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brining meat

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~~my neighbor brought me back a deer ham from his recent hunting trip. its my first time cooking venison (I've eaten it before once or twice) so I googled it and found that I should brine the ham. I had to go and buy a huge stock pot to fit it in, and I mixed up the salt water this morning and left it on the counter. should I have put it in the fridge? the pot absolutely would not fit. its been in the mid 60s in my house all day.


fwiw, the meat is super fresh and was kept chilled for the 10 hr drive home. it was never frozen. my neighbor brought it next door to me in an open cardboard box.


my intention was to let it sit in brine for 24 hrs and then either slow roast or slow simmer. haven't decided which yet. am I gonna kill all of us bc of room temp brining?

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My Husband (clasicaly trained chef) says..... ideally, it should be kept below 41 degrees. He also says if the salt water brine is strong enough, your fine. Cover it and put it outside. Somewhere, where it can get cold. Room temp until tomorrow is not ideal. He says, myself personally... would not throw it out but keep it cold.
Hope this helps. Sorry for not quoting properly...typing on a tablet is frustrating!
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:yeah  I concur!

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I'm in Florida so outside is actually warmer than inside. I went ahead and left it on the counter and the pot felt cold to the touch right up until I dumped it.

I slow cooked half in dry white wine and the other half in organic chocolate stout. Both were amazing. If I don't post tomorrow it might be because I died from food poisoning. Haha
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I see you haven't replied yet... Dare I ask how it went?
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