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I am searching for a henna hair artist/salon in the Blue Ridge Mtn area of Virginia ... Charlottesville to Harrisonburg. I am definitely intimated to do it myself the first time. I LOVE my hair being red and would like to continue dying it in a more healthful way. Any suggestions?



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I dunno but I just ordered Moroccan Method due to arrive in the mail in two days. Good luck!
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It shouldn’t be a complicated process. Henna may be a little messy but it’s nothing to be intimidated by. There are plenty of videos on youtube that teach you step by step how to mix and apply henna to your hair. If you only use water and a bit of coconut oil, you will enjoy the conditioning effects of henna; however, if what you're looking for is color you may need to mix your henna with tea and let it sit overnight before you apply it to your hair. Keep in mind that in some cases henna can damage chemically dyed hair so I would suggest that you let a couple of months go by between your last chemical dye application and your henna application. For best results use only organic henna. You can get good quality organic henna from www.hennacity.com. I hope you find this information helpful. Good luck!

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