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Back up care

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I'm starting to worry a bit.  I'm planning to use one of the midwives that attended my other births.  She has the same backup OB as they had before.  The problem is that last time when my baby was breach at 36 weeks I was refused by the office manager due to my insurance.  Luckily, my baby turned before birth, but I was panicked.  It really stressed me out.


Having paid for an overnight stay for a miscarriage at an out of network hospital previously, I can only imagine the cost of the inversion followed by either an induction or a c-section!  In order to get an in network hospital with any maternity ward, I have to look 80 miles away.  So I feel like I should look for a provider in that city so that I'm not stuck in this position again.  I'm just not sure how you ask an OB to be a backup for a midwife they've never met.  Do any of the other home birthers on here have to get your own backup OB?  If so, how do you do it?  Do you tell them you don't plan to use them for the birth?  Do you have all the normal checkups with them you'd have if you were really in their care?


I don't really want to have duel care.  I had that for the second trimester with my first due to a threatened miscarriage.  I really didn't like it.  The extra appointments were a pain (and now they'd be much further away).  At least insurance pays for the OB...they don't pay anything for the midwives.


Thoughts?  Do I just need to be talked down from fussing over something that hopefully won't be an issue this time?

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I had a backup OB for my midwife, but he required that I see him the whole time as well, but we moved across state at 31 weeks so it wasn't that long. He needed to have a file on me and all that jazz because the hospital and midwife scene here is pretty ugly and he didn't want to get in trouble. In fact one of the nurses wrote up my "doula"(midwife) because I was a birth center trasnfer and she came with me. This time I have different insurance and was going to look into homebirth, except the cost is so high! And I have to see a back up anyway, who I was just gonna tell straight up, I don't plan on being here, so meet me a couple times and that's it. And I will have any tests forwarded to them.

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Thanks, Eeey2.  It's good to have some other input.  My first appointment isn't until February, so I've got a month before I can talk it out with my midwife.

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i'm just going w/ my midwife (homebirth but affordable for us) and haven't worried about back-up care.


i google the local hospitals, and figure we can do emergency transfer if necessary.  at that point, i'd probably be an emergency section, so having a Dr who knows me isn't top priority.


i found a midwife (i had breech scares in both my medically overseen pregnancies- one they think the baby turned suddenly, the other they just didn't know butt from head, but i did) who is comfortable w/ breech birth.  and twins.  and i figured we can go from there.  i also spend way too much time on http://spinningbabies.com/ during my 2nd and 3rd trimesters to give me more confidence in identifying positions.  it was good, last labor my husband used the reboza move on me and it shifted the baby from posterior and he came out in 20 min.  


so far, no repeats on breech scares.  and 2 posterior labors, but no more OP births (yay!!!  they all turn before popping out!).  i think confidence and peace w/ your care provider helps too.  

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I think I feel confident enough in myself and my husband that if I didn't see an OB or CNM in hospital at all throughout the pregnancy and we had to transfer that he would be able to take care of me and let them know what was going on, like if I were GBS positive, wasn't last time, but who knows, he could still get everyone on board with my wishes as long as I didn't need a c-section.

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I know if I had a midwife that was comfortable with breech I wouldn't have this concern at all.  Unfortunately that's a very rare commodity.


I wouldn't worry about having back up care during a transfer.  That's such an emergency situation that I wouldn't expect to see any particular doctor.


It's just the fact that I don't know of any provider of any stripe in the area that is comfortable with breech.  I don't want to feel backed into the corner again like I did last time.

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That sucks, I'm sorry! I wish they continued teaching OBs and midwives how to deliver breeches safely instead of just going c-section no matter what. They are safely delivered(some forms of breech are not safe) all over the world, even at home!

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I'm seeing both a hospital based and a homebirth midwife right now to establish with both offices. The hospital midwife is actually a patient of the homebirth midwife, so the understanding is pretty clear. I'm planning to be a "bad patient" with the backup office for the office folks who are clueless ... as long as the provider understands I'm getting normal prenatal care elsewhere.
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