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Wow.  So much going on with you guys!


So much going on here too:

dd6 is obsessed with money now.  She lost a tooth, then she started doing chores and counts her money several times a day.  She's been washing dishes, making beds, doing laundry, vacuuming, begs to help me with my work, making breakfast and snacks, etc.


She's also made her own "Uno" cards...called the "polka dot game" because she stores the cards in a polka-dot box.  dd3 is playing a continuous game of copying everything dd6 does she has made her own cards too.


dd3 is writing her letters and drawing very well.  


There's been lots of gluing and cutting here.  We got craft sticks but need to get real glue, rather than paste to do anything with them that stays together.  


dd6 has decided she will watch TV on Mondays and Fridays during the day and Saturday and Sunday she will watch TV or movies at night.  


Lots of yoga from dd6.  She has also come up with a Valentine's swap that I need to go put on our website now.  She's also made fruit pops several times this past week.  Oh and for my birthday the girls made me surprise after surprise.  I was given my own queen carpet...I was given flowers made out of paper, rocks that were actually "gold" or "sharks teeth", beautiful kid-made art, books, etc.  At some point I told them, I was surprised out!


It was very sweet.


dd6 is using a mandala app, often and has been playing her guitar.  The girls made instruments out of boxes, water bottles and wine bottles a few days in a row. 


Also, there's been lots of yoga, spanish, dancing and singing.