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Help with Car Seat Issue/Selection

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We currently have 6 car seats for our twin 3.5 year old DDs.  4 are Britaxs 2 of which are installed in our mini-van and 2 of which are installed in the babysitters' car.


We also have a set of Cosco Scenaras which are installed in my parents' car which are used once a week for pickup from preschool to home (about a 2 mile drive).


The girls are just about growing out of the Scenaras and I am looking for suggestions for the replacement seats for my parents' car.  I don't want to spend a fortune but I believe that the girls' will start doing longer distance/highway travel with my parents shortly as they are interested in taking the girls for some overnights to their house/short trips (hour travel time, for example) to local events, etc.


Any suggestions?  The car that the seats will be installed in is a Lincoln Town Car, about 5 or 6 years old.

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They are growing out of them by height or weight? And are they rear or forward facing?

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Both height and weight (though more height).  36 pounds and 39 pounds, 38.5 and 39 inches.


They are forward facing.

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I'm not sure of your exact budget, but I'd definitely go with a combination seat.  One that forward face harnesses and then converts to a booster.  If you shop at WalMart, the Harmony Defender is an excellent choice.  It has nice harness straps (plenty for your kids if they haven't outgrown the Scenera yet, they must have tiny torsos--- where are their shoulders compared to the top harness slots?), becomes a high back and then a backless booster and runs around $100.  This would get them safely to not needing a seat at all anymore.


If you don't shop at Wal-Mart, I'd look at the other combination seats.  The Graco Nautilus is probably the most popular, but not the only one.  With their sizes, assuming they are neurotypical, the Britax combination seat would probably be overkill (and heavy!).

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We used a Scenera as our backup/travel seat and DD just outgrew it too (40 lbs and 38 inches at 34 months). We just got an Evenflo SureRide and one of the good things about it is that the shoulder slots go quite high so if you have tall kiddos it may be a good choice. It's affordable too and I was surprised at how comfy it is for a budget-friendly seat (way more comfy than the Scenera was!). Actually I like it so much it may become her forward facing seat in our car rather than just being a backup. It only rear faces to 40 lbs but if they are forward facing anyway then it should work for you, it goes to 65 lbs that way. Worth taking a look anyway.

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If you'd be comfortable with them in a booster in that car in another couple of years, you could go with evenflo maestros.  They only harness to 50lbs (but at their weight I think it'd take a while for them to hit that), but they are cheap, around $80.  They are also lightweight and easy to install/use.  Then when those are outgrown you can purchase 2 turboboosters (around $50 each) and be done with seats for that vehicle.

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