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pumping questions, bottle vs sippy

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my babe was ebf until 6 months and now at 9 months, she continues to nurse primarily, with some solids to supplement. i have decided to start pumping so I can begin to take some more "me" time while she hangs out with her pappa.

dd has only ever drunk straight from the boob or a glass (the latter not a perfected skill!). i have a few born free glass bottles, never used, and want to buy a stainless steel sippy cup for her. what do you think -- should i skip the bottles completely and give her pumped milk in a sippy, or try the bottle first? what are the dis/advantages of either? is there still a chance she would want to give up the real nipple if she likes the fatter flow of a bottle nipple better?

and how do i know how much to pump for a single serving?!

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Good question! The rule for how much milk is 1 to 1.25 ounces for every hour you are gone. Breastfed babies shouldn't need to drink more than 4 ounces in any feeding. It's not like with formula where babies drink larger bottles when they are older. If you do use bottles, you should always use a slow flow nipple so it's closer to bf'ing.
My baby has not started drinking out of cups yet so I don't have experience with that yet. With any vessel, your baby will need to practice to learn how to use it. I suppose your choice may depend on how many things you want to teach your baby to do. Drinking from a bottle is different from a sippy cup, or a straw, or a regular cup. If your baby is working on drinking out of a glass, you may want to skip the bottle because it is not a skill she may need for as long. Drinking out of a sippy cup or glass is a skill she will use for longer. Some people skip sippy cups and go straight to regular glasses or cups with straws because those are how older kids and grown ups drink. I have heard sippy cups can be difficult if they have the no-spill valves because the baby has to suck fairly hard to get the liquids out. I asked the moms in my due date club if using a sippy cup affected nursing, and they said it did not. I would love to hear what other more experienced moms have to say.
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Sippy cups are more likely to end with milk spilled everywhere but in the baby's mouth (not necessarily a bad thing, just a warning) while bottles tend not to spill as easily. Unless your baby happens to really enjoy making milk squirt out of the bottle.


I know that some people never use bottles to avoid nipple confusion, and I agree with PP that sippy cups teach skills that your baby will use far longer. If your baby will take a sippy cup without problems- that seems like the way to go. I don't think there's any harm in using the bottles, though.

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8 mo DD never accepted a bottle, I'm home full time so it wasn't a big problem.  We started her on a NUK Trendline Tie Dye Learner Cup at 6 months & it's worked great!  She loves to chomp on it & can hold it herself to drink when she chooses.  It is spill proof & has a nipple like slow flow spout.

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