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Hi! I'm new to this group as well due 9-10 joy.gif
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Hello everyone!  I'm new to the group.  I'm due 8/9-ish.  I always go a few days past my EDD... but last one was 16 days past her due date!

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I wasn't going to add myself to the list here since I was sure to go past my due date of September 2nd but since we just found out it's twins, could you please add me to the list? Motivated Mama (Nina) Thanks!
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Updated to here, mamas, and it sure is great to see our list growing! :kid

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Are we denoting sex for those finding out?
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Due 8/27 though I might end up in the September club!

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I'm 8/27 too! Though September also seems possible.

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Pudlenka, I wasn't planning on it. I like simplicity myself. But if many others in the group want that, I'd be willing to add it.


I would like to ask a sensitive question of the group, though: How would we feel about putting double parentheses around the names of those of us who experience losses? Something like this: {{mama'sname}}  In other online communities I'm part of, that is kind of like holding someone in a hug, or in a safe and loved space. I'd like there to be some way for us to be able to keep each other in our minds in the coming months, recognizing and honoring the special weeks or months that were spent in this pregnancy, whether 4 or 40. 


What do y'all think? Of course anyone who wanted something different could message me. In the two other groups I belonged to before miscarrying in 2011, I pm'ed the organizer of this type of thread and asked to be removed from the lists. But I would have appreciated being kept in a way that reflected my belonging for a short while. I'm sure others will have other preferences, too. 

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Hi just joined my due date is August 5th

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Yesterday midwife confirmed August 8th!

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Aug. 4th here :)

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August 18th !

Thank you for adding me !

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I added a few names from over in our introductions thread. We're trying to get this thread pinned to the top of the group so we can see it easier! CarliH, I saw that you are new to this group--welcome! If you want to be added to this list, post your due date or time frame below and I'll get you up. :)

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Hi can you add me to the group...I am due August 31 :)

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I'm due August 31st but mine and my husband's families tend to give birth a little bit early. So I think probably actually due 15th-31st.
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First estimate was August 26th. =)

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After a recent ultrasound I am now measuring for an August 27th baby! Very excited to be farther along than I had originally thought. 

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Got started with my prenatals today... lmp dating is Aug. 9th but the midwife checked uterine positioning and agreed with me that I probably wasn't quite that far along yet, so I have an us for dating scheduled next week and hopefully will get a better idea. DH's birthday is the 28th and our anniversary is the 29th, so that might be kinda fun. (So far we have 3 kids who share bdays with their cousins - different years.)

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My EDD is August 31.
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August 14th!

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