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Getting excited! How to tame it?

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Now that it's 2014 my birthing day suddenly seems right around the corner. I'm getting more and more excited to give birth, meet the new LO, and not be pregnant. I can't believe how soon it'll be!

Anyone else feel that the new year made it 10x closer?

Any tips on how to deal with increasing excitement and finding it challenging to be patient?
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It's challenging I agree with you! But I just keep reminding myself to focus on the moment and appreciate my life for what it is now bc of how rapidly and drastically it's about to change. Just enjoying time alone with my husband, time to myself, time to sleep, time to cuddle with the dog. Pregnancy has definitely made me more anti-social haha but I'm also trying to enjoy time socializing out with friends. All these techniques probably work the best if you're expecting your first but I'd think the same could be applied if you're expanding your family -- just enjoying the dynamic that the three or four or five of you currently have! I know once baby arrives there's no looking back. The life and, if I'm honest, selfishness I've enjoyed for nearly 30 years will be over. I'm excited about that but also a bit nostalgic for the past.
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I still have a TON of stuff to do, so I am more feeling the crunch.

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Um oh yeah I forgot about all the stuff we have to do between now and then! So far the nursery is pretty much just a crib and we've yet to obtain any diapers. Oy. smile.gif
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Maybe you are nesting! I am so excited I have insomnia. Then I get really tired mid-morning. I could use a nap before my 2-year-old. I just do organizing projects and read/research things and that seems to use some of the energy. A friend of mine suggested just going with the excitement/desire of nesting and do all the weird things you want to do to prepare or feel like a "ready" person.

Also, you can enjoy every millisecond of free time you have and do things you just can't do when you have a newborn (whatever those are for you). I've been trying to make the most of the times when the boy is asleep to do what I want to do, because I know that I will have much less time when the next one shows up. I don't know if it's your first, but I felt the same way the first time. I just wanted it to be done and over with and I didn't mind as much the loss of free time because I had so dang much of it when I had no kids; with the prospect of 2 I'm wishing for a little more time between now and the due date, but excited still!
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I'm pretty much finished with everything I can do as far as nesting is concerned (that doesn't mean everything is done, but the ball is in DH's court now!) So in order to win the waiting game, I'm taking advantage of sleeping when my son is, and listening to my hypnobabies affirmations. Whenever I get overly obsessed with labor symptom spotting or thinking about natural induction techniques, I visualize my baby like a little rosebud or baby chick hatching from an egg. I have to sit back and let that little bud unfold in his own time...anything I do to "help" at this point would only harm the process.
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I'm listening to hypnobabies affirmations too and they're totally helping me to be more patient:


"my baby will be born at the perfect time" and "I will be patient". And of course, my all time favourite:"babies come on their due dates, not when doctors decide"


Hypnobabies is totally helping me be more patient!

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