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The storm that froze a dozen eastern states has disrupted the national supply of donated breast milk for infants in intensive care.


The Mothers’ Milk Bank, which serves 13 western states as well as Maryland, is urging nursing moms with surplus breast milk to call 877-375-6645 or go online to in order to increase supplies to share nationally.


Demand for donated breast milk has continued to climb for the past two years and increasing numbers of donors are needed to meet the needs of the most vulnerable infants whose own mothers are unable to provide it. 


To keep a steady supply of milk available, the milk bank screens new donors year-round.  A disruption of the process by the storm may further strain the already short supply in the western states.


The nonprofit Mothers’ Milk Bank is supported by donors from across the US who ship milk to the facility where it is tested and pasteurized for the most vulnerable infants.  Most moms who are eligible to donate blood are also eligible to donate milk.  The Mothers’ Milk Bank is a charter member of the Human Milk Banking Association of North America.