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Hyperemisis support group?

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Is there an active support thread on here?

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Hi AshleynJacy! I don't see a thread that is active at the moment but you are welcome to start one here and now. I know that is a serious issue many women face during pregnancy. Thanks for starting the conversation! I hope you are feeling better soon
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Thank you very much. <3
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Any sufferers out there? confused.gif

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I'm watching this thread because I had HG with my first and remember how horrific it was. I hope you can find some support soon :Hug I can share past experience, but I know it's often more comforting to be going through it with someone else. I pray you find relief soon! 

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I appreciate you replying. It's 2:30 in the morning and I can't sleep because I can't stop throwing up. I work full time...I feel so depressed from feeling this bad. I'm 14 weeks and feel no light at the end of the tunnel.
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I had it with my first to the extreme. Couldn't do anything...at all. My husband had to take care of me and eventually ran out of days and so had to send me 7 hrs away to be taken care of by my parents. Just couldn't work, lost 25lbs in the first 6weeks. Horribly depressing. I was really blindsided by the whole thing, I thought I just had to deal with it, and I didn't want to tell anyone until after 12 weeks. My midwives finally convinced me to try diclectin with all their evidence based info and telling me its just b6 and gravol. I was very  relucoant but tried out of desperation and determined to stay out of the hospital. I couldn't keep them down though because I was at the point where I couldn't even swallow my own saliva which I was hyper producing so it just was useless.

Eventually it was the outdoors that helped me stabilize. I moved outside (luckily it was spring summer) into our teepee and with far less triggers I was able to start keeping down water and eventually small amounts of oatmeal (which I hate). I was amazed at how much sleeping outside and living outside was able to bring me back...


This time (8wks pregnant now). I took the advice of midwives and started on diclectin right away. They say its just b6 and gravol and is completely safe. It is making a world of difference. I am nauseaus 24hrs but not to the same degree and it stops me throwing up for the most part and I get sleep and am able to stay hydrated and take care of my 11month old baby. I never take any type of medication for anything except homeopathy so I still feel nervous about it but there are 35years of history now and motherisk has published studies of women with HG taking doses up to 8-12 a day with out any issues and able to reclaim their lives, stay hydrated, and avoid the depression and isolation that comes with HG.


In retrospect I wish I had told friends and family with my first pregnancy so that I wasn't feeling so isolated. I just had it in my head not to tell people before 3 months...so I felt very horrible and totally alone. If I had lost the pregnancy I would have needed to talk about it anyway with friends and family so why keep it a secret, and also the gift of HG is that it is hyper protective for your baby so you are less likely to lose your little one anyway. Also the good news is they usually come out healthy and happy with HG, full birth weights even if you were wasting away! Mine was 9lbs and 2 weeks late! Sending you lots of peace and health and courage!

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I am currently at the end of my fourth HG pregnancy. (I was due yesterday)
The beginning is always the worst. If you're at 14 weeks, it will likely ease at least a little, soon. Are you taking any meds?
If you become dehydrated, it can make the HG worse. Have you been able to have any IV fluids at all? Do you think you could be dehydrated?
There are lots of things that can help, but delivery is really the only cure.
Hope you feel better soon!
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I've gotten IVs the whole time. I'm 16 weeks and am just now noticing an improvement....

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Hang in there...that's great if you are noticing some improvement. Means the placenta taking over the job might bring you some relief. Thats great bc Some people need I.V. for the whole journey so here's hoping you won't. I know I wondered how I would ever survive the journey or possibly connect with my baby after going through horribly depressing H.G. ... But at the moment of birth all those symptoms are erased, truly in that moment, and I couldn't describe the love that came pouring down when my baby was placed on my belly and i looked int her giant bright eyes for the first time ever. Total magic. Hard to feel the magic now through the fog of nausea and heaving but just try to remember you feel horrible for a beautiful reason. You are guaranteed an end with a great reward for all you have been through. Hypermeses is hyper horrible and also hyper protection for your baby so you are doing the best job possible of growing this person, and growing a whole other person in not easy. The journey is worth it. good for you for making it this far already. Please keep us posted on how you are doing.
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I'm now 17 weeks along....been a bumpy road so far. I'm getting a lot better which is good. I lost almost thirty pounds. I am just now able to make meals for my children, bathe them, and do homework...

This will most certainly be my last pregnancy...:clap lol

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