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Treatment for common VPD's

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Since there are several ongoing threads concerning outbreaks or potential for new outbreaks or at least an increase in known cases of these VPD's, I thought it might be nice to have a thread regarding known treatments (preferably in the homeopathic/supplemental realm, but conventional where necessary) for these diseases since treatment seems to be a dying art among conventional practitioners.


If wasn't at work I'd link the Vit C protocol for pertussis, and I know somewhere out there is information about vit A for measles (yes?).  So feel free to add a disease and a treatment!

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We consult with a natural health practitioner, and through our own health challenges, and that of friends and family memebers, we have discovered that the following generally greatly assist any to all health concerns:


~ essential oils

~ herbal tinctures

~ specific changes in diet/nutrition

~ reflexology


It is best to consult with a qualified natural health practitioner in regards to getting care with the above.

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I love essential oils :love


Here's the Vit C link now that I'm home:


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I will tell you what my family does in attempt not to get the flu.


It is basic - but it bears repeating:


Eat well, sleep well, practice good hand and cough hygiene.


In recent years I have also taken up:


Avoiding lines and areas with sick people in them.  I have read that you want about 6 feet between you and a sick person.  I will avoid unnecessary crowded places at the height of flu season.  


Wiping shopping carts with natural wipes, then throwing away the wipes.


I crack open windows when I can, even in winter, to get fresh air in.  I run an air humidifier in the house to combat nose dryness.  We try to go outside a fair bit to get our Vit. D.  I have heard that it is virtually impossible to get enough vitamin D where we live, so we take a supplement as well.   I will take Vit. c as needed.  I have echinaccea on hand, but I will be honest and say it rarely seems to work for us (maybe we use it to late?).  I have a bottle of elderberry syrup on hand in case we do get the flu.  I saw elderberry in my seed catalog and may grow it this year.  I may try and bottle some for Xmas gifts next year…..


I love oil of oregano.  I will put a few drops in honey and apple cider vinegar and swig it.  DD will not take it that way, so I put some in oil and rub it on her feet.  



As per essential oils, I am using thieves oil. I will occasionally diffuse tea tree and lavender into the house as well.  


And lastly, twice in the last 6 months I have read about the benefits of walking in the forest as a means to staying healthy.  I am game to try that, lol, and we fed some chickadees last week at a local bird sanctuary.  

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The dated but worth a read, How To Raise A Healthy Child... by the late Dr. Mendelsohn has a chapter on how to identify and treat childhood diseases and when to go for help. 


Honestly, most pediatricians and other doctors under the age of 50 in this country do not know how to identify a case of measles; they only look for these diseases in children whose parents admit to not vaccinating.  My youngest had measles years ago. The young intern did not know what it was:


Intern "It is a viral disease."

Me "What about the fever?"

Intern "It is a viral disease that causes the fever."

Me "What about the rash."

Intern "It is the virus causing the rash."


Thank you. You went to college for 10+ years to charge me $ to say that.  I knew it was measles.  I thought I was doing the right thing by going to the doctor. My pediatrician, an older man, identified the rash, fever and virus as measles. $35 please.   TYVM.

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Originally Posted by applejuice View Post

Intern "It is a viral disease."

Me "What about the fever?"

Intern "It is a viral disease that causes the fever."

Me "What about the rash."

Intern "It is the virus causing the rash."

OMG - Identical conversation that I had with the on-call emergency pediatrician when DD was 10mos and having a food allergy reaction!!  I knew it was a food allergy, I just wanted to know dosage for Benadryl since she was so young and *if* the reaction got worse I wanted to know what was safe to give her.  The woman insisted it was a "non-specific viral disease" (seriously, is that the standard answer?) and would just go away.  Funny because I've never seen a virus cause hives and facial swelling that looked identical to an anaphylactic food reaction :irked  Thankfully I love Rescue Remedy and always have some on hand because we were driving that night from CT to SC to visit my sister so I wasn't even close to home and I was able to bring down the reaction and pinpoint it to the oats we had eaten in an apple crisp the night we left.  Her pediatrician when we returned totally blew it off as nothing....the ND we started to see shortly after confirmed oat allergy. 


It's so sad how many people don't know what these things are. I mean what are these doctors going to be able to do for people in another 20 years when the generation who would know is no longer around? Nothing.  But they will blame it all on falling vaccination rates rather than their inability to properly diagnose and treat benign illnesses.

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Some resources that might interest you are Miranda Castro's book "Homeopathy for Pregnancy, Birth and Baby's First Year" which gives you a lot of information about how to safely and more effectively use Homeopathic medicines for acute and minor complaints. I have use this book a lot as a textbook in my workshops.


As well, I should mention Kate Birch's website on homeoprophylaxis. She is supervising a large scale program that, I believe,  is open for anyone to register their children, whether vaccinated or not. It is meant to offer an alternative to vaccines and also to be a research study as parents are asked to fill out questionnaires and be supervised by a Homeopath. So far the children in the study are reported to be healthy, have low rates of illness of most kinds and I don't think there have been any incidents of whooping cough or measles. I am not affiliated with them in any way myself, although I am a practicing Homeopath. I'm just passing on the information for anyone who might be interested in reading more about that.

I'm new here, not sure if we are we allowed to link to websites in posts?  If not, you can find it if you google her name and 'vaccine free'.

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Was browsing for stuff on pinterest (addicting!!) and found a nice short piece for measles and vit A - it's even mainstream medical (albeit copyrighted from 193, but still!):



Specifically the dosage was what I was looking for:

"The recommended regimen is 100 000 IU by mouth at the time of diagnosis for infants younger than 12 months of age, and 200 000 IU for older children."

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Be VERY careful with vit. A--I remember reading that toxicity levels are VERY different between boys and girls, and that therapeutic dosages for boys may actually be harmful to girls. My computer keeps freezing on me--can someone look this up and post a link?
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Thanks for that heads up, I didn't do a lot of digging so def would love to see a link for that since I have a daughter!

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