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Need advice on daughter's speech

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Hi. I am new to this forum. I am a first time mom of a 28 month old girl. She has speech issues. She says quite a few words, although hard to understand, but doesn' t speak in sentences. I am a stay at home mom and I have worked with her as much as I can and know. My husband refuses to admit theres an issue and makes me feel as if I did this. I am the only one who sees a problem. Everyone else says shes fine and I should wait it out and she will come around. What should I do? I really wish I was just being overly concerned but i feel in my gut somethings wrong. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
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If you're really worried, a quick call to early intervention would be a good way to set up an evaluation. My DD LOVED her evaluation. She didn't qualify for assistance, but it made me feel better to know for sure. (This assumes you're in the US.)
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I agree with the evaluation. I had one for my Oldest when he was almost 3 and not speaking much. All was well and he caught up and then some not long after. I always felt like he was fine and was just taking his time, like many of his other milestones, but it was good to have a professional's opinion. 


No point in stressing yourself out by waiting on this, especially if you have a hunch, it's good to follow that! If all is well, awesome! One less worry for you. If not, early intervention is key! 

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I've been through this too. We did EI at 2, and now things are a lot better at 4.  If she's talking, that's a really good sign, though.  Your stay might be short. ;)

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Thank you all for the advice! Im in the process of getting her evaluated.
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