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placenta encapsulation

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Is anyone else planning to have their placenta encapsulated? I have swallowed some pieces in the past, but I really feel like I need the entire benefits this time around. We moved away from everyone we know. We have met a few people but haven't had time to really make connections yet. Things are more expensive here, plus we live further away from venues, so we don't find ourselves getting out as much (or with -50 degree windchills). Spending $200 plus on encapsulation doesn't really fit in the budget, so I plan on doing it myself. Anyone else?

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I'm having it done by someone else because I know it's one of those projects that I will just never get around to doing. The hospital also requires a 72-hour waiting period to take your placenta home so it's nice to have someone else pick it up. 


It's only about $150 here.  

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My friend/midwife assistant is doing it for us...I think she said her typical price is $150. I don't actually think it is that difficult of a process though. If I had the patience and didn't think I would have my hands full, I would take on the project. Most of the people who do it here will pick up and deliver the placenta for you.

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Yes - my doula recommended someone in the area by here and luckily it's also someone my midwife joked is always doing runs with her. She joked that she runs the placenta and then runs the pills back to the mama and that sometimes it feels as if she got pulled over she'd be seen as doing a drug run. :)

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I wasn't able to keep my placenta last time around (rushed transfer to an out of state hospital after birth) but I'll be doing it this time. :) One of my MW's assistants does encapsulation, and I already really like her, so she's who I'm going with. It's normally around $200 here, but she only charges $150 as well. I'm going with the raw method FWIW.

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I am definitely doing this! I swear by placenta encapsulation. Saved me w both prior deliveries.
Using my same Chinese herbalist/doula who has done it now twice for us.
She charges $375 which includes a cord blood tincture she makes that takes 6 wks to prepare.
She comes to you and then delivers the capsules a few days later. Bc of her expertise in herbs, she will also add in thyroid support for me bc I am hypothyroidic. Bc I have given referrals to friends for her, I am getting $100 off. Yay.
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I had some mental health issues after my last birth. Probably in large part due to the upset of an unsucessful VBAC. But I was very angry and upset and it really affected bonding.


The woman that I am using will use the Traditional Chinese Method and combine with herbs, encapsulated in non gelatin and charges 175.

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I did it this time! On day 3 I was completely exhausted and very blue. When I say exhausted- I mean completely wiped out. My specialist delivered the capsules that night (mine made 107 caps). The next day the difference was amazing! One thing I hadn't heard l of but experienced, was a relief from horrid after pains. I'm pleased so far!
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I put the placenta in the dehydrator yesterday with baby sleeping in the sling. My capsules and capsule machine came, so I will try to get that done today. I went with raw method, too.
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I had it done and am at 13 days pp. I have moments of insanity but overall they make me feel more evened-out. Watch out for the extra energy they give;makes you want to do more than perhaps you should.
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Got my caps along w the cord blood/placenta tincture she made me (takes 6 wks bf it's ready to use). She included the umbilical cord done into a spiral so I can plant it or keep it (it's shelf stable). Caps were raw method and have been evening me out in just two days. Whew!
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I started taking mine on day five, we are on day 7/one week since Romeo was born now. I am definitely seeing a difference in milk production, especially in the hours after I take the pills, and in my energy levels. I think "evened out" is a good way to describe the difference in mood. Mine were also prepared with the raw method, with RRL and other herbs.

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I started last night, and it's timing couldn't have been better. My emotions just went crazy yesterday afternoon.
I'm happy and my baby is awesome, but I'm fretting about things and my 15-year-old cat needs to be out down. He's gone downhill a lot over the past few weeks and now he smells bad and his nose is drippy.

Ugh, thinking about it makes me sob.

The encapsulator said mine was huge still, and thought baby was gearing up for one more growth spurt and now I feel bad for having my membranes stripped.

She did make a cute heart thing out of the dehydrated cord.
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Well, I'm a believer. Hands down.

I feel amazing compared to my first PP week with my last baby. I started my placenta pills (went with the raw method) on day 3 and within a half hour I went from sluggish and wondering when I'd ever get the strength to stand up and take a shower, to taking an hour long shower and blow drying my hair. :twothumbs 


I hemmorhaged with my last birth, but I lost more blood this time and generally felt a lot worse in the beginning. Like, last time when I was in the ambulance, I was able to hold my son on my chest. I remained conscious, could lift my head and was totally "with it". I didn't need a blood transfusion. 


With this baby, I was trying as hard as I possibly could to stay conscious. I kept feeling myself slipping, I could only hear ringing in my ears and it was so hard to breathe. I couldn't answer questions. I got 2 bags of blood this time and lots of IV fluids. They wouldn't let me hold her on the ride because I was too weak. 


I'm just giving a back story to give you an idea of things, because last time I was hobbling around hunched over for 2.5 weeks and DH did everything....and with placenta pills this time I'm already feeling back to normal. I've done flights of stairs, laundry, cleaned rooms, etc. 


Today is day 5 for me. My milk came in with a bang on day 3 and last time it was day 6 & I had supply issues. 


I'm going to try 2 pills twice a day instead of 3 because yesterday I feel like I honestly had more energy than I knew what to do with. I don't want to over exert myself and set healing back. I do feel great though. 


DH says maybe it's the blood I received that is making the difference. I don't think so though, because I wasn't feeling good like this until after I started the pills.


Anyway, that's my 2 cents FWIW. 

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I thought I would report back again at 4 weeks + 2 days pp. placenta pills are wonderful!!! I have felt very nice. Forgot to take them yesterday afternoon/evening and started to feel icky. What will I do when they run out?? smile.gif
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