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Chicken Pox Party

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I am in search of a chicken pox party in the NY, NJ, Penn, CT area. I live in NYC and I am willing to travel 2 - 3 hours. I am eagerly waiting for a response.... (I am running out of time...)

Thank you!

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Bumping this up for input. Anyone have pox to share?

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25 years ago you would have had a flood of like minded mothers reaching out to you. Heck, I would have invited you over to hang with my pox laded little ones. When my 4th child passed his 4 birthday w/o catching the pox I decided to join the herd and immunize him. Ditto with number 5. Chicken pox is hardly seen here anymore, for what its worth...

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If anyone has to share CP in the greater NYC area and/or western mass, Vermont area. Thx 

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Please pm me so we can keep in touch.  I am looking for pox also.

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Me too. Please PM we are looking for a pox party and we really need to find it soon! Thanks smile.gif
Oh and we are in RI by the CT line.
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Hi. My daughter came down with the pox. The only problem is that if you want to come to me it has to be tomorrow in the late morning early afternoon hours,  and I won't be available after that until Monday, and by that time it probably won't be contagious anymore. I live in Far Rockaway, NY which is part of Queens, NYC, but also borders on Nassau County, Long Island. Please let me know if you are interested in coming.

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Ugh!  im in Long Beach but cant make tomorrow!  Please post if you suddenly become available Friday - or if you give it to any neighbors!  

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Ugh! I wish I was closer! There is no way I can make it tomorrow, I'm three hours away :( Do you know how your daughter caught it? I wish my boys would catch it naturally :1praying but I know the changes are beyond slim.

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Hi MominNY-


Can you PM me with the window of time that you're available tomorrow?  I've been trying to get exposure for my little one.



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Hello motherhendoula, MomOrganic, JHMom,

I PMed each of you separately, so check your message.


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I would be so grateful to anyone willing to share pox! Please pm or post if you are willing.
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I PMed you. So please check your message.

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We may have pox in Bergen county and could be able to share Sunday. PM me if you are interested, and I'll confirm Sunday morning!

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