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BaileyB, if you're having a pregnancy like mine (which it sort of seems like you are with the ongoing nausea and loss of appetite for waaaay longer than is cool), it could be that you're finally coming through the weeds and your body has finally switched on the Eating is Good signal.  That's how I feel these days, and for the first time since the end of August, I am finally enjoying eating, rather than it being a chore and something I was trying to put a good face on in front of the kids (while puking as I walked to work).  

I received an awesome package in the mail today - my MIL made some fantastic cloth diapers, mainly in newborn size, and they are super-cute pocket diapers with turtles and fish and ducks and things on them.  I was sort of half-dreading their arrival, in case they were awful (she's an incredible seamstress but it can be hit or miss whether she and I see eye to eye on what is a good idea or not), and now I feel like this is one of the first times I've been really excited about meeting this baby and having the baby seem real!  I wanted to have another baby, but I feel like my generally un-fun pregnancy and exhaustion, busy day to day life with full time work, two kids under five, lots of stuff on the go, means that the days are going by too soon and I've been internally starting to freak out.  So, nice to feel happy and excited!  And now I'm off to bed, hopefully for a good night's sleep!

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I have been on Zantac for awful heartburn since about 10 weeks but I think it has def been getting worse because I will get breakthrough heartburn in between doses. I had what you described with my first pregnancy. I gained 50 lbs! I would eat and eat and eat because I always felt starving and then I would vomit it all up. Did that for 20 weeks! I actually had HG but my OB never thought to dx it or help me in anyway because to her I was doing fine because I was gaining weight. I will be 25 weeks tomorrow and I feel like I just landed into the third trimester already. Instead of just feeling tired, I have the I-need-to-lay-down-right-now-because-I-can't-function sleepiness. Like this morning, I got up with my youngest at just before 6:00, fed and changed her, and then laid on the couch and fell back to sleep for another 1 1/2 hours. Like totally just passed out. Good thing DH was also up to keep an eye on her. And I have been very hungry! We went out to eat last night and I think I ate the most in one sitting that I have this whole pregnancy. We were snowed in yesterday and we ate through probably a third of our food I had gotten for when people come over for the superbowl! bigeyes.gif Now I have to go back to the store today to get new food to make. http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/2012/08/mango-margaritas/ and these http://abc.go.com/shows/the-chew/recipes/blow-your-mind-baked-chicken-wings-daphne-oz along with re-making the chocolate covered oreos that are, umm, gone, and new chips for the remainder of our queso since the lime flavored one's I had bought before so sooooooo salty.


Has anyone else been feeling extra clingy to their SO's lately? I had this in my third trimester with my last pregnancy, too. Just really didn't want DH to go to work everyday. He was like, 'I can't just not work for 3 months because you don't want me to go anywhere because you are pregnant...'

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I don't feel clingy exactly, but I definitely want lots of cuddling from my partner!  He is so cozy in his terry bathrobe! :love


Yesterday was another bad day for me with diarrhea, which has been a problem this whole pregnancy.  I don't understand what triggers it (could be at a time when I've been eating LOW fiber and taking plenty of iron) or why it's ripping me up so I bleed--it's not like I'm straining to get it out, quite the opposite!  Naturally, yesterday was the day a water pipe broke under the street and we had no water in my office building for 5 hours...but at least we had plenty of toilet paper....  Between that and rib pain, I had an awful day yesterday, but both things are improved today.

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 I feel like I could be a spokesperson for liquid iron supplements right now - it's crazy how different and how fantastic I feel - I can even jog a bit (if it wasn't so icy!)  I am a bit of a carnivore and never even considered the possibility I was deficient until I sort of hit rock bottom and felt like something had to change, and I was willing to try anything.  I'm not taking floradix, but it was probably all the ads for it on Mothering that got me thinking that iron could be the problem.


