at a time.  Sitting up straight (because sitting slouched puts too much pressure on my aching hip) I would sleep for maybe 10-30 minutes at a time, then fall over and either start coughing or hurt my neck or back.  Misery!!!  Meanwhile my partner could not get warm AND could not stop sweating, although he did not have a fever according to the thermometer.  Our son is sick too, but at least he sleeps through the night.  In the daytime he has been watching TV almost constantly all day long, which we're not thrilled about, but it keeps him busy and not bugging us, so we have been able to nap when needed; he even makes his own snacks if there is no parent around, and like us he has not had much appetite anyway.


I have been wearing my cloth pads for the leakage...about 3 per day...which means I'm going to have to muster energy to do some laundry soon.

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EnviroBecca and manysplinters I am so sorry to hear how awful you feel. Sending positive vibes that you feel better quickly!


MrsGail I wrote in the kick thread so you can add me.


ocelotmom that would drive me crazy not knowing the gender but at the same time it is kinda nice having a surprise. So many things in life these days are not surprising anymore.

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I ended up really enjoying not knowing with my first two. Names are just a hard enough issue with only one to figure out!
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I'm glad I'm not alone with the pee thing too! Sneezing is the worst for me.

I don't think we're finding out sex this time around... We did with our other two but we won't have an ultrasound at all unless something comes up that requires one this time around. I'm not sure I'm capable of the whole surprise thing but I just try not to think about the fact that we could know right now and I think I'll be so glad I held out.

I overdid it around the house New Year's Eve and I've been in horrible back pain since. greensad.gif it's way too early to feel this bad.
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On and hope all you battling illness feel better soon! My family seems to be on the tail end of it now.
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When does nesting start?  I know there is often a big spurt of it right before labor, but I've definitely been wanting to get things in the house more in order.  I think I'm subconsciously trying to become more responsible--it's not just going to be me and hubby anymore :) 


megyoung88--I noticed your baby girl's name in your signature.  It's absolutely adorable!  I've only heard of Lydia's being "Liddy", but it's such a cute nickname for "Elizabeth".  Love it!!

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I love not knowing the gender of our babies before they arrive!  My partner and I also never discuss names prior to the birth of our kids, which is also really fun.  We sort of do a thing where I say a name, he says "hmmm" then he says a name, I say "hmmm" then we both say another name, and we end up with a first and middle name out of the four names - it's work so well for our first two children, and I'm hoping it will go well again. 


I'm feeling lots better today! Hopefully the winter sickies are at an end!

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My boobs hurt! I'm itchy! And boy am I nesting!! I also have a cold, and just got some breathe right strips last night. They kind of helped. Still wake up with a sore throat, though. I have been having a lot of difficulty sleeping. I don't know if I am getting into bed too early or if this is early pregnancy insomnia or what but it kind of sucks! I took a Unisom the last two nights. The first night it worked well but last night I was just slightly less conscious while I tossed and turned. Plan for tonight is Unisom and Tylenol and trying to go to bed later/get up earlier I keep my laying down time down to only when I am sleeping.


@MrsGail - I usually nest right away when I am pregnant before m/s kicks in and then usually around 28 weeks I do it again. Lately I have been very nesty but we are having awfully cold weather so it is bringing out the hibernating momma bear in me. It's suppose to be -50 degrees with the wind chill on Monday!


I ended up buying some more maternity clothes. Hopefully these will fit longer than the 2 weeks that the last pants I bought fit me. I got a belly, gained weight, and my hips widened all in one week. the same week I washed the pants and now they sit clean in my laundry basket, mocking me.....

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Man, I am having major major newborn fever this morning! I m ready to have a new little tiny. Although, really I hve lots to get done before she gets here. I am so going to get all new newborn clothes for her this round even though she will only fit them for like 3 weeks.
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I with you BaileyB... im having trouble staying off the Swaps and looking for great deals on woven wraps. .. I'm going to run thru my budget pretty quickly at this rate. this little creature is a dancer I think. lots of moving and shaking.

I've cleared my lung infection. for those of you still going thru it your doctor can help if it gets to bad. after not being able to get out of bed for a couple days I ended up on antibiotics and ventilan. but I got better pretty quickly after that. but if course I put out my back with a bad cough and now my waddle is super pronounced. but it is healing and I'm going back to my physio exercises to try and make up for all my time resting. I hope everyone feels better . take lots of honey for those coughs and sleep sweet sleeps!
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