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8 week Healthy Weight Loss Challenge version 13 (starts Jan. 6, enrolling through Jan. 8) - Page 7

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finally a loss (in spite of two night eating of chocolate episodes & having some crèpes for candlemass this week ...)

what a relief to be heading in the right direction again ....

137.56 lb (62.4 kg)

when i'll get to 60 kg, i'll take my wedding band and engagement ring out of my lock box & should be able to wear them again !!!

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230 lbs.  Some movement finally. Yay!

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I'm down another pound this week.  219.


This challenge has coincided with the implementation of a fairly tight family budget, so curtailing the 'quick stop for a snack or Dr Pepper' events have dropped to nil.  I think that is helping my weight loss :)

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174 again today. Lots of delicious goodies at last night's Super Bowl party. :-)
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187 - STUCK!


The truth is, even though I'm moving a lot, I'm not getting in what I consider to be 4 30-min. WORKOUTS.  It's just been really hard to fit that in on weekdays when my 9mo really wants me when I get home from work.  My husband and I are going to plan a way for me to get one official workout weekday.  I've been trying to make sure that I do the evening dog walk most days, and I do the 1.5 mile walk as opposed to the 1 mile walk as often as time allows (three kids to get ready for bed...)  Dog walking, however, is maintenance exercise for my body.  I'm a good walker, and despite being overweight, I've never been completely sedentary.  I swim on Saturday mornings, and can find some time to do something on Sunday, but the weekdays haven't been working out.  I think I'll pick a weekday evening and try to fit another swim in.  I'd start jogging perhaps, but my dogs are too old to jog anymore.  That would mean that I'd have to go for a jog, and then come back and take the dogs out.  It's a possibility, I guess.

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150- while I am happy to see this, I have been sick this week and didn't work out Wed-today.... don't know if I can do anytihg today either.  Had the flu and couldn't move for 2 days.  I will see how it looks next week.  Hopefully I can keep the loss and start exercising again soon.

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235.7 as of yesterday.

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187.5. At least it went down some. Period water weight gain still here. Hoping it will drop down by Monday.
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136.6 today.
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same.... 168

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63kg (138.9lb)

A milestone for me. This was my pre-pregnancy weight for both girls.
Another 8kg before it reach my ultimate goal of 55kg, which was my long-term adult weight before I lost a lot due to sickness and then gained due to rebound and also being in a happy relationship where we both enjoy cooking and eating :-) We're both losing that weight now and feeling very good about it.

IsaFrench, getting your rings out is a very cool reward. I would be excited about that :-)
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Unfortunately, I'm don't think I'll be able to weigh in this week. We've had a very frantic, stressful week with our 6 month son becoming very ill and then being admitted to the hospital for a rare case of infant botulism. I am spending most of my time at the hospital and pumping breastmilk for his feeding tube at this time, and I do not have access to a scale to weigh myself. (I also *might* be eating a lot of snacks that friends and family have brought for me!) Anyway, I will not be weighing in tomorrow morning, but I might next week if DS is home from the hospital then. orngbiggrin.gif
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@thecoffeebean I hope things improve for your son!  Take care of yourself too.  Thinking of you.

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same again this week, 137.57 lb

did a lot of stress eating & only 3 sports sessions + walking (no swimming in 3 weeks due to various circumstances, i miss it a lot ...)

so i should still be happy with my lot, considering ...

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236.1 today.  I started "The New Rules of Lifting for Women" and eating more protein-focused so I would imagine that's what's keeping the weight on this week.  Also started Armour thyroid last week so I'm hoping for more movement next weekend.

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Coffeebean- oh no. I am so sorry for you and your ds. Hoping for a quick recovery.

Me: 149.5- I have been really sick with no appetite for 10 days, so I am not sure what will weigh in at next week. I have not worked out in those 10 days either. I am going to try to start again today (very easy today)
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185. Back to where I was pre-AF. Rings still tight, so need to drink more water.
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@coffeebean how scary! I will keep you in my thoughts. Can anyone bring you food? Lots of good starches and protein while you are pumping.
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185 this morning.  Progress.

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230 this morning.  Same...boo :(

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