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Anyone planning an Unassisted Birth?

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Hey mamas! My name is Alejandra and I am 30 weeks pregnant with my third baby. I have had two awesome, unmedicated, vaginal births attended by midwives and this time I am excited about doing it ourselves. I've had an unassisted and very hands off pregnancy. We've had no routine exams, checks, ultrasounds, not even doppler use (we use a fetoscope to hear the baby's heartbeat) I am an experienced doula, feel confident with this decision and trust my body fully. I wonder if there are other mamas due in March who are planning an UC? and how are you preparing for that?

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Hi Alejandra! While I'm not going the UC way (having a home birth w my beloved midwife), I know there are several moms on this forum who are...there seems to be quite the UC community here on mdc.!
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Hi! We're planning our 3rd UC, 5th baby. I'm due feb 28th, but am in the march group because that seems more likely.


Nice to meet you!
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Wanted to add, we put a small birth kit together each time, nothing fancy. I'm receiving basic prenatal care through my insurance this time, but have gone without in past pregnancies.

Other than that, not much to do but grow baby and wait!
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Tabitha, can you share what you included in your birth kit. I want to get some ideas!



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Some chux pads if I have them. I do this time.
Receiving blankets
Sharp scissors
Boiled and dried, sterilized cotton cord for umbilical cord tying
Rescue remedy
Mother wort tincture
Crampbark tincture
First outfit, diaper, hat.

That's it!
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Right we are I suppose contemplating a uc. It's my third baby after two homebirths with midwives. I would prefer uc. My partner would prefer midwife assisted
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Hello, this is my 3rd baby first uc. We've been doing our own prenatal care since about 18 weeks. Getting super excited that march is just around the corner smile.gif how are your ladies pregnancies going??
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I'm 37 weeks on Friday, so while it could happen any time I am not expecting this baby until the end of the month. I have a few things I need to make and do first but I have ben putting them off for some reason. I'm really tired these days. Keeping our birth plans to ourselves has been hard this time because there are many opportunities for people to ask. When we lived on a farm, we rarely had moments like those. I don't want to have a confrontation with friends about our choices, yk? 


I am pretty relaxed about the upcoming birth, but occasionally I'll catch myself freaking out a little.I just do my best to not give those feelings any air time. This is going to happen. It's how I get to meet my new baby!

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That's awesome! I know the feeling, I feel like I have a long list of things to do but I've just been slacking terribly on everything. It feels like there's always stuff to do and so I'm perfectly content with baby holding on.

It's been hard lately keeping my plans to myself since everyone keeps asking questions about my midwife, I work with a nosey bunch of people lol. I work in a hospital so I keep my mouth shut about it though. I think I can count who knows about all my uc-ness on one hand..

I'm also excited for birth and have been getting quick moments of nervousness, luckily they pass as quickly as they come so far smile.gif glad to hear everything's going well for you! (I love the idea of having lived on a farm!)
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After yet another really horrible experience with the ob we have finalized our plans to uc and man it feels really great. I cant wait for it to be time though i freak out sometimes as well
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lsanchez- yeah it's funny, more strangers know our birth plans than friends and family. 


Selissa- good to hear. I've been seeing an OB for care and it's really hard to insulate myself from their attitudes. 


I've been building up confidence recently. Even just going to OB visits increases my confidence- when I think about how little they actually do. 

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We are planning a UBAC! I will be roughly 16 months post-op when I'm due. However, I do think he will be coming about a week early. We had one ultrasound this pregnancy to verify placental location and to make sure things looked ok. I trust birth, but I don't trust (without seeing for myself) what my uterus looked like after being cut open and seen back together by strangers. So it was worth it for me to see. I have had one successful home birth with my daughter in 2004 and then experienced a VERY interventive home birth at the hands of a very egotistical midwife and wound up transferring and had a subsequent cesarean in Nov '12. It was with my surrogate daughter. So this baby is our second child together and my 9 year old is VERY excited to meet we new little brother! I can't wait to let my intuition guide me this time. We feel prepared and excited for his arrival. Most people do not know we are planning a UC. Or have been unassisted prenatally.
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