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Jam - I'm glad we'll be cycle buddies this month! I usually O a bit earlier than it sounds like you do - sometime between CD 12-15, but it has been slightly unpredictable lately so we'll see. If my cycle starts today (my temp dropped this morning, so I'm sure hoping that means it is going to happen), I'll be there for CD 10-13, so I think I'll try to meet with KD on cd11 and cd13 (which will be Jan 18 and 20).


I'm thinking about extending my trip by a day (esp if my period doesn't come today) but I have an important all-day work event that I was aiming to get back on 1/21 for that would be bad form to miss. I have to decide where I want to put my priorities and whether I want to risk pushing that boundary with my boss so early in a the new year, knowing I may have to travel and miss work again next month or the following for the same reason.


Anyone else have an insem coming up next week or the following?

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fried- thanks for sharing. I'm not sure why they put me on it- my levels fluctuate a lot. About half of the months I've got a tsh that is between 3 and 9, which is no good for getting preggo. I agree though, that synthroid does take like 6 weeks to kick in. I'm fine with being on it though, since my levels do indicate an underfunctioning thyroid. Personally, the clinic really sucks, and I wouldn't be surprised if they have mixed me up with my wife. Lol. They said they'd check my thyroid at 6 weeks pregnant and we'd reassess.

I'm super sick right now with the flu though, and really hope it doesn't interfere with the eggs. DW is forcing me to take the day off tomorrow, which I am happily doing.
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So, after 3 days of stims, I have 14 follicles! Not sure how that compares to the average, but I'm excited either way!

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That is slightly above statistical average (11) from what I know. It is lightyears better than my 2 follies :-) Glad to hear it is going so well.
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Lea - Thanks Lea! The insem with the RE went much better! Has AF arrived yet?


Jam - Yeah I would never be apply to rely on home insems because of what happened this month but it was nice to have the extra vial to help calm my nerves on timing. Thank goodness we had another shot with a professional. I am so glad AF showed up on time for you and excited that you will be getting some monitoring done. Despite driving to the multiple visits during my menopur cycles I really enjoy getting to see the follicles develop. My eggs are so unpredictable with their slow growth and the only way we figured that out for sure was through ultrasound. 


Agrex - So glad things have been going well! You can stay as long as you would like!! 


mamaet -  Thank you. I remember you mentioning your home insem before with the headlamp!  Things are moving so quickly for you and wow 14 follicles!! That is amazing and I am extremely jealous! When I am stimming on high doeses of injectables I only get two!! 


Fried - Thank you! The insem at the RE went off without a hitch! Yeah, DW was a trooper but was mortified about the spillage - maybe TMI but she ended up sucking it all back up in the catheter and then she wasn't sure how much of it was CM vs sperm. What a mess is right lol! 


AFM - sitting here at 2dpo - we have been really busy with work and family so I haven't had much time to obsess yet. My FIL is redoing our kitchen and since our house was built in 1939 and has never had a kitchen update it is pretty exciting for us. This weekend I am going sailing to see the whales head down to Baja to give birth in the lagoons and we have a trip to Sedona coming up in a few weeks. Lots to look forward to and hopefully a sticky bean, as well. 


Anyone testing soon?

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mamaetmaman: yay for lots of follicles! And I hope you're on the mend from the flu! I'm about to go on a work trip Sunday and everyone here is sick/has been sick/is getting sick (My supervisor described it as "the worst cold I've ever had.") Yuck. I've had a nasty cough for a couple of days, but otherwise feel okay. But, I always get colds after I fly, even when I'm perfectly healthy beforehand, so I'm pretty sure I'm going to be struck down during my work trip or after I get back.

Tavi and Hopeful and the rest of the TWWers: fingers crossed for a fast TWW with happy news at the end!

lrex, you had your RE visit today, right? Any updates? I've got to say, loving your body and being patient are individually quite difficult tasks for me. Both at the same time seems like a whole lot to expect. We're only human after all....

Darcy, that insem experience sounds so frustrating. I've definitely struggled with feeling like "wow, I think I'm doing this all wrong, and probably there's absolutely no chance that any sperm is getting anywhere near an egg" and I'm not even doing IUIs. So glad things went better at the doctor's office!

Agrex, can't speak for anyone else, but I'm happy to have you hang around QC for as long as you want. Experience is always welcomed! And then hopefully we'll all come over and join you (and sandiegongp and twomommyfamily in QPP)....