Finances wise, it is really tough to do it on one income, but you could also try to find a middle ground for time away - I don't know how it works in your area, but could you extend your leave and go back after first semester of school (like after Christmas break or something?)  My partner and I did that - i.e. I stopped working for 6 months after our first and second children, so we had close to no income because I am our sole income earner.  We also did a pretty restrictive budget - like a personal allowance of $20 per week - which sounds pretty harsh, and it was, and admittedly I cheated a bit, but overall, it was really great to rein in spending and realize that there are other fulfilling things in life than spending money on stuff.  When people wanted to give us gifts, we asked for a couple of practical things, like a stroller, a wrap and some basic things, and we were lucky for handmedowns for the rest of it.  I felt a bit like I wanted to spend on the baby, but at the end of the day, it wasn't really needed.  We bulk purchased dry goods and tried to plan meals, and ate out once a month, maximum.  We co-slept with the baby so didn't need a crib till about 9 months, when the transition made sense for us.  Our major expense was mortgage payments.  I could never have done it without having a partner who spearheaded it, but it's been awesome for our finances and now on #3 I am going to take a full year off, which is so exciting for both spending time with new babe and my other kids who are still small, and with my partner who normally stays home with the kids.  My second child especially I felt bad about having to leave before she was really ready.  I kept nursing, but she never had much one-on-one time, due to a 17 month old sister hovering around all the time.  In any event, if you can, I would give yourself at least a few months after the baby is born before decision-making about when to go back, or about tutoring.  The person i was prior to giving birth had a wholly different perspective than the person I became after my child was born - not good or bad, just without knowing what having a baby was really like.  And even the difference between heading back at 6 months versus 3 months would be huge.


Reading your response was so heartening, @manysplinters! Thank you so much for that. I have been feeling so overwhelmed lately by this issue and it just helps to know that it's something that everyone has to deal with and people figure out what works for them. And it's doable! Even when that means $20/week.


I'm such a planner that it's just hard to be in this state of "well, I guess we'll just wait and see!" but I think it's probably excellent practice for parenthood, when I'm really going to have to cultivate patience and reign in my need to control and over-plan. It's just so tough to have this huge looming change (especially with your first child!) and have SO MUCH that you just can't know until you're IN IT. You know? :)


Sigh. Speaking of food though, ladies, I am STARVING today. I will now proceed to go eat the entire contents of my refrigerator. Such hills and valleys during pregnancy!

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I hear ya! I feel like I have eaten non stop the last 2 days but so much of it junk. I m going to try to do better tomorrow since I will be cleaning my house and cooking a bit, I will probably eat too much crap for superbowl but then I need to watch the crap intake! I got a major pop habit third tri last pregnancy and it has already started the last few days with this one. Lucky we dont usually buy pop but since we had it this week I have been drinking it. Dont need to gain 10 lbs of suar weight between now and May.
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Anyone else have teenager face? I have had this much acne since I was 17(or the last time I was pregnant). Its driving me nuts! I've eliminated SLS from my skin care and I was doing great with my routine before, but I am not keeping up with the break outs now. I know it is pretty minor in the grand scheme but man, I'd really like to get it back under control.
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I haven't so far but I am sure I will sometime before birth. :irked I usually do. My stretch marks on my stomach have been hurting today, boooo! That makes me nervous that they are going to get worse from my last pregnancy even though I am not nearly as big as I was then. :irked:irked I think baby must have gone head down today. My uterus is a bit more irritable and it is harder to sit or bend and she has been rolling her little baby skull on my bladder and pinching it. I have to pee so much more today than so far this pregnancy. What is everyone doing for exercise/movement lately? I haven't been doing anything formal but I think I would like to start doing something again. I think maybe just walking? I kinda wanna do weights again but I am not really sure what would benefit me the most at this point.

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floweringkale I have been having such bad acne. I didn't have much when I was a teenager but when I got into my 20's I would start breaking out on my face before I would get my period. Now I have it on my chin and ALL OVER my back. It is horrible!! At the beginning I had it there and on my chest as well. My chest has cleared up but nothing else has.

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