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Weird sleep things...

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So when awake I noticed I've had a hard time controlling anger (with the cat, mostly). No physical harm, just yelling like a ridiculous teenager.

Last night was something new. I had fallen asleep on the couch with my husband. Apparently I "woke up," got up and started yelling at my husband accusing him of something. Then I started in screaming at the cat. He says he was literally afraid of me and couldn't tell I was asleep (though he suspected since it was pretty ridiculous). I don't know WHAT is going on but it worries me a little. I do vaguely remember thinking he was teasing me about something last night, but that is pretty much where it ends.

Has this happened someone else, or am I the only one going crazy?
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I know I'm waking up pretty pissed with my husband because of the intense dreams I'm having. Why is he such an ass in my dreams?! So I get you there.

One of my kids sleepwalks/ has waking dreams. It can be so scary and upsetting when he's having a nightmare or is angry in the dream.

I don't think you're going crazy. It's just your way of dealing with all the highly emotional "stuff" that's going on in your head, conscious or subconscious. Do you know if you ever had something similar happen when you were a child?
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I know I have a very hard time shaking pregnancy dreams.  Normally I'm a very lucid dreamer.  I know I'm dreaming and will direct it accordingly.  With pregnancy dreams.  I find myself waking up thinking I'm sleeping somewhere I'm not.  I've found myself in my daughter's room sure she's screaming bloody murder, but she's sound asleep.

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Yes. The intense "this must be real"ness of pregnancy dreams is crazy. I had a dream last night that I had 11 children and was forcing them to rotate while I punched each of them in the face. I woke up SO guilty and had a hard time convincing myself that I'd never done anything like that and when my husband woke up he said I'd hit him repeatedly throughout the night. Yikes! He ended up using my body pillow as a shield.

On a funnier/less violent note, I was dreaming a few days ago that I was brushing my teeth, I went to rinse and then.... I suddenly woke myself up because I'd spit in my own eye while I was asleep.
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Omg, almost peed with that last statement, oneserenityone!

I had forgotten how intense and near-waking pg dreams are. I usually don't remember my dreams at all, but now am waking up during dreams and feeling so disoriented ... last night DH and I were deemed domestic terrorists (I think we had bombed a fracking operation), and were being put in a protection program but had to leave both our older daughters with no notice or goodbyes (then it devolved into something post-apocalyptic probably because I've been watching Jericho reruns...). Crazy dreams!
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Oh man, serenity... I think that qualifies as one of those dreams that's so ridiculous you can only laugh at it!
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the intensity is so amazing.  dude, i don't confess pregnancy dreams easily!


there might have been a shell-les turtle in a dream 2 nights ago (kinda like a 4 legged plucked bird) that i was trying to save and strange foods, and lots of sexual dreams, and last night was a crazy one about wintering near a beach w/ wealthy houses and stumbling across this family that was squatting in a house that wasn't theirs and had 4 kids and were really sad and messed up and i wanted to help but it was not a good idea.... they were kinda stalkerish.  it was creepy.  the intensity is so crazy!!!!


and my poor husband..... i do wake up angry at him a lot!  or really really aroused and he just is so unsure which one i'll be any given morning.....

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So crazy!


I thought I'd mention that with my last two pg's, I figured out how to stop the madness!  Protein!!!  The problem seems to be that when my blood sugar goes low at night because I'm hungry every 15 minutes but I'm sleeping instead of eating, my body compensates with a burst of adrenaline, which causes crazy dreams.  If you eat a nice protein snack right before you go to bed, or have one when you wake up after a partial bad dream, they will just melt away.  I discovered it works with the kids, too.  If they are going to have a bad dream, it's likely to be on a night we had pizza and ice cream.  High carbs and sugars.  We figured it out because dh used to have INSANE dreams ALL the time.  It was awful.  I stumbled on an article about it, and POOF!  cured!

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Hmm. Will have to test that. Last night as I was falling asleep I had the weirdest half dream (crashed my car in the lake, had to save all three kids (I guess post August) but only two hands) ... but then waking me told dream me what to do (such the baby in the Moby you're wearing, unbuckle everyone, get the windshield cracker, blow in the baby's face .... then it worked, and real me said, see? And then I woke up the rest the way, rolled back over .... sooooo weird feeling. Protein ... ugh. Struggling with that.
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Fisherfamily, that protein thing is really fascinating! I am totally going to try it to see if my sleep improves smile.gif Thanks for sharing!
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Protein didn't cut it for me last night. Resigning myself to weird dreams.
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i usually eat plenty of protein, especially in the evenings.... still have crazy dreams.  they don't wake me (i sleep so hard when not nursing) but they are intense!!!

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I dreamt I was marrying Jimmy Fallon last night and all the women who married into his family had to change their names to Sara.
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I have had weird dreams my whole life and remember them quite vividly in the mornings. No difference in diet for me and other than carbs I don't eat much sugars. But the pregnancy dreams aren't that much weirder, I'm just that much more emotional and sensitive to them. And I have more frequent sex dreams because of raging hormones
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totally what she said!!!!

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Yeah! Some of sex dreams have been WEIRD. I'm usually a heavy sleeper and dreamer, but I find myself "waking" every few hours thinking I'm doing work on my phone while lying in bed.
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I dreamt that my MIL, who we share a house with, walked into our side of the house at night just to check on my husband, asking if he got home safe, if he ate, etc, while we were trying to sleep. I woke up not realizing I was dreaming, and started going out to tell her how ridiculous she was being, only to realize it was midnight and I was the only one awake smile.gif
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Nice! I had a dream I had two children right in a row, a girl the a boy, though the first one grew to be about a year old pretty quickly. I felt like u has to nurse them ASAP, but I couldn't find any privacy. I spent most of the dream worried they would die if I didn't nurse them. These are weird.
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I dreamt last night that I had transferred this pregnancy to my husband (seahorse style I guess) and he was in labor and I was coaching him. I was telling him what it would be like, and he was like "whatever, I got this" and then had the baby in about 2 seconds(where it came out of I have NO idea, lol!) and I was really jealous that he'd had it so easy. The baby wasn't alive at first (actually at first I think it was a rubber doll), but then it was totally fine. The baby didn't cry at all so we didn't know/remember to feed it and I kept leaving it places (like the bathroom floor or on the hood of the car) and at one point when I finally remembered to nurse it completely deflated my entire chest and I had to re-inflate my boobs with an air pump. 

You know, normal dream stuff ;)

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