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Newish here

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Hi everyone, I'm kinda new here. I've been browsing this forum for quite awhile until I remembered I created an account awhile back with my second pregnancy and just remembered my password. I hope it's ok to post this as a new thread. I wanted to introduce myself a little since I plan on being more involved with posting smile.gif

I have two little girls and I'm currently 29-30 weeks pregnant with a little boy. I am planning a UC this time around and technically a UP too. I saw a mw for the first 16 weeks - or 3 visits - but decided I have the set mind frame of doing it solo with dh.

My first birth was at a hospital with the whole topical list of interventions, I got lucky that there were two other c-sections going on that they couldn't do mine. And I gave birth vaginally to a 6lb 12oz baby by vaccum with a third degree tear.

My second was a waterbirth, it was very intense but rewarding. She was 8.5lbs with a huge head and no tears (surprisingly!)

I look forward to being apart of this forum if you'll let me! smile.gif
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Welcome to Mothering!

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:greet  Welcome.  :)  I have just recently begun to post here as well.  I am 16 weeks along with my fifth baby, and I'm seeing MWs, but not so sure about having them present during labor and/or birth.

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Thanks for all the warm welcomes! I look forward to being here :love

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Welcome mama!!

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