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9mo doesn't roll over...has anyone else experienced this?

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my dd is 9mo and very, very rarely rolls over. she rolled over first time when she was maybe 4-5 months. it seemed like a surprise than an intention. now she seems to TRY to roll over (belly to back) and can't do it. maybe she is trying something else -- hard to say. she will pull one knee up toward her chest, put the side of her head to the floor and (seemingly) try to roll. have any of you seen this with your baby? it worries me a bit.

she easily flips from side to side in bed next to me -- several times a night, little wiggle worm that she is.

she learned to sit by herself at just under 6 months & occasionally rocks on all 4s in preparation for crawling but still seems a long way from being able to crawl.

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My ds son rolled about two times.....learned to walk at 11 months and everything else is fine. I would try not to worry too much mama.
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My boy is 7 months, so I'm not quite at your stage yet, but he doesn't roll from belly to back either. He tends to get up on hands and knees and then cry because he doesn't know where to go from there. :-) I wouldn't worry too much about it.

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My DD1 was very slow developmentally. She rolled over only a few times before a year, never crawled, wouldn't put weight on her legs, etc. At 14 months I decided to pursue physical therapy, and she finally walked at 19 months. She's 4 now and you couldn't even tell she was slow to do all these things. She is a monkey on the playground and continues to challenge herself. Some kids just develop slower than others.


My pediatrician was very worried about her lack of rolling over and crawling, but I'm glad I waited until she was past her first birthday to pursue anything.


I thought this article by Mayim Bialik was a helpful perspective on not rushing to physical therapy. It made me feel better about my own decision to wait, even if we did eventually go that route: http://www.today.com/moms/why-i-dont-force-my-kids-say-please-or-walk-1C7398514

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Neither of my kids seem to be interested in gross motor stuff, and are content to lie around/sit forever.  It's actually nice--I figure their brains will develop a bit, and they'll be more cautious when they can finally move around well.

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My son wasn't a roller. He COULD, but he rarely did it before he was a year old. He was 9months before he crawled but walked and ran weeks later. He's 5.5 now and has great motor skills.
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My younger DD never really rolled. I know should could have but her big fluff butt (cloth diapers) seemed to get in the way and we also had laminate floors which she found difficult and hard to roll on.
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From what I seem to hear from the medical community, straying from the "average" rarely means anything other than the baby has a different pace of development.  Keep your health care provider informed, but otherwise I wouldn't worry too much.

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