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Gamitzer--what a gorgeous little boy! Congratulations! I hope you heal quickly and get to enjoy every minute with that sweet little bub!
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gamitzer--Benjamin is excessively lovely.  congratulations!  i hope you recover well and enjoy getting to know your new little one.

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isa--wow, two boy babies at once!  congratulations...so exciting!  were you hoping for any particular sex?  my dp reminded me that she and i used to picture having a girl child first, and then two boys at once.  i have no idea where that configuration came from, but it was our fantasy for a long time.  now, with one 39+ week baby pushing against my ribs, i can't imagine how i'd ever manage two at once.  how is your pregnancy going thus far?


lizbian--i hope your placenta position check goes well.  31 weeks should be an interesting time to get to see the babe flipping around in there.  if you're able to take naps now and then, i found they really helped keep me from getting overly exhausted and worn out.  and, that's awesome about your pregnant friend...5 ivfs must have been really intense to endure.


welcome blueridgemama!  


afm--i'm just hanging out a little past 39 weeks, wondering when the ball wedged against my ribs is going to come out and become a real baby.  i'm home today cooking potato leek soup to freeze for the midwives and my dp to eat during labor, plus banana bread and some other simple meals and snacks to have on hand after the birth.  for those of you who already have children, how long was your dp/dw home from work after your baby's birth?  my dp will have a full week off for spring break at the end of march, so we're really counting on that time for hanging out together, but it has been hard to plan for how much time she'll take right away.  it depends a bit on exactly when the baby is born, and it's such an unusual situation to not know when that will be!  she's not worried about missing out on bonding, but is worried about leaving me at home by myself too quickly.  

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he is lovely, @gamitzer ! congrats! 

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Congratulations gamitzer! What a wonderful baby boy! I hope you are healing well and enjoying the new addition to the family.
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lblueridgemama: Welcome! I added you and your EDD to our front page roster. 


gamitzer: Congrats, he is beautiful. 


lizbian: Great news about your friend. Do you live near each other? 


prettyisa: Two boys, how exciting! I don't remember, do you have boy names picked out? Or was that turning out to be difficult? My DW has recently discovered that she is hoping for a girl, which surprises her. 


AFM: We got back last night from our trip to Little Rock and our baby shower. It was great. Our little family is so loved and supported. I feel really lucky. A coworker commented on my giant belly today. I feel like I am growing at an exponential rate. I feel good though. We went on a pretty intense hike in LR and it felt great. I can't wait for warmer weather here so that we can get out and hike more. 


So this weird thing happened on Saturday night. We started our travels after very little sleep at about 7 am, had a delay and long layover in Dallas and finally made it to our destination at about 6 pm. I was tired, but felt okay. We went to dinner with a bunch of friends and then to a bar we all used to go to. All of a sudden I wasn't feeling so well. I told J I wanted to go after her game of pool. Then, I started to get really dizzy and light-headed, blurry vision. I told J I was going to go outside to get some fresh air. As soon as I got outside I threw up. We went back to where we were staying and went to bed. I felt fine the next day, but it kind of freaked me out. I am assuming all is well with baby, does this seem like something I should worry about or call my midwife about? 

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Ugh you guys, I just got off the phone with my midwife and I'm so so sad. We had our anatomy scan yesterday and were soooo happy. Baby looked great, was moving around a ton and all was great. The tech told me the placenta was barely over my cervix and she was going to put complete placenta previa in the chart. I didn't think it was a big deal at all. I'd already read about it and new it was a high possibility and that 80-90% of them move. Then my midwife called today after she got the scan and she told me it likely won't move since it's a complete previa. I am devastated. I really want a vaginal homebirth and most definitely not a c-section. I am taking a day or so to be sad and then will be hopeful until the follow up scan in 12 weeks. Any stories of complete previa's moving are welcome :) 


Hope you all are doing great! 

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Sorry redrockband. I had a complete previa and it totally moved out of the way and I had a vaginal birth. My doctor called it complete but didn't say exactly where it was. I imagine the cervix was covered completely by placenta, but I don't know if the placenta was centered on the cervix or to the side. It seems like that might make a difference. I never had any bleeding either. Did your midwife give you any restrictions? There is a good chance that it will move out of the way, so think about it but don't get too bummed because you don't know for sure what will happen.
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Breadandcoffee--So soon! My DP took about two weeks altogether with DD--one day we thought I was going into labor, then at work the next day, and she finally came the day after that, which was a Wednesday, and then she stayed home through the next week. She then took FMLA leave when DD was 2 months old and we spent the first 4 weeks off together traveling and visiting family before I went back to work and DP had another 8 weeks home with the baby. It was so wonderful, and I'm really sad that this time her new job means no FMLA leave. It's a more flexible job, so she should still get in lots of bonding time, and we are a lot more comfortable with daycare (since they basically treat DD as family) so it's not a huge deal, but it was great to have the extended time together. Do you have any other relatives that will be around to help out after the birth? You might have an easy transition to parenting, or you might not. It depends on so many factors that you can't really predict beforehand. I had an easy time of it (and a particularly chill baby) so by the third week I was fine being left home, except for a burning desire to leave the house every day.

Redrock--sorry about the previa--I agree with Pokey, don't give up hope yet. I keep thinking that until we get to 32ish weeks there's still possibilities for everything to move around before any preliminary decisions are made about the birth. It's not a bad idea to have a birth plan for c-section handy just in case (so you can make the choices that are important to you if that becomes necessary) but I think that's true for everyone. Hopefully it will just move out of the way and you won't have to worry about it!

