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DH does all the dishes.  I am a good cook and that is a powerful position in my house! 

From very early on, I made it clear that having a dirty kitchen thwarts my cooking and baking enthusiasm, especially if all my energy goes to clean up.  He loves food, so this he takes care of it totally!

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Our agreement when we started living together 18 years ago was that I would wash and he would dry. It worked fine and was our "meeting time" to discuss household and relationship issues. But after 6 years we moved to this house, where the shape of the smallish kitchen makes it impossible for someone to stand next to the dish drainer drying while someone else is standing in front of the sink--so now I wash the dishes and stack in the drainer, and later when they are dry he puts them away. (Now we have to do "meeting time" separately, and it is difficult to remember!)

We got a dishwasher 2 years ago. Everyone puts in their dishes after use. When it is getting pretty full (takes 3-4 days) I round up all "gently used" dishes to fill in the gaps. Then I run the water until hot, fill the sink with hot soapy water, start the dishwasher (preheating its water saves energy, says my brother the home energy auditor), and hand wash the things that don't go in the dishwasher: most plastics, a few fragile things, and pots with stuff really stuck on them. Next day, my partner puts away the dishes from the drainer, then empties the dishwasher and puts anything that is still wet in the drainer. If 9yo is around, he likes to put away the silverware.

My partner also is responsible for cleaning our cast iron skillets when they have been used, because that is a separate process using coffee grounds and no soap. After years of annoyance about stains from drying cast iron with the white dish towels, I remembered that we had some black waffle weave cloth napkins; they are now the skillet drying towels!
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I love our dishwasher. I could live w/o a lot of things, but I really love the dishwasher. 


We all do the dishes. DH and I do them more than the kids, but the kids are okay about bussing their dishes after a meal or snack and putting them in the dishwasher. We usually are able to run the dishwasher at night after supper. Then we wake up in the morning to a dishwasher full of clean dishes. Sometimes DH empties it if he has time in the morning, and sometimes I do it after dropping the kids off at school. Then breakfast dishes get loaded. After the kids get home from school their lunch bags are unloaded into the dishwasher. Then the supper dishes after we eat. I try to load the cooking dishes as I go along (I cook supper) and DH usually loads the plates after supper. 

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My husband does dishes (by hand) and makes dinner every night when he gets home. I sometimes manage to do a few during the day if I can get a moment where I can safely turn my back to the room to do this. (Not usually though). 

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My dh is technically in charge of loading the dishwasher. However, I help him out, and I typically do all of the hand washing. I always intend to do a better job of loading throughout the day, and we really need to get our kids involved with this more.
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No dishwasher here either....LOL I do them myself..
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DH and I both do dishes and we do not have a dishwasher. He is out of the home more than myself so I would say it probably ends up being 65/35.

Sometimes in the evening after dinner I really enjoy dish washing. DH is in charge of the kiddos and I put on some music and have some me time while I wash.

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