Speaking of sandiegongp and twomommyfamily... carrot.gifbroc1.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifbanana.gif

AFM: I was supposed to be insemming yesterday and tomorrow (my first try not bothering with OPKs that never turn positive and just trying twice during my likely fertile window), but we got a little derailed because of the polar vortex. My KD was suppose to mail the first shipment on Tuesday, but he called me and said "it's 30 below, and the zoo just brought the polar bear inside, there's no way I'm leaving my house. Besides, I think the sperm will freeze." So, he shipped today, and I'll insem tomorrow on CD17. I've been consistently O'ing CD15-18 for the past year, and there was no temp rise this morning, so I don't think I O'ed CD15. So, fingers crossed that my temp stays down tomorrow morning as well, as it'll likely mean that even with only one shipment, I have a chance ....
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fille- I really hope you get to inseminate this cycle. I know what a bummer it is to feel like you've lost a month. I laughed out loud when I read what your KD said about the polar bears! Hilarious!

fried- thanks for the info. I feel like with all this TTC business, you are such a wealth of knowledge!

darcy- your house was built in the 1930's? Amazing. I would love to see pictures. We are in love with older homes. Sounds like you'll have lots of fun things to keep you busy during the TWW- watching whales give birth? Wow. I used to sail as a young gal. I miss it a lot.

AFM- Got a call from the RE's office to increase my dose of Gonal-F to 250 units and decrease my Lupron (suppressant) to 10 units. Apparently they were expecting me to have more follicles!?! I wonder if they're not worried about hyperstimulating me because I'm not the one having the FET? We'll see. I have another scan tomorrow.
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Mama- That sounds like a fabulous number of follies! Yay for you.


Fille- I laughed at your KD's polar bear comment. Just the thought of it being to cold for polar bears here is kinda funny! Good luck to you!


Dary- Good luck and yay for getting your kitchen remodled and watching the whales this weekend! I bet that will be an amazing experience.



My temp dropped yesterday and I tested, 11 dpo, BFN. It hit me hard.  I hate this rollercoaster of TTC. We made an appt. with a local RE for the beginning of Feb. We will have one more cycle at home before then so we'll see what happens. My period is due today and it really feels like it is coming so I am counting myself out.

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Hopeful - I am sorry to hear you're counting yourself out :( Hopefully the RE is just what you needed and 2014 will prove to be your year!


Mama - I thought you follicle count sounded great! although I admit my IVF knowledge is limited though. I am looking forward to learning more and hearing about your journey!


Fille - Hopefully the non-stress of not worrying about testing is just what you need! And I too laughed about the Polar Bears!


Darcy - I wish I could come with you on your whale adventure, that sounds awesome! Sounds like you will also stay busy for this 2WW which is also great! I am thinking I will have my birthday over my 2WW and some visitors for the occasion so that will be nice. When do you plan on testing?


Lea - So did AF show up? That is a hard one, deciding between extending your trip and your work commitment. I personally can see both sides... good luck deciding!

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Hopeful- the roller coaster sucks, i agree. I feel like I struggle the most with balancing my optimism with the pessimism of the negative outcomes. If AF comes, I hope it's cleansing and gets your body ready for the next round smile.gif

AFM- today's ultrasound revealed 18 follicles! 12 on the L and 6 on the R. They're all still tiny though, most hovering between 4mm and 8mm. Back to the clinic on Monday morning!
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mama - glad you have so many follies - hope that they get nice and big and that everything goes smoothly for you and your wife!


Darcy - hope you've been able to continue keeping your mind occupied so you don't "obsess too much" - that is such a hard one. The kitchen project and whale-sighting trip both sound like good ways to stay busy!


fille - I hope your insem went well and that the timing worked out okay! Did your temp end up staying down like you wanted it to?


Hopeful - sorry to hear about the temp drop. 


Jam - are you excited about getting ready to try again? Exciting that you'll have your birthday during your tww - sounds like a nice distraction!


afm - yes, af did finally arrive late on Wednesday. I'm not sure why my cycle was longer than usual this time, but I think my trip will still be timed okay. I'm not going stay the entra day, but I think that it will be okay to insem a day or two early since fresh sperm can stay alive for a few days. I've also been struggling with figuring out how to balance being optimistic with the disappointment when it doesn't work out (and fear that even if it does, it might end in miscarriage again). I'm also starting to think seriously about what our next step will be after trying a couple more times if we don't have any luck. Will we start working with an RE and maybe start some meds to increase our chances (not even a penny would be covered by insurance)? Will we switch from our KD to frozen so I don't have to travel every month? Will we move forward with the fost-adopt option? It is hard to know when to start planning for other options in the future and when to just focus energy on the here and now. And dp and I are not exactly on the same page with everything, which makes the conversations a bit harder. But, better to have hard conversations now than not have them at all, I suppose.


I'm curious - have any of you opted for medicated cycles even when you don't have signs of trouble with your cycles? 

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Mama - that sounds great! I hope tomorrow proves to be even larger follicles!


