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Lea- we actually tested yesterday (which is the equivalent of 9dpo), and got a bfn. I regret letting her poas because now she is so depressed about it. I guess I remember that feeling when we were trying with me. But she does not want to test until the blood draw.
She is also sad because she has no symptoms at all now. No sore breasts, no fatigue, nada. I keep trying to be optimistic, but it's really challenging.

On a happier note, I only had OHSS-like symptoms for 3 days.im feeling much better now, though I still look super bloated.
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Mama, 9dpo may be too early...I tested on 12dpo and got a bfn then tested on 14dpo and got a bfp.  I am still routing for you and hoping that the next test will say something very different:)


Ooooo Lea, so hard not to be really excited about your temp going up!!  Keep us posted!  My fingers are crossed and the candle is lit for a BFP!!


Darcy, I am glad you are reaching out to others having the same experience(s).  I did the same after my lost, and it was very helpful.  Thanks for sharing the link<3  


Speaking of links, here's the link for February's Thread:




Looking forward to seeing everyone there!!

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Hello all! My wife has been testing opk since cd11, now cd15 and still negative. Trying again at 6pm. Frustrating.
She is having some spotting and she says she doesn't feel "ready" to ovulate. Worried that our follicle development acupuncture may have effected the process. In the past, we have been positive by now. Called and left msg with our practitioner to check. Anyone have ideas?
We have the vials here ready and waiting. Getting nervous.
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Update: acupuncturist thinks it can be delayed ovulation due to maturing lining and follicle from tx. My wife feels better but other sites say waiting too long in the cycle can cause higher miscarriage rates, anomalies, etc.
Any advice. TIA!
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