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8 week Healthy Weight Loss Challenge version 13 (starts Jan. 6, enrolling through Jan. 8)

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Words of wisdom from Milk8shake (with minor modifications):

The version 1 thru version 12 eight week challenges were a great success, and many of us are up for another eight weeks - we're opening it up for any newbies who would like to join the next round of the challenge.


Please read below.


Background: The thought came to my head because I joined the "losing weight in 2012" thread, but I didn't have much motivation, and I had no-one to be accountable to. I was thinking about the Biggest Loser, and how teams can be such a motivation. So, I thought I would throw this out there for anyone who needs to get some weight loss happening, but just can't seem to get off the couch.


The challenge: Commit to an eight week weight loss challenge. You'll be assigned to a team, and your weight loss percentage will be measured on an individual and a team basis. The team with the highest loss percentage at the end of the eight weeks will be the winner. This is a TEAM effort. If you lose, your team wins! Your weekly progress will be updated on the leader board for all to see.


The requirements/rules:

  1. You have to be willing to commit to the full eight weeks beginning Jan. 6, 2014 and ending Feb. 24, 2013
  2. You have to be willing to commit to exercising a minimum of 4 x 30 minute sessions per week - the type of exercise is up to you!
  3. You have to be willing to check in and update your progress and weight at least weekly on Mondays.
  4. You have to be willing to share your weight and your height. (By PM if you are shy) You may not join if losing 1 lb / .5 kg per week will put you in an underweight category according to your BMI (check here) at the end of eight weeks.
  5. If you miss more than 2 weigh-ins in a row, we will continue to track, but your loss will NOT contribute to your team's totals.
  6. You may not join if you are pregnant. If you become pregnant during the challenge, weight loss up to your BFP will be added to the team challenge, but then I will ask that you wait until after your baby is born to join again.


The prize: A thinner waistline, a slimmer derriere, and the opportunity to bask in the glory of the winning team. The challenge will not start until Monday, Jan. 6, 2014. Sign up now to let us know you are interested so I can begin making teams.

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I would like to join. I need some accountability to lose some prego weight.
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Welcome!  I think you will find a great group here to keep some accountability for weight loss.

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I'm back. Getting closer to my goal :-)
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Back too :D

Started a 21 day cleansing today and got back into exercise... today too lol. T'was about time!

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I'm in.  

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please, count me in !

(i have another 6 kg i'd like to get rid of ....(about 13 lb ...)

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Always good to keep a good thing going!
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Count me as perpetually in :) 


BTW, I don't know how you're managing to do this with 2 newborns, Lilac.  You're amazing.

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I'd like to join!

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I'm in again! I lost 11 lb last time and would love to lose another 10 this round (not sure if that's realistic, but I'll shoot for it anyway!). Good luck, everyone!
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ok, In!  

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I would love to join this! I've just started working out again and this will be awesome motivation!

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I would like to join... I'm 9 weeks postpartum and re-gained 5 pounds after losing all my babyweight in the first week..... due to eating everything in sight from my raging breastfeeding appetite. Now that I can exercise I know the weight will come off fast, but accountability is great :) I'd like to lose 10 pounds of fat, and get my muscle tone back- especially in my butt- it disappeared!

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Welcome all.

Newmamalizzy, it is called "nursing at smartphone" and google drive to keep track of charts. Next round I will join back in myself. I was excited though yesterday when I weighed in at 238 pounds. That is 12 poonds below my pre-pregnancy weight. Doing the diabetic diet kept me from gaining during pregnancy and the babies obviously took even more. Now I am breastfeeding so that is taking more out of my system. Not exercising yet because I am still healing.
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Yes take it easy for the first weeks post partum! I tried walking 2 blocks (and back) wearing baby a week after my c-section... I came back breathless and depressed!


I'm day 3 of the cleanse and feel great!  Can't wait to see and feel the weight coming off!! But I now I have to be patient ;)

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I just caught a glimps of my muffin top while wearing a cami and jeans with baby in mu ring sling. Not pretty. I know all the live your body stuff and believe me I do. It brought 4 beautiful children to this world. But that also destroyed it. I am done having babies and now u need to lose weight for my own self esteme
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Take each day with the goal of exercise and better eating. You didn't gain that weight in eight weeks, but you can begin to see it go away a little at a time over the next eight weeks.
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Can I join please?

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