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Oh mama I am so so sorry. Sending hugs and healing to you and DW. 

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I'm so sorry. Could it be a twin that didn't make it or is it so low they know for sure? Take care of each other at this time. You'll be back when you're ready.
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Mama, I'm so sorry. That's heartbreaking. hug2.gif
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Sending love, mamaetmaman.
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Thank you everyone. Lady's HCG level on Friday was a dismal 14. It had dropped by over half. She started bleeding a little today. We have 4 more good quality and 1 not great quality blastocysts in the freezer, and will try again with her at the next appropriate cycle. Hopefully I'm back on this thread soon :)


Thanks for all the support everyone.

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I'm back after a long time away. Last year around this time I was on this board trying to figure out how to get the ball rolling on having our first baby and got just the help/advice I needed. My wife and I are now expecting our baby on April 18th (so you, know sometime around there). 

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Congratulations hallerm! We're glad to have you back. How has the pregnancy been?
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Everything is going well so far -- medically at least. I'm super tired of swelling and sleeping horribly but all things considered those are fairly mild complaints. Thanks! Glad to be back :) 

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That's so funny, hallerm. The 18th is my daughters birthday. smile.gif. Glad everything is still going well! We should have lunch soon.
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Welcome back hallerm, I added you and your EDD to the front page. Only a couple months away, how exciting! 

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mama--sending your dp and you healing vibes, and hope to see you back here soon--growing one (or a couple) of those waiting blasts.


isa--did you end up getting to see your fetuses before your trip?  any news about the sex of your coming babes?


gamitzer--how are you doing?


welcome hallerm!!


it's been pretty quiet over here...how are you all doing?  


i'm at 38.5 weeks, and am feeling really ready and excited to birth and meet this baby.  my dog was acting even more oddly than she has been during the rest of this pregnancy yesterday, and then i had a ton of consistent braxton hicks contractions in the evening and during the night.  but, today they have completely stopped, and i'm really disappointed to not be in labor.  for those of you who already have a child/ren, how and when did your (or your dp's) labor start?  my midwife has four kids and they were all born past 42 weeks!  it horrifies me to have to wait that long and be that pregnant.  

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Hi there!  Love to be added...  My wife and I are expecting October 22, 2014!  So far so good, great betas (Day 13-189 and Day 16-802).  Seem pretty high and quickly multiplying from what we've read but whether it's one or two, we're thrilled.  We have 7 and 12 year old boys already.

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Hey all, still pregnant, but I'm being induced tomorrow when I hit 41 weeks! I am so uncomfortable, mostly back pain, so I am welcoming the induction. Fingers crossed it progresses well and I don't need further intervention. When DS1 was born (my ex wife gave birth), he arrived at 38w1d. Man, do I wish I had that kind of luck!! I hope all of you are feeling well. Here's hoping I have DS2 in my arms soon!
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good luck tomorrow, gamitzer!  so excited you get to meet your ds2 soon!

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Yay, gamitzer! I was plenty done by 41 weeks, too! I hope it all goes smoothly!
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Good luck Gamitzer. I hope everything works smoothly and you and babe have a good birthing experience.
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mama - I'm so sorry to hear that, but happy you have some other blasts frozen. Good luck with them.


Hallerm - welcome back. I'm due 20th April x


lblueridgemama welcome to you too - how exciting!


breadandcoffee I think by the time I get to 38 weeks I'm going to be pretty sick and tired of being pregnant!!!


gamitzer - hope it all went well!


AFM not too much going on here at 31weeks, although just the last few days I'm knackered. Photographed a wedding on Friday and I think it tipped me over the edge.I've got an ultrasound on Thursday to see if my placenta's still lying low so excited about seeing pinto again.


The great news here though is that one of my friends was going for IVF no 5 (she's straight). I told her to ask them about a couple of procedures they don't usually offer - endometrial scratching & laser assisted hatching (they say there's no proof they work) and guess what? SHE'S PREGNANT!! I'm so stoked for her, yet annoyed at the clinic for not mentioning it any of the other 4 times. Bastards just in it for the money.

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Breadandcoffee--we sort of did, but needed to wait for confirmation today, because one was being shy and we couldn't guarantee that we had the right answer.

lblueridgemama--welcome! smile.gif

Lizbian--that's wonderful about your friend! And it sucks that she had to wait so long for them to find a combination that worked.

AFM--Whelp, the official results are official--two baby boys! And no other concerns to report, which was very reassuring. The ultrasound tech was also pregnant, and it was interesting talking to her about doing her job while also trying not to freak out about her own baby. We're really excited about the boys--it took me a minute to say a mental goodbye to all of the cute little girl outfits hanging out in the basement, but the idea of brothers as possible best friends (my dad and his brother are incredibly close) got me over the ruffle-butt leggings and little mary jane socks that will have to find new homes.
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Benjamin Walter is here! He arrived 2/17 at 8:24pm. 7lbs, 10oz, 20" long, super cute! I went in for induction but never progressed past 4cm (after bulb, pit, water broken, etc.), so after about 28 hours we agreed to a c/s. It actually was not that tough of a choice because it seemed like nothing would get me past 4cm. I'm sore but so happy to have this little guy in my arms after almost 42 weeks of pregnancy!! I tried to embed a pic, I hope it worked. smile.gif
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Congratulations, he is beautiful. joy.gif
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