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Heartburn heartache

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Is anyone else having wicked heartburn? Gah, this is miserable.  I had crazy heartburn at the end of pg #2 and not much to speak of during #1 and #3. (and #2 was born with a full head of hair while the other two, not so much, coincidentally.)  I normally don't have any heartburn of any kind.


Anyone else?  What are you doing to treat and/or prevent it?  Right now I just have some baking soda water. It kills it, but sometimes not for very long.

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I used fennel seeds when it was really bad; chewed and sucked on them for a while before spitting them out.  Had to keep doing it, though.
Tonight I ate a bunch of the first thing that seemed appealing (but it wasn't very bad, yet) - peanut brittle.  Yup.  I stuffed my face and it seems to be keeping stuff down.  Don't ask me how/why it worked.  Too tired to think.
Looking forward to seeing the other suggestions because I'm sure there's more of this to come.

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I think it's papaya enzyme that helps heartburn? I've rarely had HB, but months of reflux with my last pregnancy -- so far, only one bad evening, and nothing since, so I'm hoping it will stay away this time!
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If you're ok with taking essential oils I recommend the DoTerra peppermint beadlets. They are tiny beads with a drop of peppermint oil in them that dissolve in your mouth. One is enough to get rid of my heartburn.
My MW suggested a tsp of apple cider vinegar. She said watch the baking soda water, b/c it ups your sodium intake. Also, one thing may work for a bit, but then stop working so try to vary your remedies.
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Stepping on my soapbox  here.  :duck      Not only do I, personally, disagree with the safety of taking ANY brand of essential oils internally, but also peppermint essential oil is extremely controversial with pregnant and breastfeeding moms in addition to small children.  Peppermint causes uterine irritability and it crosses the placental barrier.  Peppermint is not recommended for children due to the high levels of menthol that can cause lung problems.  In breastfeeding moms, peppermint, even in the form of peppermint leaf in teas, has been known to reduce milk supply.  Here's a list of safe and unsafe EO's in pregnancy.  http://www.bellybelly.com.au/pregnancy/essential-oils-in-pregnancy-which-essential-oils-are-safe-to-use#.Us7ajPRDuks

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Stepping on my soapbox  here.  :duck      Not only do I, personally, disagree with the safety of taking ANY brand of essential oils internally, but also peppermint essential oil is extremely controversial with pregnant and breastfeeding moms in addition to small children.  Peppermint causes uterine irritability and it crosses the placental barrier.  Peppermint is not recommended for children due to the high levels of menthol that can cause lung problems.  In breastfeeding moms, peppermint, even in the form of peppermint leaf in teas, has been known to reduce milk supply.

At first I was more concerned about taking anything, including many essential oils which I generally rely on to be able to get effective self-care.  Then my symptoms got worse.  When the choice came between Rx stuff that made me feel worse or the stuff at home that I could regulate, I prefer to go with what gives me control.  My body is sensitive enough that if I put something on that isn't agreeing with me, I have the option of taking it off again.  If I take it internally, the effects are not as bad (usually titrated) or last as long as a prescribed pill.  As a FTM with a rainbow baby (wait, does that make sense?) I was super nervous.  Then I came to the realization that we had to get through this pregnancy together.  It really helped. 
In regards to peppermint (or mint in general) my understanding is that until the milk comes in, it's not as a big a concern.  At first I stayed away because of the warnings, but now I find an occasional cup of mint tea (few times a month, maybe) is just what I need. 
I'm aware of the controversy of taking EOs internally, but for someone who is experienced with them and knows their own body, I think it's a legitimate alternative.  You all know how they like to limit our options and alternatives when we're pregnant!

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I'd check all the availiable non-controversial options first :) before delving into the more potentially risky ones.


I didn't want to list all my solutions earlier, as acid reflux is different than heartburn, but it appears much of what helped the reflux in my 2nd pregnancy is also suggested for heartburn.


-smaller more frequent meals

-staying upright after eating (don't eat right before nap or bedtime)

-sleep with your head higher than your stomach - for me, for reflux, some nights this meant sleeping almost sitting straight up, laying down just made things so uncomfortable

-glass of milk, (we don't drink milk, but I was almost willing to during the worst reflux days!), handful of almonds, bowl of yogurt (I like mine frozen, and sweet ... so I might as well have icecream ...)

-avoiding spicy or greasy food. Greasy was easy to avoid, spicy was much harder, we like garlic, onions, indian food, mexican food ....

-avoiding the foods that cause it, even if they aren't 'typical'. Everyone was telling me what to avoid and how to 'fix' things,but I just had to keep track for myself which things were ok, and which things seemed to make it worse, they weren't all logical. Coffee was fine :), some other normally 'ok' things weren't, and while the acid reflux lasted the entire 2nd trimester, the specific triggers seemed to change a bit along the way.

-eating slowly, sitting at a table, not slouching on the couch :)


I never did get around to buying the Papaya Enzyme last time, but will immediately if the reflux starts up again this time. There are some concerns about eating under ripened fresh papayas while pregnant, but I don't even thing we could buy them in our little city's grocery stores ... our available produce is not terribly exotic or tropical. I'd just get the bottle of tablets from the healthfood/natural products store around the corner.