Lea - I am extremely excited but also feel the same struggle as you do already about how to balance my feelings. I am both excited and nervous and already feel myself battling being optimistic for another BPF but terrified that the next BFP could be our second MC... and then the whole new emotions that come with a BFN that we haven't yet had to experience. So far I think the excitement is winning but once we inseminate I am sure it will be a whole new bag of emotions to handle! There is also the new emotions of not exactly knowing what to expect with a monitored cycle as last time I did home OPKs and relied solely on those... To answer your questions, even though I haven't had to make that decision yet, I believe we would absolutely try medicated cycles if natural was not working. We talked early on about how we would want things to progress and we agreed that we would start out natural and if needed more toward medicated and even possibly IVF before exploring other things such as adoption.

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lea- We did.  We didn't have any major issues but the RE gave her a trigger shot on our third try, clomid, trigger, and progesterone on fourth and fifth try.  Fourth was an early m/c, and fifth is so far so good.  She said that we don't necessarily have fertility problems, she just wanted to "boost" fertility, which we were happy with.  We went straight to the RE when we started trying because we knew we wanted to go the IUI route with frozen.  We did not want to do KD, so to us, it seemed like the best option.


And the balance between being optimistic and being completely disconnected is very difficult.  We are trying not to think about it too much (easier said than done) and just trying to enjoy quality time together during the process.  Lots of movies and cuddles.  A lot more nights staying in and relaxing instead of social functions.

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Lea, we moved to medicated without any signs. However the specialists immediately found a couple of fertility issues we hadn't known about when they checked me out.
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Lea- I am also having trouble balancing optimism and disappointment as well as planning for the future and focusing on the now. It gets so hard when you really feel like this cycle could work, just to have it be another BFN and then to get back into that optimism the next cycle... It is hard. I wish I had suggestions to help you with that but all I can really say is that I get where you are coming from and I hope you don't have to deal with the rollercoaster of TTC for much longer. As far as the moving on the medicated cycles, that is where I am at right now. I am frustrated with the process and feel like I have done everything that I can do on my own, so even without having any troubles with my cycles I am ready to get on medication. You can only do the same thing for so long in my opinion.


Fille- How did the insems go? Did the shipment get to you ok with the crazy weather?


AFM- So, AF hasn't shown up. My pretty regular cycle is now 3 days late and I am on CD 30. For as long as I have been tracking my cycles I have never had a 30 day cycle. And after my temp drop on Thursday it went back up and has stayed high... But, I took another test yesterday morning and it was still a BFN! WTH?!?!? So now, I am not sure if I might be pregnant or am not. Is my body just f**ing with me or maybe my tests aren't effective? I'm really not sure what to think or how to get my mind off of this. I just keep waiting for AF to show up and there is no visible sign of her anywhere. Has anyone experienced this? Does anyone have any experience with Wondfo pregnancy tests? I bought a bunch of them off amazon with my OPKs. They aren't expired so I feel like they should be accurate? I really don't know and I'm feeling so anxious, so any help or advice that any of you have would be really appreciated.

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Thanks for the support everyone!

Lea- sorry to hear about AF. We tried letrozole (femara) from our 2nd IUI on, because we were monitoring, and found that I have a really long follicular phase.

AFM- 20 follicles today, ranging in size from 4mm to 10mm. RE wants to decrease my Gonal-F dose.
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Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences of moving to medicated cycles (or thinking of it). We'll see what happens in the next month or two...


Hopeful - sounds promising - a temp dip could indication implantation? If I were in your shoes I would spring for a digital (clear blue easy or first response) and check again - I think they tend to be a bit more sensitive than the wondfo. I had a couple cycles where my fairly consistent period was delayed by a few days for no apparent reason - it is so frustrating. You're not taking progesterone, are you? That can also cause a temp rise and prolong the luteal phase. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

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we're back :(


today was our 9 week 3 day mark, we went in to meet a potential obgyn and during the ultrasound she couldn't find the heartbeat.  we waited 45 minutes til she could get us into an ultrasound tech who had fancier equipment, and she confirmed that our baby's heartbeat and growth had stopped about a week ago.  so, we're scheduled for a d&c later this week, and then we'll get back in touch with our RE and see what happens next.


we really liked what our potential obgyn said, which is to get attached to the idea of having a baby, rather than getting attached to a particular pregnancy.  so we're still attached to having a baby, and we're going to keep moving forward.

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Sandie - I am so unbelievably sorry you two are having to go through this. I never realized just how common MCs are until this blog, as if all the other struggles of TTC aren't enough. I wish you two comfort in however you find it. We're here for you if you need to talk, unfortunately many of us here have similar stories.

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Oh Sandigongp mecry.gif
I am so very sorry this happened to you guys.
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