AFM--I'm excited about the boys, though it took a few minutes. I think I always pictured myself as just having girls (which is silly, I realize) and the idea of boys seems foreign. DP really really wanted boys, though, so she is thrilled. I think my problem is the same one I would have with any genetic disorders if we found out before they arrive--once you have a baby in your arms you can look past the defining characteristics and just
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Thanks Pokey and Isa. It's great to hear stories like yours Pokey. I spent Friday and Saturday pretty bummed and a little worried but am convincing my mind and body that it will resolve and if it doesn't, we'll deal with it then. The only restrictions I have are pelvic rest, which isn't a big deal. I'm not lifting anything heavy either, but she didn't say that I just thought I should take it easy in that department. 


Isa: I'm sure my DW can relate. We found out the sex of the baby at our scan. We had been pretty adamant that we weren't going to, but DW really wanted to know and because of her sudden feelings of wanting a girl it might be a good thing we did cause it's a boy! DW is in shock, which is funny because me and everyone else have been certain it was a boy. I think she'll be excited soon, she just got really excited about raising a girl differently than she was raised, very traditional, conservative, women don't work and only take care of their men and make babies and if they work they can be a nurse or a secretary. We still aren't telling anyone else we know it's a boy because we REALLY want to avoid people forcing stereotypes on our unborn kiddo, so you all are the only ones that know. Shhhh. 

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prettyisa - whoop whoop awesome news! 'I've been googling baby boys and getting a bit overwhelmed by all the talk of willies and wee!


gamitzer - congrats and what a cutie! Love the name :)


breadandcoffee - hope it all happens soon!


redrock - I had a similar thing after a big day sightseeing in Paris and was so dizzy I couldn't even sit up for hours. It completely freaked me out but I was fine a couple of days later. Think it was low blood pressure and dehydration but it's meant I've cut back a bit on doing crazy busy stuff. Sorry about the placenta - mine completely moved out of the way and is all fine now. Another friend had the same problem, they were pretty sure she'd need a c/s but hers also moved so hoping yours does too x my friend lives on the island so we're never far away as it's only 6x9 miles!


AFM had the ultrasound and the baby looks good which is great. The slightly disappointing thing is that it was really rushed, about 10 mins all up and didn't get a picture as she said it wouldn't really show anything. It doesn't really matter as the placenta is all ok now but would have been nice. She also couldn't wait for DW to arrive (was 2 mins late) so was super rushed after that. Oh well!

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Breadandcoffee, are you still around? How are you doing, your due date must have passed by now, maybe your sweet little one already arrived? I hope your DP will get the time off you all need.
We're planning on three weeks of family leave together. Luckily my DWs boss agreed to let her have her vacation time with a flexible start at birth.

Redrock, what bummer about the placenta. I will keep my fingers crossed it moves. But most importantly, congrats on your healthy and active little boy. There seem to be quite a lot of those coming this summer.

Liz, argh, doesn't the us tech understand that even the weirdest, grainiest picture of a foot or a butt are precious to us? But great to hear that your son is doing well. We're getting quite close to Easter, aren't we.
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Fried - I know!! still, at least we have the other ones. Nope, just over 50 days! Lent starts soon then it really gets scary... how you feeling?

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I am pretty good. Some pain at times but things are growing well. I might have felt the baby moving, but I am not certain. Our mid pregancy u/s is just two weeks from now, hopefully we'll find out what private parts our baby's got.
We bought some baby clothes today and ordered our stroller. A dutch Easywalker June in cream/black. The clothes were used and we only had limited choice with the smallest size but shopping is lots of fun.
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yeah it took me a couple of weeks to be sure it was the baby kicking too. Do you have any feeling of boy or girl? I was convinced mine was a boy so not surprised! We were given 4 sacks of almost new boy's clothes so hardly had to buy anything!

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We're leaning towards boy, but that might be only because we have such a hard time finding a good boy's name whereas the girl's is set. I didn't experience any dreams or so that would explain the feeling. My wife is wishing for a little girl, I don't have a preference.

Speaking of shopping, sevenslings.com has their 100% off all slings and gift sets sale again with the code FAMILY2014. I just ordered one, shopping to Europe was only 10€. My sister is already giving me her Didymos woven wrap and a Mei Tei, so we're gonna have a carrier stash joy.gif
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Fried - I know what you mean about names. We were fine with girls names, still don't know about boy's!


looking at slings today so that's interesting. We were given a baby bjorn one for Christmas so debating getting an all cloth one. Might wait until he's born and see what I need.


I need another scan at 35 weeks because the baby's on the small side which they weren't expecting at all, esp since I'm 5'10 and the donor is 6' so trying not to think about it and that he's OK. After all, the difference between normal and small is about 3 mm.

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I had a feeling the baby was a boy..not sure why. I've only had one or two baby dreams and the sex of the baby was not part of them at all. DW was wishing for a girl, but I think over the next 4 months she'll get used to the idea of having a boy. 


I ordered one of those slings a while ago with a discount code. I'm still not sure if I got the right size. We'll see if it works. We also got a K'tan at our shower and I think we'll like that one. My sister gave me a snugli, not sure how much we'll use that one but it's nice to have. 


Liz: Hoping he's okay too, hopefully it was just a fluke and/or just a smaller baby.

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Redrock--I didn't think I'd like the snugli, either, but it was the only carrier we used for the first 3-4 months. Love that thing! I hated slings--never got the hold right and I was always afraid she'd be squished the wrong way. It's good to have a lot of options to see what you like and what your baby is happiest in. smile.gif
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I have a couple k'tans. They are pretty great. Baby wearing has become really important to me in the last six months or so.... smile.gif

Congrats on all the boys on the way. Exciting times!
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