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Prevnar 13?

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My DD is 2 1/2 years old.  Currently, she has an infection that started a week ago and has now gotten worse, as she woke up this morning with two small spots of blood on her sheets, oozing from her right ear.  Pedi diagnosed her with an ear infection this afternoon and a round of antibiotics.  When my oldest DD was born in 2007, Prevnar 7 was only administered to children under 2, and now Prevnar is administered to children under 5.  Does anyone know why?  Is the prevalence of invasive meningitis  increasing after the use of Prevnar 7?  Seriously considering going in for Prevnar 13.  So far, my 2 1/2 y.o. has had 2 Hib vaccinations, which she is current, and nothing else.  My oldest DD of 6 y.o. has had 3 Hib vaccinations (started at age 6m), and only 1 DTaP.  After her 3rd Hob vaccination at 16m, she fell seriously ill with meningitis.  Thank God the spinal tap later showed ONLY viral.  Since then, I have been a very leery vaccinating mom, but now I am scared of this first-time ear infection that has gone  worse.  


Just received Dr. Sears Vaccination Book and his schedule for children older than 2 years INCLUDES  Prevnar 13, where the version from 2007 states that Prevnar 7 is not required after age 2.   SO, why is Prevnar 13 required AFTER age 2 until age 5?  I'm worried about side effects and serotyping, but as Dr. Sears states in his updated version of The Vaccination Book, we'll never know what the  future  holds with Prevnar and it's ability to wipe-out pneumococcal disease!


Can anyone provide some light and/or data on the subject.  Also, what can I do in the meantime to help this infection GO AWAY?  Garlic oil drops (which were not  recommended by the pedi),  colloidal silver?


Thanks for reading this.    From a very worried Mom of two Princesses.

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My never vaccinated children have never had an ear infection, but many years ago I read up on what to do just in case, and I read that garlic oil can be very helpful. Did the pediatrician say not to do garlic oil, or did he just not mention it at all? If he specifically said not to do it, what was his concern?


Is this ear infection what got you to start considering Prevnar 13? Because one of the possible side effects of Prevnar 13 is seizures, (and not just febrile), and that's a lot more scary than ear infections. Plus, it's kind of questionable whether Prevnar really helps prevent ear infections.

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Yes, I asked the question, 'Can I use Garlic oil now?', and her reply was 'No', since there has been recent bleeding in the ear.   


From what I have read with Prevnar 7, and is the overall incident of reducing ear infections was 7%.  


MAINLY, what I am concerned about is   invasive disease from pneumococcal disease.  What data is out there regarding serious disease AFTER the age of 2?

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According to the CDC's Pink Book, the incidence of invasive pneumococcal diseases drops significantly at age 2 years.

http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/pubs/pinkbook/pneumo.html Scroll down to the first bar graph.

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  Thanks for posting the link.  I had a hard time finding such a study online.  I'm going to comb through it tonight.  Still considering Prevnar 13 at this point, though, but we'll see.

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It's a total shot in the dark, (how punny of me eyesroll.gif) but have you considered contacting the author himself? http://www.askdrsears.com/contact

I get your frustration. I'm sure it's next to impossible to get a candid answer from other docs beyond, "It's safe and effective. Just get it."

Let me know when you get your answer. I'm really curious. Dr. Bob Sears used to be part of the Ask-the-Experts forum here on MDC, so users could post to him directly there. But it looks like that forum is no longer around.
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