Any of those options seem a lot more straight forward that either OTC or prescription meds, or taking essential oils internally, and there's no real risk at all to most of them (until you get to the potential for unripe papaya to possibly cause contractions).

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I totally agree that prevention (and awareness of one's own personal triggers) is the first line of attack.  Although the nausea seems to be gone, I transitioned into other gastric confusion almost right away.  Not taking anything specific for it as it's usually not bad, but I am keeping an eye out.  I crave foods with spiced flavor (Greek, Middle Eastern, Himalayan, etc.), but have found that if I don't have a bit of bread with them, it's a bad scenario.  I was GF for a good long while pre-pregnancy so this is an interesting change.  Not sure when I'll be able to kick it again at this point.   

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You know I really am following all of those things just by instinct.  YAY!  I even bought a gallon of milk recently after not drinking it for a year and a half, due to a sudden craving when I had heartburn.  So I am getting really stumped, I will try the papaya enzyme post haste! My SIL uses it and I have taken it at her house just for digestion not for heartburn. Thanks!


And if this persists the way it is, I'll do more research into the peppermint/essential oils and the possible risks.  This is all new info to me, and I am glad to know so I can look it up.  Thank you, this is getting bad enough I want to know everything I can on this topic! headscratch.gif


Like just this morning I woke up with heartburn already, I had a little baking soda water and it subsides a bit.  I had a small bit of milk to help get my blood sugar up and kill the rest of the heart burn.  Then later I make some eggs in a burrito, (with salsa I grant you but I do that often) and I'm sick and princess pukeface in about 20 minutes. The acid is now making me sick.

One thing's sure, I sure hope this baby has a head full of thick luscious hair for all the heartburn I'm having!  :lol

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Not to distress you ... but somewhere, I read something, about the baking soda in water not being a good choice during pregnancy. I wasn't really paying attention, so I'm not sure what the issue is ... might be worth a quick search with Dr.Google :P to see if it's a real worry, or not worth the concern.

My first baby (DS) had lots of hair, not totally at birth, but first hair cut well before a year. DD ... after 3mths of never ending reflux, had very little hair, and now at 2.5yr, still has hardly any! :) But, perhaps the hair thing only works for heartburn sufferers!

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I've never had heartburn, but all 4 of my other children had a head full of hair.  :)

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It seems that the reason baking soda water is a no no is water retention.  I dug a bit deeper and found this is of particular concern if you are father along and have swelling issues. 


My wedding ring is still freely sliding off so I don't think I am in any serious risk of danger.  However, it is good to know!

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I keep a bottle of mint flavored mylanta in the fridge. It's the only thing that works for me, and it works fast. I find that keeping it cold makes it a little more palatable.
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If you decide to try Papaya Enzyme, the most effective kind my DP and I have found is American Health Original Papaya Enzyme. http://www.americanhealthus.com/pages/products.aspx?prnt=Products&cat=Digestion&brand=AH&sku=001130   I have noticed that other kinds lack Papain, Amylase, and Protease on the ingredients label.  http://images.vitaminimages.com/cdn/sd/pdf/L001130-AH.pdf  (DP's mother decided to give it a try with a generic brand and it was not effective and we didn't see those ingredients on the label.  The American Health brand worked for her, though.)


DP had such severe heartburn, he was waking every night, choking, sputtering, nearly vomiting and he was diagnosed with acid reflux.  After over 7 years taking Prilosec in addition to TUMS for symptoms, DP was able to wean himself off it with papaya enzyme in combination with probiotics.  Now he just takes papaya enzyme if he has symptoms, which is rare. It works better than TUMS and it is so much tastier and more natural.

I give papaya enzyme to our children, too if they have stomach upsets.

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I use Digestive Enzymes before every meal and if it still gets me I have a couple papaya enzymes.  I use the brand listed above.

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Kicking myself for putting off getting the papaya enzyme.  I can't tell what this is exactly, but it's a combination of nausea and acid reflux and heartburn (I think).  It's definitely hormone linked because the last couple days I've been a mess and it gets worse at night, just like with the earlier "evening" sickness. 
What a pain and of course I can't remember what helped most before (or it's just not helping this time as much).  Also have headaches, confusion, . . . yuck!
Maybe this is a new suburb of hell I just hadn't stumbled across before. 
Took another enzyme I had around and some baking soda in water and that's helped some. 
Dinner was a bagel and peppermint tea.  (Also had some "mommy medicine" which I only turn to in the direst of times, but it had mixed results and effects were short-lived.)  I haven't had a bagel in ages and I hardly ever drink peppermint tea, but I was surprised that I finished the bagel and drank a good amount of the tea.  I think those are good signs.  When the reflux-whatever came back I was disappointed. 
Going to try the Epsom salt bath, too, even though it's late.  All my muscles are aching.  I'll never get any decent sleep until this dies down a bit.

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