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My 4 month old has stopped sleeping! Help!

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Hi ladies! My four month old was a great sleeper until about a week ago. Now he is waking literally ever hour or hour and a half at night and refusing to nap more than 15 minutes in a day. I'm obviously tired, but more importantly I can tell he is tired but just can't stay asleep for some reason. greensad.gif How can I help him? At night he sleeps in a cosleeper right next to my bed. We can't properly bed share because our mattress is old and really squishy. Thanks!
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First you need to rule out teething, ear infections, or maybe even reflux, ect.. Maybe some of our wise fellow Motherer's can chime in. 

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I agree rule that stuff out but 4 month sleep regression is normal and usually milestone related.
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Yes, he has been rolling over recently so maybe that's it. I always nurse him back to sleep and it doesn't take long so I don't think he's hungry
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Does your baby sleep swaddled? When my baby started rolling over he slept terribly until we stopped swaddling and gave him more space. He was in a mini co-sleeper. We switched him to his crib and when I put him down, he rolled over onto his tummy and has slept much better since. I don't think he had enough room in the co-sleeper. He kept smooshing his head into the top of it. My ped said it was ok for him to sleep on his tummy as long as he could roll himself over. Now he's six months and we just got back from travelling and is working on crawling and teething, and he is waking up more than he used to, but it could be a sleep regression. I hear those are big at 4 months and 6 months. It could be teething, a regression, related to learning the new skill, or a comfort thing. I hope he starts sleeping better soon!
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Thanks guys! I'm pretty sure he's teething and he's also started rolling over. Any tips on how to help him sleep? I'd rather not do tylenol. He wears an amber necklace.
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Does he cry? Or just wake up? Do you Cosleep? The only time mine was in a crib was this time he needed space to practice his skills
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I agree with the mamas on sleep regression. Ds had it in a bad way at 8 months. I had to just wait it out.
Have you tried the hylands teething tablets?
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Our bed is really squishy so he's in an arm's reach cosleeper but I think he's getting too big for it. He likes to sleep all spread out like a starfish. smile.gif I set up his crib next to my bed so we'll see if the extra space helps. I haven't tried the hylands but today I got some of the teething drops by NatraBio. He cries if I don't pick him up and nurse him but he doesn't wake up crying.
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Oh sleep.  My baby had some pretty bad sleep issues. We had to wrap him up very tightly for him to stay asleep, and then he would sleep 6 hours straight. These Swaddleme's were sanity savers: http://www.amazon.com/Summer-Infant-SwaddleMe-Organic-Small-Medium/dp/B006YNM5DC/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1389215954&sr=8-5&keywords=baby+swaddle. The Hyland's teething pills also helped.
In all likelihood it is a stage which your baby will outgrow (and then enter a new one!).  Since you're nursing, I would also check if you changed your diet recently. My babe had trouble when I had dairy.
If it continues very long, I would definitely urge you to get someone to help out. You neeeed sleep. Get a loved one to take him out while you pass out. Post-partum depression due to sleep deprivation is nothing to mess with.
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I personally think that the 4 month sleep regression is the hardest part of the whole first year.  Their sleep cycles change and they're more aware of their surroundings, and it all just falls apart. 


Other typical regressions are 8-9 months (this coincided with pulling up for us) and when they switch from two naps to one (about 12 mos for us).


Baby-wearing for naps helped us a lot at this time.  Is your crib sidecarred?  It would be easier to deal with nightwakes than getting up and down, even in the same room. 


I'm on my 3rd baby.  The more I have, the more I think that sleep depends largely on development and temperament. 

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My son was sleeping an 8 hour stretch every night until the dreaded 4 month sleep regression arrived about a week or so before he hit 4 months old. We are just out of it now. He is rolling now and rolls to his tummy as soon as I lay him down (we bed share) and seems to prefer sleeping that way. He has just been sick but is now back to waking just once or twice most nights....and usually not until 4ish in the morning. He's almost 5 1/2 months now so about 6 weeks of LOTS of waking up. I'm assuming we'll hit another one soon *sigh* if you have ruled out everything else I think just waiting it out and doing your best to cope is the best advice....good luck!
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