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first time pregnancy and a new Dairy cow

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So the original plan kept this from being a problem but I'm about two months along and was planning on getting two Dairy Cows over the spring and summer so I could have & sell raw milk all year. My so isn't really on board, more of a do whatever you want but don't expect any help sorta thing. which would have been fine if we waited till I had a year of this under my belt before bringing being pregnant into the equation but now I'm looking for opinions on how doable it is starting this year. I mean I don't mind it being hard, since this is part of my plan to be able to stay home 99% of the time it's really important but I also don't want to start something with a live animal with needs that I won't be able to meet for a while
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It looks like your post might have been missed, so I'm bumping it up for attention. :bump: Anyone have experiences or recommendations to share?

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No bovine experience, here.  BUT, personally speaking, I would NOT step into this kind of commitment when you are pregnant, especially for the first time.


You have no idea how you will progress in your pregnancy or how you will feel as a new mother.  A baby needs your 100% focus.  A cow MUST be milked daily, they can't be told, "Hey, can we skip today?"  This is especially true if your so isn't wanting to be a part of your dairy plan.


Enjoy your time with the pregnancy and the baby.  Wait a year and see how things go before going the new farmer route.


Just my 2 cents.

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Yeah things are looking that way anyway. my mom and I have reached a "bargain" where if I need her to she will buy my raw milk if I drop this cow thing for a year, and I'm allowed to have Chickens. so even though I was hoping to have all of this up and running pre baby because this is the income stream that will let me stay home for most of the year. But if it keeps the peace and I kind of agree that this being pregnant thing has kicked my butt so far I guess I will acquiesce relatively quietly.
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I think you could do it! I have two dairy goats and a handful of chickens. While pregnant I bought my second doe who was giving a gallon a day. I bought two pigs and 75 meat chickens. It was hard but it's what I LOVE! I am now looking to buy a cow and my fourth son is two months. It really helps if you have some help in case you need it and possibly get a cow that will dry up for her two month rest before calving right when you have your babe. That gives you a nice break! Good luck with your chickens!
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I am an organic farmer too and just had my first in May. We had moved to a new place and were trying to get things off the ground. I have raw milk dairy experience as well (10-12 head) although that is not what we were planning for this season. I wanted 6 pigs, 50ish chickens and our 1.5 acres of vegetables. I really thought I could do it all. I wanted to get everything set up and going while I was pregnant and then see how things went in the first month or two with babe and focus on a fall vegetable crop so I could shift the season a bit after his birth.
I BARELY got a coop built for our chickens, and lost more than half of them because I didn't have the time/energy/money for proper fencing. I planted two tomato plants we got from a neighbor and some old winter squash seeds. Pigs became a laughable dream.

It is all kind of funny now, but it's actually also really discouraging. I had such dreams of being able to 'do it all' and be this awesome farmer mama, and it's just HARD.

I like to say that my son was our harvest this year smile.gif

I don't mean to be discouraging at all- I think we can do it! But I do think we need realistic expectations for ourselves also, and I also wish I had given myself more... permission I guess to appreciate and embrace growing and birthing a baby, and mothering a newborn as a full time job. To farm as well I think we really need sisterhood and community, to share in the responsibilities and support each other. My husband doesn't farm either, but he ended up doing SO much of the work I had taken on in late pregnancy and early baby months. I would not have been able to do it alone with a baby, seriously. I want to believe we can, but I don't think alone.

it's hard mama!

Keep us posted on your journey smile.gif
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Isis- I think you made a wise decision on holding back. With pregnancy you just never know what is going to happen.  We have a few milk cows and they are so well trained and easy but it still requires way more than what I have been able to do.  Now granted I am pregnant with #6 and every other pregnancy hasn't kicked my butt until now- but the idea of me milking right now is laughable.  I milked by hand through my other pregnancies and it was fine.  This time though  I was laid up with a sprained foot for a good month, during which time our garden plan fell completely apart and DH had to take over milking, then I was on bed rest for a couple weeks which has apparently will make a person weaker than they ever thought possible.  And for the last month or more I have been barely able to move- so since July I have been about worthless on the cows....  When you are not pregnant and have your baby at the age where you can handle spending an hour doing chores twice a day and have a great set up for milking already in place is the time to start :)


I couldn't even handle our chickens this year- my poor DH had to do all my projects- but he did a great job because he was willing.  I can't imagine doing it with no support on a good year :(

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Thanks for the support miss Marie, I know I can do it but in a gesture of keeping the peace I will put it on hold till 2015, it's disappointing but it's my mom's land and maybe one day she'll have a little faith in me. It sucks , she even doubts my ability to let Chickens in and out of the barn twice a day, but worst case with Chickens is they become dinner. And oceanmama I had Pigs on the agenda to but dropped those first because the thought of running fencing through the woods with any kinda belly just makes me shudder. And I know no matter what my so would not help, so it is disappointing to put dreams on hold but doing what is best isn't always fun. Thanks miss Iowa you have a good support system, , best I can get is my mom will open the chicken door and collect eggs when I'm in labor, it looks like i won't even have a so when the baby comes because he's leaving if I don't go to the doctor he wants so it's looking like a plan overhaul is in order.
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Isis- I am so sorry for all the stress you are going through right now.  When the time is right it will all work out and it won't be so hard.

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If you want it bad enough you will get it... but I definitely would wait and just enjoy becoming a mama.  What's this with so leaving if you don't choose his doctor?  Sounds like a bluff, but if not good riddance. Try not to overtax yourself, being pregnant can be a job all on its own.

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