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Transitioning from Co-Sleeping

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Hey all--


I've been co-sleeping with my 5 mo old since she was born and love it, but I'm not the kind of mom who wants to sleep with her LO until she is 3 or 4. Any advice on best times to transition from co-sleeping? How did you transition into own bed?



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Our transition was/is very gradual. We made a room for DS at about your baby's age and put him down in a crib until he could sleep on a mattress on the floor (past 1 year old). When he was in a crib, it was really tedious to pat/rub his back while leaning over in a crib if he wasn't totally asleep when he hit the crib mattress. DS had always been fussy with sleep and needed a lot of soothing, even beyond nursing/co-sleeping, so I did this because i thought it was better than bouncing on an exercise ball every night then doing the patting and rubbing. I did this extensive patting/rubbing because of the couple hours it gave me to do my own thing before bed (or spend time with DH). Most nights it seemed worth it; but some nights it did not. This is why old cribs had a drop side, dang it, so you could sit down and do that stuff. When he was still in a crib, I would take him to our bed at night when he woke up. This was our "happy medium" between total co-sleeping and independent sleeping.


When he was in bed on the floor in his room, I would go in and sleep with him if he woke up. I would put him to bed there eventually with reading and rubbing his back/legs when I couldn't nurse him (after pregnancy my milk disappeared and DS had no interest in dry nursing, but lamented the milk leaving). Now I put a night light on and tell him he can talk to his stuffed animals and try to fall asleep and I will check on him soon. I check on him 2-3 times (after 1 minute of waiting) and he falls asleep without crying. Still wakes up at least by 5am (more often if he is sick or has a rough night for some other reason) and I go in and sleep with I'm for an extra hour and half. He's 2. I remember wishing it would all happen much faster! Making the room fun but not too exciting and spending quality time in there with bedtime stories helped us a lot. Try, but don't go nuts! It's OK to co-sleep "late" and it's OK to try to nudge your kid toward independent sleep. I don't know if it would be like this for us if I hadn't become pregnant. Maybe I would still be sleeping with him most nights after 11 or 12.  Good luck to you! I hope you find a way to sleep at night that works for your family and don't feel pressured too much by all the ways of doing it.

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Thank you so much! So you would pat the baby in the crib while he was layng down until he was asleep? How long (at first) would he sleep without you?
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Yes, I would pat him until he was asleep, while leaning over the crib railing. This was uncomfortable. We would usually get 2 hours to start until he woke up. He had always been a poor sleeper. If we were staying up late, I might try to put him back down again. It is tedious, but can make time for you and your partner or "me time."
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