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Group List of Estimated Due Dates

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Early August -- piratemere


July 31 -- SisterThyme

August 1 -- Mame9sunshine, prone_to_wander

August 3 -- CherryBombMama

August 4 -- Babina's Mommy, abigailhaze, JENinOR, Moonlaila, mamaluna76

August 5 -- DLowery

August 6 -- beccawprice, Friederike, BeautifulCanvas

August 8 -- brittneyleahc, Teamistress, hannyL


Early-to-mid August --


August 9 -- pudlenka, mama k nj, fruitfulmomma

August 10 -- Tamsenleigh, Dirky

August 11 -- {{aprilh}}

August 12 -- JessicaHW, kate7, krisnic, taichimom, Tonya Botts

August 13 -- jrose_lee, {{kdegroo}}

August 14 -- Twopeaedpod, BallardBaby, Teamistress, OneSerenityOne, ihavealocker, CherylSF, Upmomma

August 15 -- RS1979


Mid-to-late August -- House of Peace, FaithRising, MrsDavis


August 16 -- newmama8824, Fembot, OtherSoul, mirabelsmama

August 17 -- Talullah4, Eeey2, JHopesMama

August 18 -- BBerryBliss, Doopamama, nathaliiie

August 19 -- Mama2Cesca, Lactatinggirl, mandmleona, mamaofsesame

August 20 -- my3beasties, 35173


Late August -- carlyray, chels_c2000, NotMy1stRodeo, Steph Anie


August 21 -- Lite

August 22 -- {{Usually Curious}}, atremag, mrskatiekuj

August 23 -- lactomom25, FisherFamily (Jenna), mamatoabirdie

August 24 -- WendyJo410, estar89

August 25 -- cece, {{MamatoD}}, Adanamama, Knittedmama

August 26 -- {{Johanna}}, Startingallover, ksquared34, coleina, hoosiermama41

August 27 -- Littlestinkers, fragolina, Chachazest, Frankincense, MammaBeaver

August 28 -- Bemyrainbowbaby

August 29 -- fruitfulmomma

August 30 -- {{alleycatsunflwr}}

August 31 -- mightykate7, Boosmomma, lisab82, CTH3989


Late August to early September -- MarieHoney, Motivated Mama (Nina), the twinsmama, SureyaSun


We place double parentheses-- {{     }} -- around the names of mamas who have had a loss during their time in this Due Date Club. In this way, we embrace and hold them in a safe and loving space, recognizing and honoring the special weeks and months that we were pregnant together. 

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If anyone does not want to be on this list, or wants me to edit it in some way, please let me know and I'll be glad to accommodate! Also, newcomers, if you post below, I'll be sure to add you a.s.a.p. :)

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hehe- i looked for myself and couldn't find it since i was the TOP of the list!!!


i'm going for mid-late august.  not before the 15th.  but you don't have to change it.  sometime in August is pretty much my attitude!!!

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I want to be added! :) August 8.

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Yay!! It's getting real smile.gif. Thanks, lady. Looks great!
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smile.gif I ran just shy of 2 weeks late with DD2, expecting same.
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Yay! Thanks for putting this together!
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Awesome!  I was totally going to do this, and I'm so glad you got it done already!


I'm Jenna...August 23. 


Though, my cycle was weird, so I'm not sure?  That's going off of my first bfp.  I took one two days before and got a bfn, so I think?  3 of my 5 have been born on their due date.  I think it is psychological for me, mostly.  (There were a ton of crazy things going on for the two who weren't.  When life settled down, they were born.)  So, if I could convince myself that the baby is due on the 17th, maybe one would finally come a little earlier?  But, also, my grandpa died this year, on August 27.  If the baby were a boy, and were born on that day, it would be pretty special. 

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Oh please add me!!!

August 19, 2014 :)

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Add me! Due 8/8
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Hello! I am new to this group, please add me smile.gif Aug 3
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Welcome, CherryBombMama!


We're all updated to this point. Keep 'em comin', ladies! dust.gifThis big ol' list makes me smile. :kid

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I had an ultrasound, and mid to late august is more like it!
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I'm new here. Due August 16 smile.gif
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August 14th
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August 30 :)

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I just joined this group today.  I'm due August 22.  Add me to the Navy group please!!

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I'm due Aug 21!

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late but...I am due august 23rd :)

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I'm due August 25th.

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