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The Joys of Pregnancy

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Had a sneezing fit on the couch watching Iron Man with my fiance and oldest son. Peed. Did Kegels for the rest of the movie and made up some lame excuse as to why I changed my pants. 


I guess I need to clue my guy in on the things that happen in pregnancy. So all set.

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Do Squats! and glute squeezes.....I have been doing both since I started belly dancing and it really made a difference. I am no longer afraid to sneeze and sex is so much more enjoyable. 

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Will do. thanks

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I just wanted to second mareseatoats' recommendation. It has been wonderful for me! The blog Katy Says has loads of info, too. Here is a link to her pelvic floor posts: http://www.katysays.com/category/pelvic-floor-stuffs/
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Ya, Katy Bowman's stuff is really the most fantastic information out there.  She says no to Kegels since they actually over-tighten the pelvic floor, leading to all kinds of pelvic floor issues.  Achieving the perfect length of those muscles for your body is most important, through walking 21 miles a week and doing traditional movements that she outlines.  She also has a new book out that is great for people wanting to work on moving their whole body in the way it was really designed to move.  That said, I think coughing/sneezing and peeing while pregnant, at least early on and later on, can be perfectly normal.  Your bladder is literally under your uterus early on.  Later it gets displaced to one side or the other for some relief and since the uterus grows up it isn't sitting so neatly on top of it in the second trimester.  I guess what I'm saying it that some amount of that is mechanical, especially if you don't have that issue outside of pregnancy.

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Margo, again thank you! I never had an issue with my pelvic health or urine leakage outside pregnancy and have great skin integrity, no stretchmarks, no tears, super fast pp recoup times and I exercise daily. I was confused by the idea that suddenly I lost pelvic strength- when my fiance interjected my confession with "Well you haven't lost your kung-fu grip on me yet, I would notice if your stuff was broken. It's probably just my baby." I think he's right but it's still annoying :) On another note while writing this I remember the last time I peed my pants was in 2002, I was toting my toddler into Old Navy to buy new pants with a sweatshirt tied around my waist, got through the whole ordeal without embarrassment until, at the register, my daughter says "I can't believe you peed your pants. You should have pee before we left the house, like I did."

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