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Really in need of encouragement.

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I just had my 24 week prenatal with my MW and everything was generally, except for my hgb and my weight.  Then my MIL, though I know she meant well, told me that she weighed 170 when she delivered her first and it was no big deal.  I tried explaining the complications/health issues with gaining too much but it didn't mean anything to her.  (She deliver this child 40 some years ago)  I was upset before but now I am a wreck emotionally.  I started out at 119 at 4 weeks.  I am now 145.6 at 24.  I have been doing strength training for the past 2 weeks as well as a walking regime, so a teeny voice in my brain says it could be some muscle mass.  But almost 8 lbs in 4 weeks isn't all muscle.  What do I do?  I exercise, I watch what I eat and try to go as Paleo as possible while pregnant (lots of protein, veggies - low carbs, sugar).  I guess I'm putting in more effort recently to not gain weight quickly, and instead I've done the opposite.




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I know this is not the news you want to hear from your MW but be easy on yourself. If you are eating healthy and walking keep it up and continue. Also you may find that you will not gain much more but if you do just be gentle with yourself okay?.
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awe... don't worry about it.

And just so you know everything i am saying to you I am also saying to myself because I also have gained more weight than I would have liked so far this pregnancy!


Everybody and every body is different. And our bodies respond to pregnancy and the stress of pregnancy differently... and differently with every pregnancy!


yes muscle weighs more and this could be some of your weight. Just be healthy. I'm sure you already are!


I am unable to do ANY type of exercise and that sucks for me. I can't even go for a small walk without having painful contraction. And it sure doesn't help that my best friend just happens to be a big old bag of marshmellows living in my pantry calling for me daily! :)  (joke).


My point is... you are vibrant and active. You are doing your best! You will grow this beautiful baby right! No matter how much weight you gain or don't gain. <3



Love to you Momma.

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I agree with PinkMilk - everybody responds differently to being pregnant, there is no way you can/could predict what your body would do even though you exercise and eat well. My suggestion is focus on the good nutrients you're giving your baby by eating paleo most of the time, lots of fruits and veggies. That will make a big impact - you're already doing something great for your child!! Keep up the exercise routine so you keep doing something great for yourself (and some say it'll make labor easier if you're toned and in shape). You have 4 more months to do and it sounds like you have an established routine by now, so it'll be ok!  Talk to your doctor if you're very concerned about weight - s/he can keep track of blood pressure and other harmful side effects of weight gain for you and ease your mind if you don't have any of them. :O)

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Thank you to everyone for responding.  It really helped to read your encouragement.  I managed to get my emotions calmed down and speaking with my husband once he was home helped.  I realized that I am doing everything I can and that has to be good enough.  I can be a perfectionist, and pregnancy has taught me how to take a deep breath and go with life.  It can't and won't be perfect, but as long as I do the best I can, then that is good enough.  


Thank you ladies again!

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I think the exercise and healthy eating you've been doing is MUCH better than your baby than eating junk but gaining less weight for whatever reason. And it will put you in good shape for when you go into labour. So I say keep it up mama!

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I have stopped looking at the scale when I go...this is my 4th baby and I always gain a lot.  The nice thing that I try and look forward to is getting the baby out, breastfeeding, and about a year of my normal lifestyle and I slip back down to my pre-pregnancy weight with little effort.  Some bodies just are really good at gaining weight to support a pregnancy.  As long as you feel good, the number on the scale is just a number.  I also really like looking up this chart: 


What's Causing the Weight Gain?

Much of the weight that you gain during pregnancy is not fat, but is related to the baby. Here is a breakdown of how 35 pounds add up:

  • Baby: 8 pounds
  • Placenta: 2 - 3 pounds
  • Amniotic fluid: 2 - 3 pounds
  • Breast tissue: 2 - 3 pounds
  • Blood supply: 4 pounds
  • Fat stores: 5 - 9 pounds
  • Uterus growth: 2 - 5 pounds
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This is my 5th and I'm a tll slender healthy woman and I ALWAYS gain a lot of weight. Like Mommy Kahdib, its not hard to lose it over time after. I eat week and am active do I honestly don't worry. In fact, my MW doesn't Weigh me at all, her practice believes that weight gain isn't a good indicator of health, that healthy size is assessed other ways.
I even try to enjoy it- I love to eat and take great pleasure in my food cravings, and I try to really embrace my curves and love myself as a more robust woman. Of course it helps that my husband finds my pregnant body very sexy!
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