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I am considering an Hbac for baby #3 and am doing heavy research, but would like to hear from people who have had experience with it. Do's and don'ts, cost ( I am near Columbus Ohio), any info would be awesome. I am leaning towards it but haven't made my mind up completly. Thanks mamas!

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I think a bit of background information will help everyone here provide more applicable responses.

Have you had two previous c/sections? What were the reasons for those c/sections? How long has it been since your last one?

What are your specific reasons for wanting an HBAC rather than a hospital VBAC?

Good luck!
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I had a csec in 2007 with my son. An uneccesary one I believe. I went in to get cervical ripening because I was at 42 weeks. When I got there the hospital decided I was going to be induced instead which I was not happy about. At 6 cm dilation I got an epidural and did not dilate anymore.  The baby's heart rate dropped for a few minutes and I was rushed to csection. I didn't get the bonding experience or anything I wanted for that matter. Baby number 2 came 2 1/2 yrs later and she was delivered naturally at a different hospital. She is 4 now so my risks of uterine rupture do not even concern me at this point. I just want the birth that I want and I feel like I am not going to get it in a hospital setting. I do not want to argue with staff why I want the things I want. But I also need to know about homebirth experiences, even though everyone has a different experience.

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Originally Posted by freebird282 View Post

But I also need to know about homebirth experiences, even though everyone has a different experience.

Hi! I am actually on a similar path as you. My first was a c-section in 2004 because I failed to progress past 8cm, and the baby was OP not an emergency or due to complication. I wound up under general anesthesia because my epidural had worn off, and I definitely did not have the bonding experience I wanted at all. When I was finally ready to have my next baby in 2012, I decided on a homebirth. I had a wonderful midwife and supportive family, but I should have hired a doula. I wound up with a very long pre-labor lasting over two days. Then when my water broke, I had terrible nerve pain between contractions so I could never really get a handle on the pain. Sixteen hours after my AROM I decided I needed to go to the hospital. I just couldn't get on top of my pain and I was exhausted. The local hospital we went to was anti-VBAC, very rough with me, and tried to bully me into immediate surgery. My mother and sister soothed and talked me out of an automatic c-section. We left that hospital and went back home. I labored there for four more hours and I was still at something like 7-8cm. This time when I decided to go to the hospital we went to a VBAC friendly hospital an hour away where I had pre-registered just in case and knew an OBGYN. Although it was ten hours after I arrived, I was able to push my baby out with the help of a very low-med epidural and a little pitocin. The baby had a true knot in his cord, and the nerve pain I was having corresponded to the location of my placenta. I think that's why the labor took so long.


Anyway, after that long story (that is in no way trying to discourage you!), I wish it had worked out differently and I had given birth at home, but I am very grateful for the experience I was able to have. Everyone worked very hard for me to have a VBAC.


Now I am nearly 20 weeks pregnant with my third, and we are planning another homebirth.  I am much more confident this time around. I also have a doula hired, which I think is one of the best things you can do for labor. We are also going to pre-register at a local hospital (in case of an emergency) and the one an hour away. I really want to have all my bases covered and plan for as many scenarios as possible.


I'm sorry I don't have any specifics on cost for your area. I can tell you that my prenatal care and birth will cost $2600 plus supplies, which I expect to be under $100. My doula costs around $500.

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Wowza what an experience you had! I love that you were determined and got your VBAC! I was determined also. I never would have thought about pre registering at a hospital just in case so I am glad you mentioned that. I also want to have all my bases covered :) I love the thought of a doula. I didn't have one for my last 2 and I wish I had. I think it would have made a difference with my first if I actually had someone helping me instead of watching me lay in a bed in pain. Thanks for all the info :)

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I had my first HBAC in July 2011 and am planning another in September! I had a very long hard labor and also wish I had hired a doula! I love love loved being at home and not having to fight for what I wanted!
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