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Does an Afghan woman wear a Beco (or the like baby carriers)?

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Hello. There is an expecting couple that JUST immigrated into the USA last month... refugees from Afghanistan. They are now 8 months pregnant and saw me wearing my Beco Gemini. The husband said that in Afghanistan, they carry the babies and they would like to get a carrier. But English does not come too easily for him that I may have misunderstood.


I want to buy them a Beco (as a gift). I just gave them a bunch of newborn baby boy stuff, too.

Do you think she would wear it? And if so, would it have to be a solid color or would a pattern do?

If not, why not? I was thinking perhaps it "shows" too much unless there is something she can wear over... but I am not familiar with their clothes.


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Hello. How veiled is she ? I myself cover ( with the headscarf and full dress. Although not my face usually) i know she probably wouldnt mind the beco carrier ! My mom wears the face veil also and shes my babywearing main influence. It depends , have you seen what she wears ? That would give me an idea of what to suggest :-) i think its cool what your doing and im sure it will be appreciated.
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Her head/hair is covered, including her neck and ears... but not her nose/mouth area. As for the rest of her clothes, (excuse my ignorance in the way of describing their clothes) her top goes to her knees and she had pants under that... and she was wearing sandals. Yes, in December! Brrrr. But, maybe being pregnant is keeping her quite warm. :) All her clothes have been dark solid colors. One time, she wore a borrowed jacket with a name on it. I would like to get her the Enzo pattern... it's subtle. Or just stick with solid black/brown. But, if she would wear other patterns... then, I get a better chance of finding one at a deal. Having said that, I'd rather get her something I 'know' she would wear.


Thank you for your help!

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Hi,I would agree on the enzo pattern, as its subtle/muted but still has that little design on front, seems more "gifty"like,you got her a carrier in a color she would normally wear while still choosing a really simple design.seems more personal . Not too bright or bold,but still something. Thats wonderful.

You could always go non printed muted colors, but prints - especially simple ones, are always my first choice.
She shouldnt have a problem getting wear out of it especially with the color, it blends with her wardrobe! And the fit looks comfortable.

I bet she'll love it too.its so wonderful to recive gifts for a new addition especially practical ones like baby carriers :-)
your welcome smile.gif
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All right! I love the Enzo pattern too. Thanks again. :)


EDIT: And Jake pattern (same pattern but w/ different colors)

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You're so welcome smile.gif
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Me again. What do you think of the Stella pattern? I saw it on sale for 20% off... but it's a bit more decorative.

Although, I do like the Enzo and Jake pattern more b/c of it's simplicity. :)

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Yet another question. Would she be able to breastfeed w/ the Beco/carrier on at home? If so, would her clothes allow her to breastfeed in public while Beco-carrying? And even if they did, would she?


Okay, I think that's all the questions...

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Hi,im sorry i got busy prepping for my firsts arrival (8 weeks left ! ) . To answer your questions. The stella seems fine, a little brighter than enzo and jake but it dosent seem too bad its still the same color scheme , sort of.

Breastfeeding . I have a few carriers and i plan to breastfeed in all of them. I think it all depends on how comfortable she is feeding in public. As long as she wears tops that button/zip down the front of her chest the baby should easily get access and as far as covering, her scarf should cover that for her ! thats my plan and ive seen it work plenty.
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Hope that helps smile.gif
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Awesome. Thanks a mill...


All the best on your birth and baby...

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